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  1. And parents do not need to pay anything because all is budget founded. I wonder how doctors would react in such situation, I've always dreamed of becoming a doctor but now I'm too old (I'm almost 33) I wonder how doctors approach a child's lack of consent for a life-saving medical procedure? And those apply also for seniors under geriatrics care, does family should impose their will on such a person? Like cancer procedures? If for example, 16 years old teen boy has some kind of cancer that affects his nethers, and doctor order castration as the best course of action, but it's also new experimental procedure, with good effectiveness, but parents opt for castration Yet boy not agree in my country kid above 16 can legally refuse even parents are legal guardians and have custody right, kids below 16 and above 13 can also refuse but it's only advisory but most doctors listen to their patient wish not their little parents because of this rather than regulations or money :-) The case I described is real I read about it boy refused and doctors are in deadlock (literally) Parents could get family court ruling forcing their will on kid ːsteamsadː But our Polish court is sluggish like heal and boy could appeal to court of appeals and the case could bounce back and forth and time for him would running out for him, and it's maybe too late for both treatment the one that parents want and the one that kid want :-( I read that eventually, his parents stepped down, and they do what they boy wanted :-) Update: And the same goes for seniors do seniors should have the right to decide on themselves even if their mental capabilities maybe deteriorating?
  2. My mom finished technikum (technical high school) and she gets professional qualifications as electrician (electric technician) in 70's communist Poland I was sucked in Math, that why I chose humanities like history and political science (civics) and opted to study library science instead I bought Python programming course on Udemy when it was on discount, on my fellow Asperger friend learned so maybe I could too but I'm too lazy And required match level make my scary I had a whole semester of Mathematical boolean Logic on my Library science 1 st year of BA study, some smartness thought that humanists profession like a librarian would need damn boolean Logic!
  3. What do you think about using calculators in math classes? What do you think about using calculators in math classes? During my mother's time, and most of my school education, students were not allowed to use them Hi, I'm from Poland, my mother who died in 2015, she learned in the so-called (tehnikum) technical school, some kind of specialized high school, that was less material in one matter and more in other technical stuff a bit more college like In my mother's case it was a technical electrotechnical (electrical engineering) technikum, graduates of this type of school was known as technik (technician) for exemple my one of my best friend who had Asperger (i had it too) graduated as "technik informatyk" = IT technician xD So when i was young it was forbidden to use calculators in schools it was allowed about in 2000 when i was in middle school. So my mom once told my story, that teacher who once forbidden to call him professor even it was a custom in Poland to call High School teacher that way, saying that if they could refer him as Mr. Engineer because it title he hold or simple Mr Teacher. And said that they would use paper and pencil and pure math, that they could use, they can use logarithmic sliders, even if it's lame in his opinion, but ministry of education allowed it But if they bring "Imperialistic" portable calculator swank how they are awesome, he would put said calculator in their "rectum" soo deep that it would come with their mouth xD My mom teacher said that they probably wouldn't newer work for in "our Soviet comrade's cosmonautic space programme nor for imperialist American NASA" and they would need calculators. My mother's teacher was before 30, but he liked to beat students talking on his lessons or behaving rudely with his ruler on their neck or palms, only a few students ware girls rest of them was boy (I'm a man too) My mom said that most girls there was in love with him, that he was so handsome and yet so intelligent and commanding xD My mother told me this when I said that I would probably newer found a girlfriend because of I'm Kujon (polish slang word for Nerds) and have Asperger Syndrome (now I'm known that i'm gay even though I do not look like gay :-) I think my mum suspect something xD My mum said that some girls like kujon (nerds) that she considered herself to be intelectualist (nerd) herself :-)That she married my dad because he was Intelligent and funny, the only fault was he's short tamper (dad died in 2002) that now after I was diagnosed as Asperger that dad had it too :-)
