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  1. Is Polish Joke i translated it to English fo you :-) Humor from under the blackboard, Teacher ask student T - Jas(Johnny), if your mother is 34 years older than your sister and you are 5 years younger than your sister and are now 10 years old, how old is your mother? S - Madam! Gentleman never ask a woman for her age!
  2. So maybe it should be some discount for all who previously bought KSP?
  3. Just joking and certainly buy it if i had enough money, and my computer run it but some discounts for veteran players would be nice ;-) And multiplayer would be cool, some could be astronauts and some could be mission control ;-)
  4. Just learned about new KSP seems cool, but i have my own conspiracy theory about it :-) Old KSP players that bought game before April 2013 ware eligible for free DLC, but only for original KSP, it seems a bit easy way out for me ;-)
  5. I wonder what i would need to send my plane above 70 000 meters
  6. They could sell the copyright to make animation movie or cartoon based on KSP, I spend a lot of time in old days playing KSP, and those game thought me more about aerodynamics and aerospace engineering than more of the time I spend in physics classes in High School, here in Poland, but I had great teacher through. I think an animated movie based on KSP could greatly increase kids and adults too, interest in science, even trough KSP doing great on this field already. I even had a perfect matching title for such movie "THE WRONG STUFF"
  7. You plane certainly looks more smother and more elegant than mine , could you share you plane craft file with me? Angle snap?
  8. A rocket? Never mind , Val fulfilled the contract and squashed Jebediah speed and altitude record, but he insist that he at lest land plane in one piece
  9. I need to have plane with 3 engines, because one contract testing J-404 "Panther" above 13 000 meters with speed about 450 m/s if i remember correctly. So i need two J -404 Panther on each side of fuselage and one main that i would use to climb to those 13000 meters. But how to do it that is a question?
  10. so how perfect CoT and CoM equilibrium should look like? Designing rockets are so much easier
  11. I'm glad that it help you, but i mad on myself because i used wrong article it's should be this not it's
  12. Thanks :-) So it would be possible to have very own ALSEP on Mun
  13. OK but where is stored in rocket if i can ask?
  14. What do you think about my, KSP 48-75 Spark engine test. I think i would utilize the launcher that i created for that mission, i think it's look like SLS
  15. So i the weather station is only for rovers? I thought we can create some kind of weather satellite.
  16. As in how to use Weather station, does i can create Weather Sat for exemple?
  17. I got all expansion for free cause I bought the game in 2012, I think many KSP fan envy me I don't play the game much in the past year many changes, usually for the better like those new views that show both perigee and apogee But I wonder how to utilize all these new modules? Can I create Wheather sat?
  18. The insane jointed mission of Kerbini 6 and 7, Val come with Idea about in Orbit crew transfer, and sweep her place with Bob from Kerbini 7, her idea was, of course, a little bit self-serving, because the crew transfer make her spend more time with her flight instructor and "friend" Jebediah Kerman
  19. I have old save my Kerbals just started "Kerbini" project I do not want to start a game all over again!