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  1. Thank you for part of my answer BlackMoons, I had no idea that the expulsion of CO2 was dependent on EC, I thought the CO2 ticking up was your "max comfortable CO2 percentage" (as you claim 10%) and once you hit it your crew begins to die. Didn't make much sense considering I've played with TAC before and went to full CO2 with no negative side effects, but as I said, I've been away a while. This does further complicate the multiplication of EC though. The fact that multiplication is happening means you are basically doomed to suffocate in HKO unless you strap ~12 radial batteries to your rocket in the early game, and that'll just bring you to the moon where you need to make the return trip.
  2. Two bug reports, no log necessary unless requested. The first is more of a query than a report, as it could be WAI. Should ~30% CO2 exposure be deadly? If not, then you might want to check up on how CO2 is working when out of power. The second report is about EC again, sorry for reigniting this topic. The dev build fixed the EC bug, but now the game is charging extra EC if you increase the gamespeed. This is not a problem for people with solar panels or generators, as you are gaining more than you are losing due to the multiplication. This is a problem for non-energy generating ships however, even with 9 batteries it makes the trip to the mun cost more energy than you have. I'm currently up to date with both KSP and TAC (dev .13.4). If I'm simply missing a key mechanic please shout at me, I haven't played around with TAC in several months
  3. Similar problem, I downloaded both aggressive and basic to be thorough, both cause *just the game to freeze* after it loads nine or ten items. I haven't tried uninstalling KAS yet so it may be that, it is the only mod on our lists that are the same. I'm also running latest Windows 8 (yuck...) with 8 gigs of ram. I've got plenty of mods but all of them are listed as compatible (B9, Visuals, KSPI, Firespitter, KW, DeRe, FAR, Pwings, KAS, KerbEnigineer, Toolbar and TAC). Edit: Removed KAS and problem persists. I don't believe it is that mods fault. To be a bit more specific, after a couple of items load the screen freezes and the program stops responding. I can close it by clicking exit in non-fullscreen mode or by using Ctrl+Alt+Del. It is not harming my game in any way, I'm installing this for the first time. I just want the performance boost Edit 2: For people having issues, try downloading basic after installing KW reduced pack. This actually did fix the problem, no idea why.
  4. I wanted to do a trip to Kerbin's pole in a spaceplane that could go there, land liftoff and then power all the way back home by using jet engines and gliding. Specifically I was landing near the alien ship to do some investigating for my agency. My agency required more research on interplanetary flight before they could build nuclear engines (a prerequisite I placed on myself). Anyway I am exceptionally bad at creating spaceplanes that work. After spending a half an hour in the SPH building I went to the runway and... It worked perfectly. I took off no problem, recovered from a stall while above the ocean headed north, planted a flag and flew back. I ran out of fuel as I was approaching for landing (after screwing up a few approaches XD) and touched down with everything intact and my Kerbals alive first try. I then crashed them into the sea. Yes I'm a terrible person. Don't judge me.
  5. I've been everywhere but Tylo, but I've always thought Duna was quite pretty. Much better than Eve at least.
  6. Pff... I did this seven times. In one mission. Then I punched Chuck Norris in the face because I don't take back talk. In all seriousness, I like this mission. It requires a basic knowledge of game mechanics with reachable criteria and a precise landing. It also requires the ability to make somewhat complex rockets (mainly because of the rover) and still have a working function. Bravo delta.
  7. Hmm, a dev coming on (one of my favorites btw )and saying it doesn't look like minimus, a point in space that has only been seen once thus far and a group of people trying to disprove it? Sounds like most modern religions. Imma call this new religion Kerbinism. All hail the almighty Kraken!
  8. I\'m getting Unsupported Compresion Methods for all of the parts here. It seems 7-zip doesn\'t like these files (for me anyway). Edit: I wasn\'t too clear in this post Just realized how broad that seems. The files installed, They just gave me an error message in the form of a 7-zip diagnostic. No big problem, it\'s just a little disheartening to know that it is having trouble unzipping.
  9. Love your vids. Don\'t have a youtube though, otherwise you would have one more subscriber Anyway thanks for the list. I had been looking for your Junebug SRB engine for ages.
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