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  1. How is it possible that NASA lost its technology from the Apollo Program irretrievably? The Saturn V rocket project has been lost. Also, no new rocket can be built based on Saturn V. I'm starting to wonder if those crazy people who postulate that we have never been to the moon, maybe they are right?
  2. I've never had programming before, except for the turbo pascal, which once was one of the subjects in the middle school computer science class. I thought that maybe I will try to learn Python, a lot of aspergerian ,I can program so why not me
  3. I have Asperger even if I was kid I was suspected (wrongly) that I have ADHD I could not learn the multiplication table, which was required in my country, Poland I can not do it until today, and I am almost 33 years old I often flunk math I could make calculations, but only with the help of a calculator. I remember once from boredom I started playing with a calculator and started to add numbers to each other. The teacher saw it and asked what I was doing? I apologized to him, and I said I was just having fun. This teacher said that I was just doing the Fibonacci sequence, do not even know it, and that I would not put crap on him, that I do not know mathematics, because from what I see it could be quite a good mathematician xD One of my friend who is also having Asperger advised me to learn to programming in Python, that is the easiest programming language to learn. I bought a course on Udemy and start to study, but I'm afraid that I'm too old
  4. Pawelk198604

    Does you consider Vincent Freeman as hero or fraud?

    I think he acted like Captain Kirk in The Kobayashi Maru Test
  5. Pawelk198604

    Does you consider Vincent Freeman as hero or fraud?

    I wanted to post a new thread but found that i already wrote it :-) What soy you think about Vincent is he a Hero or maybe a cheater?
  6. I just watched I'm in Europe is bit delayed I'm also wondered why this girl just not called the lawyer Dr Andrews would love to hear that lawyer get involved xD If that girl demanded a lawyer after she's 18! And USA is suing nation from I head ;-)
  7. Pawelk198604

    Countdown mods?

    i have this mod But it's not updated anymore, and i would love to have Countdown with Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz, Mercury and Gemini Titan sound effects.
  8. Pawelk198604

    Kerbini 3 :-)

  9. Pawelk198604

    Kerbini 3 :-)

  10. This student was bottles of vodka, so he drank the contents at the airport, because of his greed, he had to wait for the next flight
  11. I do not drink alcohol at all, I have great respect for the United States and Americans as such, I met some of your countrymen and I have to admit that you are really nice people, but your alcohol regulations are a bit stupid. Because, as far as I know, this adulthood is the same as in Poland, 18 years old, but someone needs to be 21 to buy alcohol. This is strange because either we recognize that someone is adult or not, and you have a bit like in the case of a schrödinger cat, which is half life, half dead