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  1. I just watched I'm in Europe is bit delayed I'm also wondered why this girl just not called the lawyer Dr Andrews would love to hear that lawyer get involved xD If that girl demanded a lawyer after she's 18! And USA is suing nation from I head ;-)
  2. i have this mod But it's not updated anymore, and i would love to have Countdown with Vostok, Voskhod, Soyuz, Mercury and Gemini Titan sound effects.
  3. This student was bottles of vodka, so he drank the contents at the airport, because of his greed, he had to wait for the next flight
  4. I do not drink alcohol at all, I have great respect for the United States and Americans as such, I met some of your countrymen and I have to admit that you are really nice people, but your alcohol regulations are a bit stupid. Because, as far as I know, this adulthood is the same as in Poland, 18 years old, but someone needs to be 21 to buy alcohol. This is strange because either we recognize that someone is adult or not, and you have a bit like in the case of a schrödinger cat, which is half life, half dead
  5. Can the pilot refuse to board a drunken passenger? Does is true that American may import to their country alcohol only when they 21? am not an American, do not judge me, but in my opinion, these American recipes regarding the consumption of alcohol only from the age of 21 are too restrictive? In my country, Poland is 18 years old and despite the patches of alcoholics attached to us, we have the smallest percentage of alcoholism among all age groups in the whole European Union :-) But I did not want to write about it, I read the funny situation of an American student 19 years or so, from international exchange who was returning to the United States, but before the flight, he bought a bottle of our famous Polish vodka When his briefing was approaching, he introduced our Polish vodka to the bottle of vodka, but the woman who served him told him that she could accept it, but he would have problems in the United States, because he only had him in the country people who are 21 may bring alcohol to the United States, that he can bring it but he could have problem apparently she quipped that "Ignorantia iuris nocet" xD It is said she told me that in the future let me send it as a parcel to USA by Poczta Polska (Polish Mail) or DHL if she has any alcohol because they more relax on it. She said that he would do better for him if he throws it up to the garbage bin because could have a problem if he brings it to his country, or drank that whole half litre of vodka, but it would bad idea :-) Unfortunately, that lad took this joke seriously and drank that vodka xD o make a long story short he gets a little bit stoned, and cabin crew of our Polish national LOT AIRLINES refused to board it, I think it was actually pilot choice. I was a bit pitty for that boy after airlines like our LOT Airlines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Ryanair and so on selling alcohol on the plane, so why they have a problem with accepting passenger who drank a bit of alcohol, I think it's a bit of hypocrisy have always been interested in aviation, especially transport and passenger aviation, I read a lot about it. But I can not be a pilot myself because in my childhood I suffered from certain disease, I am 33 years old, I have no have any trace of it for 23 years!, but stupid Polish law prohibits people like me from making a pilot license, my friend said that there are regulations not only in Poland but practically everywhere :-(
  6. I downloaded mir space station replica, I want to find some cheat to put it at once on orbit then I realized that I have "making history" that i can make it's as mission even trough have problems with the mission editor so i rarely use it. So I downloaded MIR it was downloaded as SPH file, but it's not open it states that "sonic bombox" part is missing I realized I that it must be a mod part, but where download it? I just wanted to create MIR "decommission" mission ;-) Or even like this if learn a bit about mission programming with Valentina Kerman starring as mission specialist Ryan Stone
  7. When I played KSP in old days I often do the mission to DUNA with kerbal but it always one-way mission Zubrin type I wonder maybe it would be more feasible to make a mission to one of Mars moon rather than Mars itself? (And the same trues goes for Duna and it's moons )
  8. I wonder how Zvezda works, I mean does is have any engines I know that the Russians make it use as the command post of entire ISS, and it's used to rebbost station, does it had any engines? I want to create something like that when I relearn the orbital mechanic & docking in KSP
  9. As above I can click activate navigation but not see direction on navbell i must use map overviev, with make this whole navigation thing pointless
  10. I know for sure that experienced players like Mr Scott Manley yes, but how easy do such feat? Does there a tutorial for this? How to make solar arrays MIR or ISS and stuff like that?
  11. I was referring to this I know that some companies also utilize this feature toward their employees using company cars. That's what I'm talking about
  12. I just send probe to Mun make low PE collected some science and send probe back to Kerbin
  13. I need it to put it along Mun Polar orbit like here at the end of video,