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  1. We already know that in the new installment of KSP 2 we will have other planetary systems besides the base Kerbin system, I wonder if there will be other intelligent civilizations, besides our kerbals, it would be cool if our native Solar System and its 9 planets were added to the game
  2. What do you means? Not protecting WIFI is plain stupid IMHO but it's should be not State business!
  3. What do you think about it, the authorities of my country (Poland) want to punish people for not securing the password of the WIFI network? Such a ban already exists in our larger and more prosperous neighbor, i.e. Germany, where there is a penalty of up to 100 euros in fine for lack of password protection for the WIFI network. Now Poland wants to introduce a similar solution, apparently similar law is also in France and Great Britain. Apparently, the argument for this is that unauthorized persons can connect to someone's private WIFI network, which can already be considered a criminal offense. Apparently, the point is that such leeches can use someone's private WiFi to download copyrighted material, as well as by perverts hurting children and / or terrorists. In my opinion, governments around the world are using marketing tricks like "Think of poor children" or scary alleged "terrorists" They want to do as if someone had committed a computer crime with the help of someone unsecured WIFI, the owner could be punished "for complicity in crime through negligence" :-) I secure my WIFI, but I think that governments around the world are getting too much into the private affairs of their citizens, they are playing micro-management too much, and that liquides people off!
  4. How it happened that astronaut Eugene "Gene" Cernan had problems during the Gemini 9A mission during his spacewalk, after all, the first American man who made the spacewalk (the first was the Soviet cosmonaut Alexei Leonov :-)), Edward White did not have such problems. It is true that the above-mentioned Soviet cosmonaut Leonov almost did not die when his over-inflated space suit could not fit into the airlock of his space capsule Woschod 2, which was very similar to Cernan's subsequent spacewalk in Gemini. And as for Gen Cernan himself, not many people know that he was an American, but an American of Slovak origin, his father was a Slovak Štefan Čerňan born in 1903 in the village of Vysoká nad Kysucou in Slovakia who emigrated to the United States, as a Pole nice to hear about this Slavic accent in the American space program ;-) I read about it in Polish Wikipedia in a biographical article about him, I decided to read more about it in English-language Wikipedia, because it is the largest Wikipedia and the most substantive, if we can talk about substantiveness in the case of Wikipedia :-) But I saw a funny coincidence, in Czech-language Wikipedia there is no entry about Gen Cernan at all and there is Slovakia. I don't know either Czech or Slovak, but as a Pole, I can read texts in these languages because they are linguistically very similar to my native Polish :-) It's a bit like Spanish and Portuguese, I don't know any of these. But it's funny that there is no entry about Gene Cernan in Czech Wikipedia :-) I think both countries are still experiencing divorce after Czechoslovakia :-)
  5. Is Polish Joke i translated it to English fo you :-) Humor from under the blackboard, Teacher ask student T - Jas(Johnny), if your mother is 34 years older than your sister and you are 5 years younger than your sister and are now 10 years old, how old is your mother? S - Madam! Gentleman never ask a woman for her age!
  6. So maybe it should be some discount for all who previously bought KSP?
  7. Just joking and certainly buy it if i had enough money, and my computer run it but some discounts for veteran players would be nice ;-) And multiplayer would be cool, some could be astronauts and some could be mission control ;-)
  8. Just learned about new KSP seems cool, but i have my own conspiracy theory about it :-) Old KSP players that bought game before April 2013 ware eligible for free DLC, but only for original KSP, it seems a bit easy way out for me ;-)
  9. I wonder what i would need to send my plane above 70 000 meters
  10. They could sell the copyright to make animation movie or cartoon based on KSP, I spend a lot of time in old days playing KSP, and those game thought me more about aerodynamics and aerospace engineering than more of the time I spend in physics classes in High School, here in Poland, but I had great teacher through. I think an animated movie based on KSP could greatly increase kids and adults too, interest in science, even trough KSP doing great on this field already. I even had a perfect matching title for such movie "THE WRONG STUFF"
  11. You plane certainly looks more smother and more elegant than mine , could you share you plane craft file with me? Angle snap?
  12. A rocket? Never mind , Val fulfilled the contract and squashed Jebediah speed and altitude record, but he insist that he at lest land plane in one piece
  13. I need to have plane with 3 engines, because one contract testing J-404 "Panther" above 13 000 meters with speed about 450 m/s if i remember correctly. So i need two J -404 Panther on each side of fuselage and one main that i would use to climb to those 13000 meters. But how to do it that is a question?