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  1. There are also pitot tubes that measure wind speed relative to your craft.
  2. Redesigned my lander - same initial mass, but now I can get into a 300kmx300km orbit around kerbin! Hopefully that translates into a 100kmx100km orbit around Eve. Update: I definitely think that returning from Eve (getting to escape velocity) will be impossible. I'm near getting orbital velocity, yet I believe I'm starting to reach KSP's limits physics-wise.
  3. I agree, the people that ultimately are capable of round tripping Eve are going to be those with the really high end computers. In other news, only 250 m/s away from orbit!
  4. I was actually just inspired by your work and I slapped on 12 more SRBs on my first stage. I was surprised to see that it held! Now I just need to work on getting 2800 more liters of fuel onto my lander...(moar boosters?)
  5. Holy...I only have an i7-3610qm with a 680m...i can't imagine what FPS i'd get with that rocket. You must be a master with struts!
  6. We can easily derive that. After t seconds, the mass of the rocket is m(t) = m0 - vt, where v is the volume/mass of fuel ejected after time t. (you can find this with the rocket motor specs) At time t, a(t) = F / m(t), where F is the thrust of the rocket. Plug in values for F, v, and t, and you have your acceleration at time t.
  7. If you want to find your final velocity, simply use the rocket equation: http://ed-thelen.org/rocket-eq.html
  8. 6 billion. http://imgur.com/fP5ME,4E14y If I remember correctly though, my perigee speed was something ridiculous in the range of 20k-30k m/s (perigee was at 13 million km)
  9. HOLY F*** How many parts is that? My Eve rocket is currently just shy of orbital velocity, and it's only ~500 parts. More importantly, how is your ship not falling apart? Mine starts falling apart instantly after 700 parts. In addition, the game lags to about 5 FPS, my altimeter gets messed up, and the direction indicator goes wild. Here's my (new) design - the Columbus III! (the fuel tanks at the bottom serve as a ballast to lower the CG so that the vehicle doesn't tip over) The day they add wind/weather is going to be a very bad day for me.
  10. Kerbin->Duna->Ike->Kerbin, Kerbin->Laythe (have not tried getting back yet, might have enough fuel), Kerbin->Eve
  11. P.S. has anyone done better than 14,502m getting off the surface of Eve? Launching new design in T-20 minutes! Will report back later. Update: 400 m/s of dV off from an orbit.
  12. Anyone can simply edit the persistence file to place a huge rocket on Eve, making the challenge worthless.
  13. The great Kerbal Space Race of 2012! My rocket (in signature) is pretty close as of now. I just need to add an interplanetary stage to it which will HOPEFULLY bring me home to Kerbin. But then again, by laptop is starting to lag with 630 parts, and I expect that I will need to add even more boosters in order to offset the interplanetary stage. Do you only need to get back into orbit, or get back to Kerbin?