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  1. I mean something like merit badges in Life is Strange 2 for player who played in original Life is Strange.
  2. Maybe it sounds a bit like "greed", but does the player who supported the series at the very beginning deserve a little bit more, if not a few percent discount, though some elite dlc, available only to us, even if it would not contribute anything to the game, or some virtual astronaut badge styled to be the badge of the first Soviet codmonauts or Mercury 7 astronauts
  3. Side not i forgot to install heat shield but Jeb somehow survived reentry, with total be accident is very similar to real spaceflight that inspired mine
  4. But it would be cool if they at least give some limited discount for veteran player, those who invest their mony before original KSP become even a thing, i think 25%-50% would be cool ;-)
  5. Wll first real flight and decpuler test And Jeb first Orbital flight in this game Side not i forgot to install heat shield but Jeb somehow survived reentry, with total be accident is very similar to real spaceflight that inspired mine
  6. Insofar as tracking teenagers under 18 years of age may seem reasonable but creepy idea of crappy parents, tracking the college age kids, who are not actually kids anymore, is crossing border of creepiness very much, it's like 1984 or Truman show!
  7. CoCom i see i heard about it, it's a bit lame because it would cool opportunity to make fun on overprotective parents or employers that like to micromanage their employees
  8. My mother was also a little overprotective, but in my case it was justified because I was a little sick when I was little. Now there is such an application "it is called life 360" for overprotective parents, in my opinion it is Orvelism in its pure form. Apparently in America, some parents forcing it for installing even their adult children, making it a condition of further financial support at the University, in my country Poland universities are mostly free, that is not quite, they are financed from taxes, i.e. also from parents regardless of whether they wish it or not ;-) But returning to the subject, I have such a thought experiment, I thought what would happen if a child of such overprotective parents, which forced him to walk with the GPS tracker turned on, put such a device in a space rocket, For example, to Falcon 9, and such a thing was sent in space. I wonder how such overprotective nerds would react so that they would see that their child was moving at a speed of 27570 km / s at an altitude of 300 km Or, in the cheaper version, insert such a GPS meter into a meteorological balloon or an unmanned drone
  9. I love everything related to Space that why i bought KSP all that years ago Recently i watched fragment of new Episode of Vintage Space by Amy Shira Teitel, it was about new Apple TV alternative history where Soviets/Russian landed on Mun before American, my computer went into BSOD state when she announced that it would be spoilers so o decided that it's sign from heaven to watch series first From time perspective i think it maybe it would be good if Soviets, not American landed there first, you see I see American(and Brits too ) as very hard working smart people, but they do their best only if someone hurt their pride, so if Russian landed first maybe President Nixon would not call off Apollo 18,19 and 20, but instead go "All in" and to show that NASA is better than Soviet Space Program and chose to land people on Mars Before this century (XX century) will end we will send people to Mars, because it even harder than Moon . As for original question when i watch old NASA videos from 60's mission control look so modern all those flat screen in 60's and mission controller consoles have actual GUI (Graphical User Interface) wile even in late 90's in Polish schools we had computers run under MS-DOS and command line
  10. See this my MK4 mission Moho-Kerbstone 4, with Bob the Engineer as Kerbonaut-Pilot :-) He almost blow hatch ;-) Jeb is furious because he was passed in crew assignment again, but he not know that i have special mssion for him in mind ;-) PS, What do you think about new "For all mankind" alternative history show about space race where Soviets landed on Mun before American, i learned about it from space historian Amy Shira Teitel Youtube channel Vintage Space that i subscribe, she not published anything for long time and i loved her vlogs/podcasts. Mine computer went into BSOD when Amy warned that might be spoiler for, me it was a bit like sign from GOD!? ;-) Not watch it until you watch the tv series itself So i subscribed for free trial period now 'm finished 3rd episode "HE built Saturn V" :-) The seirs and Amy rekindled my love for KSP, btw when KSP 2.0 will be realised