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  1. did not find answer for simple quetion. I am planning for lunar mission. (KSP 1.7.3, RO+RP-1 were downloaded 30 dec 2019). A have as returnable capsule Mk1-3 pod, and lander capsule Mk2 lander can. But in trainig courses... no such capsule training. I think Mk2LanderCabin-V2 is Mk2 lander can, but what is name for mk1-3 command pod? and where do i need to look to find wich capsule name i need to train kerbonauts? Here i found "partname". but no couse for it
  2. Well.. seems to be master nuild to worlk on KSP1 problems, but still interested in what except bugfixing and additn "new parts"? Improvements on physics? 3-body in mods for ksp1 already. Realism - in mods already. Multiplayer - maybe, but for me it's not the main gameplay feature fo sandbox. So why? Still interested what can give KSP2 for old "kerbal space engineer" who can easily do Jool V in stock and flyby all gas giants in RSS in 1 launch? Core gameplay features? Mauals for noobs - good, but not for old players. Interstellar? not so interesting and already implemented. Extraterrestrial bases - implemented.
  3. I think i did not describe problem cooreclty. Here is the vid with J-2 engine with 3 ignitions. when i start excecuting maneuver MJ ignites engine(0.20) 2 ignitions left. when maneuver almost completed(20m\s left 0.49) MJ make throttle down. when 1m\s left to do throttle is about 60%. manuver node completed in a moment, and MJ shuts down engine, But throttle is still ~50%. And due to that engine momentally re-ignites for 1 second. And wasting ignition for nothing. Also second question about maneuver planner - is the any way to make with it somtheing like GTO-GSO burn without making it in 2 burns(change inclination and periapsis in 1 burn)? thanks
  4. Hello. I have a bit of silly question about MJ and RO. I am pretty sure the problem is known and there are workarounds, but i didn't find such answer. So the problem is - MJ logic vs RO mechanics. At the end of maneuver excecution MJ tries to throttle down to make less error in impulse, but in RO 50% throttle is not 50% engine power, due to limited throttlong(often unthrottlable). So when hitting final 5-10 m/s MJ tries to throttle down, but can't do it due to physics and overshoot planned maneuver. When maneuver finished MJ shuts down engines like hud button, but throttle input is still ~40-60%. Due to that engines immediately re-ignites to work 0.5sec(while throttle input reaches 0). And we have wasted ignition. So the quesrion us simple any way to speed up throttle input or any other way to fix wasting igniton problem
  5. FInally in career unlocked superdraco engine, for me it's best solution for heavy far-away missions(fuel not boiling off, thrust control and unlimited ingnitions), but i always have wobbling, while they are active. No matter i use smartA.S.S. from mechjeb or stock SAS. An all symmetry modes. With 1KN thrusters i used before - everything is ok. Ship is perfectly symmetric.(tested with avionics core, tank and 4 engines). To fix that i replaced in engineconfig i replaced emty modulegimbal with MODULE[ModuleGimbal] { gimbalRange = 3.0 useGimbalResponseSpeed = True gimbalResponseSpeed = 4 } but it did not work. Any idea how to fix wobblinng, or add gimbal to superdraco?
  6. Thanks a lot! For PF-FE - CKAN have 0.2.0 version for KSP up to 1.2.2. Forum thread 1.1.x . Is it safe for game to add CKAN version for 1.3.1 game? The MM patch seems a bit... dangerous I don't know where to add this code.
  7. Yeah, I understand the mechanism and how it works. No need to remove feature completly, only hide RCS icons on staging. From 0.23(or when squad removed ALL items on staging) i use staging only for engine start and decouple, all other - with action groups. If is hardcoded deep - i understand. This is feature for better "quality of life" improvements and have lowest priority(compared to others). Still - thanks for answer
  8. Well, in VAB as i remenber there is only enable/disable rcs and engine gui(fuel type choosing). No function for disable icons/staging
  9. Well, disable decoupler is not on mine. Dont know where to find fix or what to change. Do i need attach some log or find what and where to find out what is wrong? For pp textures glad to hear that and waiting for additional info
  10. Hello everyone. Lots of time spent after i biught my pc and now i feel i need more. So the main question is - upgrade current platform is the way, or it's so bad it can not be properly upgraded. No overclocking planned. Not plannig play heavily graphics games(like 120fps on smth like battlefield or starcitizen. Pretty good with 30-60 fps on medium). Main problem for me at this moment - not enough RAM and replace with 1070 videocard. Videocard is pretty unified, but changing ram is the question. If platform is not upgradeable better to wait and buy ddr4. So the specs Mb msi z87-g43(msi ms7816) CPU core i5 4670 RAM 2x8gb ddr3 1333 Gtx 1050ti(i suppose refrence) Power unit corsair rm650 Lots of hdd( ssd plextor 256 m5s, 2 wd blue 750, 1 wd blue 2tb)
  11. Just found another feature, that is a bit strange for me - what was the point to add RCS thrusters to staging list? And how disable it? When building payload for outer planets transfer it gets a bit messy with RCS icons. On stage 3, on stage 4, on stage 5 i have some thrusters, and never use them at staging. Any idea how to remove RCS icon from staging list?
  12. Hello, proc fairings are one of the "must-have" mods for ksp, and long time ago(i suppose at ksp 0.9) there were 2 options thet i remember, wich are not availible for now. First one - "disable decouper". In some spacecraft design proc. fairings are used to be as covering shell for engine mount, or protective layer. And extra deouper added in front of it with modified ejection force. So with 3-4 such things i have to make staging deoupler on last stage, so the last stage have on start 3-4 decouplers that are never used. It is a bit annoying. Is there any possibility to return "disable decoupler" button back to fairing bases? Second - custom textures. As on step one i remember function that alowed to make fairing texture same as procedural parts textures. As i said i usally use PF as interstage, that covers engines, and my eyes are not happy when i have stage 1 with cryo orange color, stage 2 as cryo orange and between them only white or black interstage. Any possibility to return that cool feature? Using on ksp 1.3.1 rss+ro+rp-1 with PF v 4.0
  13. Hello again. Finally i installed succesfully RSS+RO+RP-1. Now i have mission to land on Venus and here are some problems. First - I can not testflight landing. When i enter simulation - sim cancelles at the point i hit Venus atmo. Is that ok? Second - temperature problems I have tried landing and at altitude about 12km my ship explodes due to overheating. Lots of parts have internal max temp about 600K and ship explodes. I tried use.. the only core with high temp - V2 rocket core. Also landing legs, stock batt, solar panels and antenna with 3Gm range(covered one). And here we come to third problem. final landing. My ship survived and cruising down at 3km at speed ~35m\s How can i stop it? Dense atmo - ok, parachutes! But Kevlar parachute has max temp 500K and i can't deploy it. Reactive landing! But all procedural tanks have 663K max temp and it can't survive last kilometers over surface. So any idea how to land? I only have 1 launch window after contract expires. Too hard challange for me, i suppose
  14. FInally reinstalled KSP(1.3.1) with all mods and RP-0 is working fine. But now i have some sort of bug. I researched and unloched cry tanks, but there is no procedural crytank in VAB. ANy idea what am i doing wrong? Also looks like i don't have life support tank, wich is unlocked too
  15. Hello, just realised i posted crash to RO thread, while problem is with RP-1.