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  1. I'm also curious when you putting out a realistic re-entry. It would be cool. Anyway, Kerbal it's cool;-)
  2. I already have part of the Saturn V, I installed one of the capsules, which were already in Kerbal, but I would like to install the Apollo capsule
  3. During separation decupler destroying stage II engine, why?
  4. The rocket did not fly in the right direction, planning to build a small rocket that on designed like a space shuttle. Everything starts up correctly, the rocket stages, not explode. Everything is according to plan, chief designer, that is my, everything except the direction of flight. That s... did not want to fly straight :-)
  5. I used this mode, several parts from Saturn V I recently bought this game because I thought that it\'s worthwhile, i love games that\'s deal with astronautic I wonder if the next update will add on-board computer, it would be cool. I know that of original parts, you can build a space shuttle, but I do not know how to do this. I built several rockets which managed to enter orbit and deorbit, but I would like to build something that resembles a space shuttle and solid rocket booster One more question i wonder when developer introduce re-entry flames
  6. It is a pity that there is no on-board computer, which would be used to calculate the correct TLI Burn Can someone help me with my rocket, it has stability problems.
  7. I attached my rocket file I have another question, I downloaded a package of parts to the Saturn V, and built it, the only problem is that you do not have the Apollo capsule, the capsule is mounted in its place, which was one of original parts. But I mean something else how to redirect the trajectory of a rocket to the moon, planned to enter the capsule into orbit around the moon and then introduced back to the ground, the second I did in part. The moon had escaped me. Not enough fuel to deorbit and capsule and it\'s crew become satellite ;-)
  8. I bulided rocket but and have problem. First stage have engines from second stage Saturn V and 2 SRBS. Second stage is conventional 3 fuel tanks and engine, and capsule with advenced SAS. I would like to save of my rocket to someone more experienced than me gave me advice I\'m newbie:-)