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  1. Hey Trigger, I am having some problems too. My full log is too big to post on pastebin or the forums, if you have somewhere I can put it let me know, but here's the errors I found: Here's a list of mods: Let me know if I can do anything else to help.
  2. Yeah, the IT guy (yes, single guy, big school, Florida budget for you) would never allow something like this, so thats understandable.
  3. High School student here (although I graduate next week). Are you going to let them use mechjeb or anything like that? Some people might be very good with the math, but may not be good mechanically. A properly setup mechjeb custom window (Or another addon, who cares really) could probably really help those students.
  4. Am I the only one who instantly thinks this is shopped? Full resolution please >_> EDIT: If you of course do post the full-resolution and it is true, then I'm sorry, but a .png with such a low resolution makes 0 sense unless you where hiding something.
  5. Thats exactly what I asked for. >_> A way to disable it for certain missions, if you want to. Its actually an incredibly important function for some people. EDIT: Note removing the plugin from your directory to disable it simply isn't practical for some people.
  6. As a user I'd rather not have it enabled by default, sometimes I don't want full realism for my ships, because after all this is a game, not a simulator, while at other times I do want the most realism possible, in which case I would use this mod. If you meant something else and I misunderstood you then sorry, but I'm just saying it would be nice if it was only enabled on ships we wanted it to be enabled on, similar to mechjeb, RC mod, carts, Spacebuilding, and docking.
  7. If you use the ISA mapsat mod, it has a very good wiki that has most of the information your looking for. EDIT: For all planets and moons, that is.
  8. I'm waiting for someone to peak at the code or make a plugin to find this magic boulder and ruin it for everyone. Its going to happen, soon.
  9. Mansur (Arabic: منصور‎, Manṣūr; also spelled Mansoor, Mansour, Monsour or Mensur) is a male Arabic name that means "victorious, by the will of God", from the Arabic root naṣr (نصر), meaning "victory." Interesting choice. I like it. Source:
  10. The problem with them being "Aliens" is I remember the devs saying they would never add Aliens to the game, but I can't remember where. It might have been on Kurt's stream.
  11. EDIT: Somehow managed to post this on the wrong topic :S Feel free to delete.
  12. I feel like its important to note that the figures heads look way to big to be humans, and if you look closely the do resemble Kerbals. There is one problem though, if that image is showing Duna, why aren't they wearing helmets?
  13. How do you get Adobe Audition/Audacity to record the sound? It only wants to record my microphone.
  14. While landing the Command module for my DEMV I almost ran right into it, it latter landed on me xD