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  1. Off course Mr Gargamel It is sad to think what humanity would be capable of, if only the Americans and the Russians did not spend money on the war in Vietnam and the Afghan Wars, but on their space programs !
  2. That why Soviet bankrupt? In Poland people remembered that NASA had enough decency to congratulate soviet their feats, while Russians not replied in kind. [snip] I'm guy and a gay too ;-) [snip] but also felt that women not get enough influence in early space exploration, good we have at least Valentina Tereshkova and her KSP counterpart Val Kerman, so girls and women might have the same kind of dream, like we boys and guys have ;-)
  3. Once my high school physics teacher was a little 12-13 year old boy during the Armstrong landing, he and his parents wondered why the Russians were so small when it came to landing on the moon that everyone knew that the Americans and the British were self-righteous arrogant snobs(it was opinion of my teacher not mine ), but the Americans and NASA and most countries of the world sincerely congratulated them for both sputnik missions, Gagarin's flight and Leonov's Space Walk, it would be appropriate for the Russians to congratulate NASA and the Americans on the landing on the moon, and not to
  4. What do you think about Apple TV series, "For All Mankind" about an alternative version of lunar exploration were not NASA land first on the moon but Soviets? I think it great show :-) I am Polish, my mother told me that Poland. Romania and probably Hungary were the only countries of the former Eastern bloc that decided to broadcast directly from the Apollo 11 landing, America broadcast it in a band open to the whole world, and it seems that to this day it is the world record for the largest mass event in the history of TV. My mother, who died in 2017, said that the first secret
  5. Val go to her first and also my kerbal first ever spaceflight, off course Jeb was furious because The fact that girlies should not in go suborbital because and is a fact of our kerbalkind social order. It may be undesirable " but in deep-down he felt admiration and some unprofessional feeling to new research test pilot Valentina Kerman Vals go into space "accidently" during testing new SRB and decuplers
  6. Of course it was Gemini 6/7 my mistake.
  7. What parts Ariane 5 is using if want re create it myself for my career save file
  8. Thanks :-) I wanted re-create Gemini 6/9 missions
  9. I tried Rosetta mission from the new ESA mission pack. I tried to plot it's course using Duna(mars) as gravity assist but forget how to do it :-(
  10. What mission i recreated in my career mode
  11. I wonder how much dv would be need if use second stage to rise perigee just little above ground to make it hit Earth oh i mean Kerbin off course while apogee is 250 km? does it would be just enough to rise perigee to make orbit circular, the spacecraft have separatron as retro.
  12. I did not play the game for long time so i forgot some stuff :-) To make long story short i wonder how make my RCS to be used as main engine, because using second stage during rendezvous is terrible inconvenient? Does MechJeb would utilize RCS as main propulsion?
  13. I mean something like merit badges in Life is Strange 2 for player who played in original Life is Strange.
  14. Maybe it sounds a bit like "greed", but does the player who supported the series at the very beginning deserve a little bit more, if not a few percent discount, though some elite dlc, available only to us, even if it would not contribute anything to the game, or some virtual astronaut badge styled to be the badge of the first Soviet codmonauts or Mercury 7 astronauts
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