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  1. Any chance this is getting updated for 1.8.X?
  2. I'm not too worried about the IVAs, since I rarely use them. But the cockpits, engines, and the KBF weapons are things I use frequently. So, with any luck, those bits will be updated. I haven't yet tried them in 1.8, but I've heard rumors that their textures don't work correctly.
  3. @Kernowden Kerbin Any chance that you'll update NMB mod and KBF for 1.8 soon?
  4. @TheKurgan You, Sir, are a miracle worker. Never in 1000 years would I have suspected the RCS stat was the thing screwing up my missile config. I don't know if you changed anything else, but regardless, the missile now fires. At this point literally everything else I could say is irrelevant compared to just that fact. Thank you so much for your help and insight. Myself and my competitors will sincerely thank you for the new toys!
  5. Alright, @jrodriguez and @TheKurgan, I have a missile problem this time around. Game version is 1.7.3. I've made a custom missile using an edited texture and a scaled-down mesh, as well as some CFG editing for the part. But the thing is that the missile won't fire no matter what I do. AI locked and loaded? No dice. Loaded on a rail? Won't fire. Floating and offset? Won't fire. Clearance checks turned off? Still won't fire. Manually clicking the "Fire Missile" button in the right click menu? STILL won't fire. I can jettison the missile and detonate the missile via right click menu. Those work perfectly. I've swapped models in case it was a model issue for some reason, and that didn't fix it. I looked through the BDA documentation to see if I'd missed something, and it doesn't seem like I have. I've gone through the CFG as best as my untrained eyes are able and looked for anything I might have missed or glossed over from similar missiles (both heat-seeking and radar-guided) and that didn't fix it either. Any help you guys can give me would be greatly appreciated. CFG text linked below in Spoiler Tag.
  6. So, no chance of getting in contact with SpannerMonkey, then?
  7. Normally, you select the weapon you want to fire from the list available in the Weapon manager, then make sure the trigger is armed, and click the left mouse button to fire.
  8. Alright, @Eidahlil / @TheKurgan I have another question, though, it's a bit off topic, and I apologize. Is there any way you guys might be able to get me into contact with @SpannerMonkey(smce) regarding the use of one of his models/parts, or ask him for permission to use one? Just one. I'm interested in using the X32ABL model and basic CFG for a BDA weapon modpack I'd like to release eventually. I don't want to put his work out there without permission, though, since I know there was a huge thing about that recently. I have access to the mod since I was able to get it prior to it being removed from his thread, but I'm not gonna jump the gun and release my own tweaks publicly without his blessing. If he's unwilling or unable, I understand. But, in my case, it is just a single part, and there is literally no other part/model that works as well as his does for what I'd like to release.
  9. Lighter weight to match Kerbal scale. Different thrust and performance curves for each engine depending on altitude and speed. More overall power/thrust due to those curves, along with a little more fuel consumption as a result. Adding the newer engine exhaust plumes from the WS-10 to the older 2 engines. All engines and the Flanker intake have Tweakscale compatibility. New sounds for the 2 older engines! I think that's basically everything.
  10. So, a while back I said I was working on some custom configs for the NMB Engines and adding Tweakscale to them and the Flanker Intake. Well, I'm finished! These might not be for everyone, as they are certainly an "improvement" on the base stats and could be considered overpowered by some, but I find them to be a real breath of fresh air, and a lot of fun. They also feature tweaked visuals for the exhaust plumes, and even new sounds based on the actual sounds these engines make in real life (though not perfect). I leave them here for anyone to do with as they please. Enjoy! Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!7eBxACwT!Zif4TRBExz_ZgDmpu1xv717FEe-aXzfsqNZI3Ke8AGk Just unzip the contents into your existing GameData folder and replace. Confirmed to work in 1.7.3 as well!
  11. This setup is eventually what I wound up using on my own, along with a "semi-fixed" gun that has like a 2-3 degree gimbal range to account for a small cone of accuracy. It wound up working quite well along with a fairly strong but very localized (1 meter radius) explosive "bullet" to make it sound cool when it rips things apart. It effectively behaves like being struck by a missile, but it's a gun. Very nasty bit of work. Thank you for the insight, though, and the reply.
  12. Yikes... That's certainly above my pay grade, so to speak. I mean, the fact that it's possible at all is cool, but a code-master I am not. I'm lucky enough that my knowledge of the CFGs etc has gotten me as far as it has in getting these things working at all. But a completely customized BDAc is way beyond my level of experience, and I don't trust my ability. That said, AoE damage based on a percentage of the laserDamage value within a radius sounds neat. Maybe something for a future edition, perhaps. Thank you for the prompt response.
  13. Alright, it's me, back again with another question for @TheKurgan and @Eidahlil. Is it possible to have a weapon identified as a "laser" weapon (for the "hitscan style" travel time) vs a "ballistic" weapon, and STILL have it have an AoE damage effect upon hitting a target? Basically, I'm attempting to simulate an incredibly fast, large cooldown, static-mounted, railgun-style, projectile weapon similar to the EML (Electromagnetic Launcher) from Ace Combat. I've already tried this with a standard projectile style weapon, with a hilarious muzzle velocity etc, however, due to the nature of the weapon, it is incredibly unreliable when fired, and very rarely hits what it is aiming at. I can tone down the AoE damage so it doesn't 1-shot anything it hits (for balance reasons), but I want to know if this is even possible. Currently, I have it hooked up to fire customized ammunition etc, and it will fire only if it has that ammo in stock, like a normal gun, despite it effectively being classed as a laser. But it only managed to deal decent damage once I gave it a large "laser damage" modifier, because, well, it's still defined as a "laser" not a "ballistic" weapon, and doesn't use the damage values or explosive radius etc of the linked ammunition, though it does still add weight to the craft. Ideally, I'd like for this weapon to travel "instantly" like a laser, but immediately overheat so it goes into a long cooldown, but if the "projectile" hits a target, it will deal damage in a small AoE around the impact point rather than just a pinprick like a normal laser. So, is this something that's currently possible, and if so, how would it be done?
  14. Maybe you can answer this @TheKurgan Do you know how to change the hitbox of a projectile in BDA when fired from a gun? For example, having a "hitbox" of roughly 5 meters instead of a pinprick? I'd asked on the last page but got no replies since people started talking about SMArmory etc.
  15. I have a question. Is there a bit in the CFG that determines the hitbox of a projectile? Like, there's the tracer and such, but, for example, say I wanted to make a projectile fired from a gun have a hitbox of approximately 5 meters. Or, let's say I wanted to have a laser weapon fire a continuous beam with a hitbox of 5 meters. Is there a way to accomplish that in the files, or is that limited to pinprick-pinpoint accuracy? EDIT: The only thing I can think of is giving the bullet a hilariously huge caliber in the CFG, but I don't think that's how it works, is it?