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  1. Should be there.
  2. I don't know what causes it now, last time I deleted the settings and open KSP the astrogator window disappeared before I even selected a manoeuvre to make. Setting the file to read only after entering a position of 0, -0 doesn't seem to help, but I don't know how the screen coords work so maybe thats off the screen too.
  3. This is all thats there; MainWindowVisible = False MainWindowPosition = 159405360,-159405344 The numbers aren't always the same. If it helps, I play in 4k resolution.
  4. I've just started trying to use this mod, but the main window of the astrogator so far is only there the first time I go to use it, if I cancel the nodes it goes away and I can't seem to get it back except for deleting and reinstalling the mod. Clicking the icon in-game doesn't seem to do anything. Then once you close the game the astrogator.settings file contains MainWindowVisible = False Changing that to true seems to have no effect as it returns to false again when KSP is reopened. However deleting the file and then restarting sees the return of the astrogator window. EG: I asked it to set nodes to intercept minmus but the second node would have resulted in a collision so I cancelled it, now the astrogator window is still gone and I can't see to make it reappear.