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  1. Before my wife started working in game development, I would have agreed with this post, but the reality is quite different from what you're saying here. Take-Two isn't a non-stop spring of cash and assigning a QA team that's new to a product doesn't ensure that they are going to find every bug. Time is also the most expensive luxury you can have in game development. Once release dates are set, the drive to get something out on-time overrides most other factors. If a release date is missed there are often steep penalties along the entire supply or distribution chain, usually written in to the contract with the publisher. The publisher is going to do everything they can to ensure those release dates are met, so buggy unfinished code is preferable to a cash penalty. Does it suck for players? Of course it does. However, we've all been playing games long enough to know that this is par for the course.
  2. Take your time allista! Your work is awesome and worth waiting for!
  3. Apologies for the false alarm. I saved the game and restarted and it looks like everything is working correctly now.
  4. I'm beating my head against the wall here so I'm hoping someone can help me out. I've got a base landed on Minimus with two logistics modules, a Duna and a Tundra. Both are attached, the Tundra currently has a pilot. I'm not sure if this matters, but the Tundra module was part of a kerbal rescue mission. I saved the kerbal and completed the mission and dragged the module back to my base and attached it. 1.9km away I have an automated drilling platform. It has 2 containers with local and planetary logistics functions on. Attached to that platform is a Duna logistics module without a pilot. The drilling platform is set-up for hydrates and both warehouses are full but neither will push to planetary logistics, nor is the hydrate station visible on local logistics. Am I missing something in the set-up? The docs say that an unpiloted logistics module and warehouse containers can push to Planetary Logistics without a crewed logistics part. Is this still true?
  5. Oh my god, I had the same problem and my station has four cupolas! I was making a beautiful approach, switched to Kerbstation 2 to twitch its orientation and then BAM! Debris everywhere.
  6. There was a bar here in Clear Lake called The Outpost. In the 60's it went from a broken down stump of a shack sitting on the edge of a sweltering Texas fishing town to a broken down stump of a shack stuffed to the brim with iconic men and women who defined a generation with their amazing achievements. The Outpost is gone now, torn down in the name of progress and The Webster Bypass, an elevated road designed to make it easier for the dwindling numbers of NASA employees to commute to work every day. When I was a kid though, it was a magical place, its walls were plastered with maps and charts and pictures of the bravest of the brave. Heroes who challenged the highest frontiers then came back to share a drink and stories with those of us who could only watch it teary-eyed awe. They would saunter in and smile broadly, grab a seat and pour from aged plastic pitchers and start every story with "Son, did I ever tell you about the time we..." And then nothing else in the world mattered. The stories were compelling, amazing, mind-numbing, and occasionally exaggerated for laughs. They weren't all about space as these men had lives on the ground, but steering the conversation back toward "What was it like?" was easy enough. I think this is hitting me extra hard today because it seems like all of the men I met and idolized in those golden days of youthful summers are leaving for their next adventure and I'll never get to hear those stories. When I wasn't in Clear Lake I lived in Melbourne with my mom, a scant few miles from Cape Canaveral or Kennedy depending on when and where you were born, and every time I go back the monumental rockets that lined US-1 are disappearing, being taken down from their static displays in the name of cost savings don't you know. Still, amid all of this, I stay hopeful because that's what the space program represents. Hope. Hope that we'll leave our cradle and venture out to the stars. Hope that we'll be able to solve the problems of poverty and hunger, war and disease, and maybe even despair itself. Hope that one day, our sons and daughters will look down on this world from orbit and remember us fondly, their ancestors who so crudely hobbled to where they effortlessly spend every day.
  7. This would be the stranding the Kerbals in space part? And thanks!
  8. I\'ve got some brave Kerbalnauts stuck in a pretty regular solar orbit and I\'d thought about rescuing them. How do you launch the capsule with fewer than 3 crew?
  9. Howdy fellow Kerbalnauts! I picked up the game yesterday and I stayed up far too late attempting to breach the surly bonds of Kerth and laughing at the fate of my poor, brave, stupid, but brave Kermen. So far I\'ve figured out that you can\'t mount a parachute on top of an RCS fuel tank or SAS module and expect your capsule to stay attached. I also learned that if your first successful rocket in to orbit sort of misses Kerbin orbit and puts you in a pretty nice circular orbit around the sun, you probably don\'t have enough fuel to make enough delta V to come home. You should also refrain from EVA activities when you don\'t know how to use the thruster pack and your ship is spinning wildly because you jettisoned your ASAS and RCS units in an unfortunate space bar mishap. So, in closing Orbit in Peace Shempfry Kermen. :\'(