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  1. I love everything in this thread and I am sad it doesn't yet exist. Great work, man.
  2. Well @Lisias, I think I may have come across another issue. I can't say for certain that it's TweakScale, but it MIGHT, maybe, be due to the way that ModuleManager and TweakScale are currently working together when it comes to adding modules to parts etc. I'm horribly inept when it comes to finding solutions with this sort of thing, and trust me, I've looked all over the place to try and find a solution, and have come up empty-handed. The error message in questions is... [ModuleSrfFX]: No IThrustProvider module found at index 0! Sometimes the index it mentions is 1 or 2 also.
  3. I don't currently have this mod installed, but I downloaded it to give the tracks a listen, and holy crap. I might just have to install this if I can ever get my 1.10.1 install working correctly. This music really is a breath of fresh air. MAJOR kudos to you!
  4. I keep getting this error when I try to use the newest NMB engines in 1.10.1. Even files that worked flawlessly in 1.9 don't seem to work in 1.10. Is anyone else having this issue, had this issue, or found a fix for similar issues that might direct me to a means of solving it? https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kWj7nXTmhUNzpr9BSKdaHkTrXAYg8Cyv/view?usp=sharing Logfile included, errors toward the end.
  5. I've gotten some strange error messages in regards to a few OPT engines. Running on 1.10.1. [ModuleSrfFX]: No IThrustProvider module found at index 0! Or index 1 or 2 etc. It's admittedly not JUST OPT parts, but ALSO some NMB engines as well. I've stripped everything but stock and NMB to test for a fix and I can't find anything. So, I was wondering if you'd ever run into an issue like this previously. Parts that worked flawlessly in a 1.9 version of the game don't work for 1.10.1 and there are virtually zero differences between their CFGs.
  6. Downloaded. The game is currently loading, which is better than it did before. Will EDIT after it loads/crashes/whatever. ----------- That download worked. Looking at the logs I thought that maybe MiniAVC was the culprit myself, but I wasn't sure since I was seeing the error being tossed from Tweakscale up top. Everything seems good now, other than a few textures not working, but that's not a Tweakscale issue, and is something I'll have to work with. Thanks a ton for your help. If you hadn't pointed that out, I could have gone through hours of work for no payoff! I pro
  7. That's actually all I have in my logfile. It crashes that soon after startup... It's looking like I'm going to have to do that super fun thing where I take out mods one by one until I find the culprit. But it makes me feel better that it's likely not Tweakscale causing the problem. I would hate to have to function without it. On the bright side, I'm glad I could offer some help in pointing you to an issue for the next Beta release, even if it's probably not the cause of my problem.
  8. I'll hold off on playing then until the fixed edit/release is available. Not that I have a choice since my game crashes during loading, but still. It pays to be patient. As far as NMB, it's HUD5, and they think it's something to do with the fact the model is using Chinese text references or something? As far as I know, it isn't something Tweakscale related, though I DID add Tweakscale modules into some of the NMB parts of my own volition (tasty Flanker intakes and the 3 engines specifically), though I'm fairly certain the mod author added them into the most recent release. I could be
  9. So, I got this error message when trying to start up KSP, which is strange because I was able to start up and play once before this with no hassle. I'm using your Beta @Lisias, since it's the one that was suggested it works for 1.10.1. I initially had an issue with NMB, but that was resolved (or should be) by deleting one cockpit Prop from the mod. This happens less than 15 seconds after startup, and I'm no master when it comes to dissecting log files. Hopefully you can help me! https://pastebin.com/xTMmX3Sd Logfile is linked above. =)
  10. Any chance this is getting updated for 1.8.X?
  11. I'm not too worried about the IVAs, since I rarely use them. But the cockpits, engines, and the KBF weapons are things I use frequently. So, with any luck, those bits will be updated. I haven't yet tried them in 1.8, but I've heard rumors that their textures don't work correctly.
  12. @Kernowden Kerbin Any chance that you'll update NMB mod and KBF for 1.8 soon?
  13. @TheKurgan You, Sir, are a miracle worker. Never in 1000 years would I have suspected the RCS stat was the thing screwing up my missile config. I don't know if you changed anything else, but regardless, the missile now fires. At this point literally everything else I could say is irrelevant compared to just that fact. Thank you so much for your help and insight. Myself and my competitors will sincerely thank you for the new toys!
  14. Alright, @jrodriguez and @TheKurgan, I have a missile problem this time around. Game version is 1.7.3. I've made a custom missile using an edited texture and a scaled-down mesh, as well as some CFG editing for the part. But the thing is that the missile won't fire no matter what I do. AI locked and loaded? No dice. Loaded on a rail? Won't fire. Floating and offset? Won't fire. Clearance checks turned off? Still won't fire. Manually clicking the "Fire Missile" button in the right click menu? STILL won't fire. I can jettison the missile and detonate the missile via right click
  15. So, no chance of getting in contact with SpannerMonkey, then?
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