  4. I wonder how long would take ISS to do decay it's orbit and burns up if no one would boost it to its proper orbit?
  5. What are you think about that tragedy?
  6. As reject lander I mean discard as the Apollo mission did, just bring new 1st stage and use it again
  7. Thanks I'm 32 years old but I always fascinated about the possibility of manned Mars expeditions Maybe i try to do it in KSP when i got more time
  8. We build one base station with a few modules, enough to give shelter to 6 astronauts/cosmonauts and enough fuel to fly to Mars and return to Earth. We add the Mars lander to the station. We send the crew in several capsules to dock to the station. When everyone is there, we send the whole to Mars. When the station is in Mars orbit, some of the astronauts go to the lander, and land on Mars, do their job, and those who have been in orbit help in the analysis of the data. After some time they start from Mars, dock to the station, but do not reject the lander. They are waiting for a transfer window to Earth, when they are again in orbit around the earth, they land on Earth in capsules in which they arrived at stations. The transfer vehicle itself and the Martian lander could be refurbished and used multiple times, and maybe even capsules too I think the real scientist probably figured it out a long time ago, but that was my thought when I played Surviving Mars
  9. Thanks, for now, I'm not playing I used to play, enough to say I bought KSP long time, long enough to eligible for DLCs I was one of very few KSP users, I can consider my self Orginal 7 of KSP xD
  10. Look what i found my old KSP videos those was days i played KSP for hours and hours I have just thought on my head, why NASA did not retrofit Gemini spacecraft for lunar landing it would be probably a lot cheaper than Apollo. I think I would go play through the career mode and try land on those Gemini like capsule from Making History expansion
  11. Let we say we send the simple unmanned (unkerbaled ) vehicle that we equip only with a docking port and RCS, then we send 2 seats Mk2 Command Pod, to dock with it, and shortly after docking both vehicles start rolling and tumbling like crazy, then commander (Jeb?) chose to undock, and the separated Mk2 pod start tumbling and shake even more than before. You probably knew to what mission I'm referring, right?
  12. Let we say we send the simple unmanned (unkerbaled ;-) ) vehicle that we equip only with a docking port and RCS, then we send 2 seats Mk2 Command Pod, to dock with it, and shortly after docking both vehicles start rolling and tumbling like crazy, then commander (Jeb?) chose to undock, and the separated Mk2 pod start tumbling and shake even more than before. You probably knew to what mission I'm referring, right? xD
  13. Thanks
  14. For me it would be always KSP even trough I not play as much I played a few years ago I still love it Recently I bought two games on Steam sale, games called Redshirt, and Simple Rockets, I was a bit disappointed to me is very much KSP rip-off
  15. In Poland, too, we have the same rules, for example, my previous employer, the Amrest corporation which is a franchisee of KFC, Burger King and PizzaHut in Poland and Europe, which incidentally has its main headquarters in Poland :-) (I personally worked in KFC) We had a rule that even if there was a suspicion that someone has a bacterial or viral disease was sent by the manager or deputy manager, depending on who led the change home. Besides, even our Polish sanitary regulations are very clear. As I told my doctor, she only frowned that my manager was irresponsible, that once I was a disabled worker myself, I have Asperger, that I could be more prone to fatigue and that I have a suspicion of an infectious disease and I work with food. She said it was very irresponsible that the manager goes to work during antibiotics, the doctor joked that workaholism is also a disease entity, She wrote me 3 days off from 31st October to 2 November.
  16. I need sick leave I think I caught a cold or even flu In my country (Poland), we go to our so called first contact doctor (i know it's sounds like a Star Trek ) a Pediatrist if you're kid or Internist if you're adult for prescriptions and medical leave from work, school, university and so on. How to talk to a doctor? I would like a medical leave, I work in gastronomy and more specifically in a confectionery, my head hurts and I have a cold, I'm afraid that it is something virus-like :(, in the morning before work I had 37 C, now I have 36 C for a change, I do not want to infect anyone. My manager blamed me for coming to work with an infectious disease, but she told me to stay, said that instead of going to work today, I should go to my outpatient clinic, to my doctor for medical exemption, but she doubts that the doctor will write me a sick leave, because of a runny nose. She told me that she had recently been sick that she was taking antibiotics, but she came to work despite the fact that she feels weak because she does not imagine that she would not come to work. I wanted to tell her that maybe Maybe she infected me with a disease, so maybe You buy you my eventual prescription from the doctor xD, but I will not tell her of course because she is my boss : I must say that I admire her, she is mild aged but very strong-willed woman that would stand on her post no matter what, I would love to be more even half as organized as she We work in the catering industry, so we have contact with food does not want to have on conscience that someone will infect Tomorrow, there will probably be a lot of customers, there will probably be a lot of dishes for cleaning and tables to be wiped out, because that's what is my competence, taking care of cleanliness? But how should I do it if I still sneeze? Earlier, I worked in the Polish KFC section, where the manager sent the employee home even if someone sneezed slightly. This time I have a whole wet nose, my head hurts, and my manager suspects that I do not want to come to work tomorrow because of laziness, because tomorrow will be a lot of guests because it will be damn Halloween, a feast that fits the Polish like a fist to the nose!
  17. It would be officially released in Poland in October 19. When I first time peeked on trailer, I thought it's some new sci-fi, until i realized that tech is not very much sci-fi Does the movie is good? PS Neil Armstrong is my childhood hero along with Yuri Gagarin even though I like watching Pete Conrad Apollo 12 landing video than Apollo 11, not know why