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  1. I made it, this new delta-v indicator is pretty handy, I did manoeuvre and I had left 6 m/s delta-v
  2. It's especially problematic in Polar orbit, because I have a contract to put orbit in polar orbit :-( watch from 12 minute
  3. what telemetric black boxes? It some kind of absurd!!! It's a sound bit too Orwellian to me!
  4. It's about streaming service with a scientific documentaries I think that it makes it fitting science subforum.
  5. What is best Camera mod for KSP I know that is plenty of mods, so I wonder do we have any mod that allows a thing like this one or this one
  6. That i means yummy Like in your beloved KSP especially with a new update that shows us delta-V so wh knew that we not strand poor kerbal on orbit :-) And security override for speed governor, to make the driver be able to temporarily shut it down if, and car have TCAS like feature interlocked with speed governor, and if driver use overrides it would be saved in a black box like thing in the car. The only thing i ever envied Americans that they can drive as young as 15, and they have such easy access to gun, i'm mostly interested in hunting gun not small ones. In Europe especially Poland to be the driver you need go to transport medicine MD, that gives you papers that enables you to start dring course, it can be a pain in asses if someone had ADHD or ASPEGER ( i not have ADHD but has Asperger) in such case you need to deal with a shrink, i to make you psychometric test like those one I would probably find some good-hearted psychologist and pay him or her to pass me or buy them bottle of 40 years old Jack Daniels or good old wine Because I would not want to waste my valuable time on it, or count on good humor of some shrinks
  7. I have MH, in fact, I got it for free because i have KSP since 2012
  8. Due to my condition called Asperger Syndrome, I'm very interested in technology, especially in space and transportation. I'm from Poland in my country I'm almost 33 years old and as I sad have AS, I did not have a Driver License, because cities in Europe have good mass transit, even though I'm considered going to getting one, I suspect that doctor might by iffy about my due my AS even though I have superb cognitive ability given my condition [snip]As I said I love tech technology I see that many cars are equipped with speed governors, I think it's a good idea if you gave your car to your child or employee. But one thing is bothering me what about overtaking if your child was going to overtake some stupid slob who driving 60 km/h on 100 km/h highway and he would not have enough power to perform manoeuvre? Or escaping some madman? So I think that speed governor should be integrated with obstacle avoidance system and have some safety override built in, the parent or vehicle owner would know that driver used it? and can ask why it was used and does it was justified?
  9. I wonder does is English only? Or it had dubb or at least subtitles in other languages than English like Netflix?
  10. The orbital rendezvous is not hard thing it's piece of cake for me. Aligning docking port off two spacecraft in the same plane is damn hard And not smash into solar arrays or science stuff is hard, when I somehow manage i i have inner thought of Bob Kerman in my head "Dr. Pawel listen to do not dock I repeat do not dock!" And i repeat This is not about my life, or Jebs's life; this is about all Kerbalkind! There is a moment... It's sad that we cannot use Xbox controller instead keyboard after all the game was ported into consoles, i i have xbox controller that i use in MFSX PS. What teach i would need to unlock Gemini capsule (i call it Gemini because it's Gemini, forgot the KSP name of it, but i see i can unlock it? but what i would need to have fully functional Gemini spacecraft with Agena docking target?
  11. But how to utilize it if we used that base science earlier, like observation reports and measurements
  12. It would be cool if we have science from long-duration space flight like ISS, like one point for each few kerbal days. But u have a problem with docking large construction on orbit i always mostly relayed on MechJeb for this because of mine manual docking mostly looked like those ones or that one
  13. I mean about policy recently I upgraded my administration building? I have 100 techs not know how to spend it? The planes are cool but those planes mission is way much too time-consuming
  14. I have KSP since 2012, even if i not played for quite time i still love it But I always struggled to make the capsule land where I want it :-( Watch from 28 minutes, in this case, I at least get the surface sample from mountains xD
  15. That's probably what it was all about! The case came to the authorities, but our authorities are slow, doctors have persuaded these parents to give this experimental therapy a chance because if they were waiting for the court decision, it could have tragic consequences :-( The doctors managed to save the nethers of this poor boy. Better than none, but the parents respected the boy's demands They succumbed and the boy seems to have recovered? In total, I understand the boy's rebellion, , To have the nethers or not have the netherss that is the question ːsteammockingː, it's a great thing for a teenage boy ( and for an adult man also) I myself would rather die than lose my balls , or have a broken brain and its cognitive function as a result of surgery, so much so that I would become an idiot. Not that I would like to die, I can not imagine myself living as a eunuch or intelligently reduced so much that I can not do basic activities, but if there was any chance of survival without damage, then I would go for ir :-)
  16. I wonder do I could learn to programme at my age almost 33, I suck at math, as a kid, I would want to learn in Python language, truth to be told I learn more about math playing KSP than in school and I liked physic more than math
  17. And what if is about the kid if is cancer for example? And procedure would result in permanent sterilization or lost of limp, and unproven yet promising experimental treatment is available? and the kid is 16 years old, is what I read. Eventually, parents of this boy agreed after one medical professor and one law professor explained to them that hurling it through court giving the fact how sluggish our Polish Legal system could be could result that may be too late for any treatment at all :-( So the parent relent on that :-) It was not known how it ends:-/ In fact, I’m more interested in how the doctor make their decision to be good for their patient and be later could look at their face on the mirror without shame :-/ One of my friend who is a doctor told me about the procedure called “medical selection” or Triage Triage – Wikipedia, wolna encyklopedia (french word) I told him that from me combing word “medical” and “selection” I rather associate with railroad ramp in Auschwitz Birkenau concentration camp and this man rather than genuine medicine :-(