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  1. testing new fairing and Jool IB rocket for upcoming missions
  2. I means does you setting thrust limiter settings in VAB editor, Often happens to me that i lose control over my rocket on low attitude when i put pedal to the metal to much on 1st stage I remember old days on KSP when you only had just accelerate as fast you can and than tilt rocket in direction of orbital plane you want usually 90 degree ;-) on altitude about 20 km and you ware on orbit Now i's more demanding but also give more fun and realism So i wonder does you use thrust limiter, because if i do so i usually do it only for 1st stage, because i like speeding to much (Good, there is no any Kerbalian police patrol here )
  3. Moho Kerbstone 1 humiliating test flight failure :-)
  4. I always get little bit laugh when i intentionally put my Munar probe into collision course with Mun, or when i intentionally de-orbit my old satellites and make them burn up in upper Kerbin Atmosphere get "Catastrophic Failure" description on mission report, it was not "catastrophic" but "planned" failure
  5. But why Lunar orbit are so unstable?
  6. Where i can download latest version?
  7. I know that but they can just place relay on Moon orbit.
  8. I just wonder why during Apollo era no one tried to land on back side of the Moon? I just wonder, because today landed on opposite side of Minmus on KSP, i did not play KSP for long time and forgot how wonderful and intellectually enriching playing KSP is to make a long story short, when i played KSP and landed on Minmus i forgot that i put on Minmus a satellite over month ago (lin this case literally and figuratively ) so i landed on back side of the Minmus and satellite bounced my radio to KSC So i wonder, Hey why NASA not tried this IRL The obvious is that NASA could not have a permanent direct connection with LEM, but a relay in orbit around the moon would solve the problem. I know there are more geek in this forum who know better about orbital mechanics than me, and probably many of you will find this idea stupid, but still I would like to know your opinion?
  9. And i have one question what you think about "leadership initiatives" strategy does is worth spending on it instead unlocking techs tree? Now i have 170 tech points to spend i wonder where to spend it???
  10. What do you think about my mission i get 170 tech points from it And i have one question what you think about "leadership initiatives" strategy does is worth spending on it instead unlocking techs tree?
  11. when re-entry flames become real huge, i always wonder does it's made or not I beat the real aerospace engineers feel the same like here on 1:10 :05
  12. or does i can do this with mechjeb? How i can use Duna to reach Jool?
  13. I need have good connection with my probes, does is any way to improve connection with mission control without ruining my space agency budget by upgrading tracking station.
  14. I have level 2 tracking station if i remember correctly Of course i'm reefing to Eve and Duna not Venus and Mars stupid mistake LOL