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  1. It's not against the rules, but it is just really annoying. He's done it a few times on a forum we're both on, and yeah...annoying as hell for everyone else.
  2. I believe this was said once: You can't force people to be interested
  3. Granted, you get an IBM Blue Gene, all your neighbors want it, and kill you for it (Finally, someone who speaks my language on the subject of Laptops!) I wish Laptops didn't suck as much
  4. When you put it that way, yeah, Fine with me. But just a friendly warning about Medwed: He's very persistent and very obsessive over Medwedia.
  5. Because the Kerbal Space Program RolePlay, was based upon the realism of real-life, within reason. At least, the RPs prior to the Main Forum bootoff.
  6. Welp, Kryten could give you 101 Reasons why you can't be Atheist, so can Charzy, actually.
  7. Without consent of the KSPRP Moderators, he used the Kerbin map, the systems and several other things. It could be possibly illegal. You also seem to be scarily obsessive over Medwedia, just saying...
  8. Banned for giving me nostalgia memories of beating the Elite Four with just Palkia
  9. Banned for not highlighting his text....
  10. I believe it's Sword is mightier than the Pen
  11. I have to agree here, K-Syndrome naming is annoying and very un-original.