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  1. It would be officially released in Poland in October 19. When I first time peeked on trailer, I thought it's some new sci-fi, until i realized that tech is not very much sci-fi Does the movie is good? PS Neil Armstrong is my childhood hero along with Yuri Gagarin even though I like watching Pete Conrad Apollo 12 landing video than Apollo 11, not know why
  2. I would like to know how to program the mechjeb to reduce acceleration during the ascent phase, I know that is possible to program it to reduce engine power in accordance too dynamic pressure. When I fly the rocket myself in career mode I usually feel it, and I rarely use mechejb for it because it requires a loot in tech development points
  3. BTW this new update is really great I love to watch my kerbal smile when they're in orbit
  4. Thanks, I works in confectioneries/café near Wroclaw I had really hard to find a job is a manual job, I feel a bit overqualified for it (I would prefer works with a computer or IT department, but stills thank God and nice people from organization for disabled people here in Wroclaw, helped me finding me that job is bit problem if you had Asperger even if mine is mild and net salary of almost 1700 PLN is pretty good too actually, I would hate if they sack me off I have a standard 3-month trial contract, I would like to have a normal 6 or 12-month employment contract after I finish it, if I do not renew my contract, I will be liquided off, but I will be liquided off only for myself that I could not
  5. I do not know, I also have Asperger's Syndrome, my work is largely based on physical work, I wash the dishes and I have to do it at a high pace, meanwhile I need an intellectually challenging job, I'm a bit careless at work, because every now and then I break the glass :-) In the meantime, I often hear one colleague who is quite cultural, he swears he must fill his loveing spreadsheet, meanwhile, I would be happy to replace him ;-) I love to play computer games that require above average intelligence such our beloved Kerbal Space Progrogram: D Is Europa Universalis 4 in which I played yesterday when I could not sleep because my back hurt and I wanted to do something that is an intellectual challenge. I would be happy to help my friend who is the deputy manager, at Excell but I have a goofy reputation I even had this shown on my IQ test when I was a kid, on manual part IQ I sucked while on match I was super cool, xD
  6. Thanks Thanks Usually, when I cannot sleep I play games usually Europa Universalis 4 or our beloved KSP Yesterday I played the first episode of Life is Strange from 6:00 PM to 11:00 PM and sleep like a baby later
  7. Can do someone recommend me a good way to stimulate? I broke the night, I could not sleep and I need to go to work, and I work in a restaurant and we would have a busy day?
  8. What do you think about Life is Strange 2? Just finished 1st Episode I found that Life is Strange 2 is strangely like Stranger Things if you knew what I mean xD I think that game is awesome even though the beginning was a bit boring, I think that game could be even better than the first one The first episode is longer than 1st Episode of original Life is Strange and the Arcadia Bay reference is also cool I'll wait for the 2nd episode I buy it for sure
  9. What kind of president would John Glenn be if he was elected? I'm not an American, but I'm very interested in the history of the space race, I've read a lot about both American astronauts and Soviet cosmonauts, I know that John Glenn after he left NASA got involved in politics, and he was a candidate for the presidency in 80's, but he was not elected, I wonder what would be if he would become President of America? Especially in related in space policy
  10. Does Payload specialists on board of space shuttles were genuine astronauts?
  11. I want to create something that looks like Blue Origin New Shepard rocket
  12. Does Is it true that the Houston mission controllers knew about Columbia Space Shuttle damaged heat shield but did not tell the astronaut about it? Is it true that the Houston mission controllers knew about Columbia Space Shuttle damaged heat shield but did not tell the astronaut about it? And if it's true then why?
  13. what do you think about this gif I found on the internet? I think it's funny
  14. I wonder when we would have official Polish localization?
  15. Jeb is mad that he did not get this test flight
  16. While Neil Armstrong was certainly the greatest and most inspiring human being that lived on earth but why this name changing?