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  1. How to build Stage and half spacecraft like American Mercury-Atlas using only stock parts?
  2. What do you think about last episode of For All Mankind the one they landed on Duna i mean Mars
  3. I think it would be cool if they add our Solar system an Easter egg similar to the one is Spore
  4. I wonder does is will be finite number or procedural generation?
  5. I only hope the didn't make with KSP what EA did to Maxis It would be nice if you could take control of a specific Kerbal in first-person or third-person mode and steal capsules from NPCs Kerbals
  6. Jeb is mad because Bob get first suborbital flight and Val get first orbital one, he is liquided because Bob the Nerd get and that Vall the girl got better mission assignment than him for now
  7. Maybe it's Star Trek timeline you know Star Trek Picard :-)
  8. The fact that you will have to upgrade the RAM or replace the GPU is acceptable, but I hope it will not be more resource consuming than CyberPunk, my computer is from 2017, I had to install a special patch to run the game on my scrap metal that I have CPU i5-4460 @ 3.2 Ghz 8 GB RAM kingston GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 Ti
  9. I fixed it, I optimized the game tough NVIDIA GeForce experience and set it to a minimal setting and it's worked :-)
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