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  1. This is a pretty stellar mod. Had seen the ribbons around the forums, and thought that was a cute little idea, but incorporating it directly into the game is an awesome addition to really give your different Kerbals merit.
  2. Not to be a hassle, but does anybody happen to have a config file somewhere for download? As someone who didn't start getting into the modding scene until right before 0.23 dropped, I don't happen to have one on hand to just drop back into the RemoteTech2 folder.
  3. Having a problem with my layout settings not saving. Every time I enter the VAB, it automatically defaults to the settings button being at the top and unchecks the autohide box. Minor inconvenience, but still annoying when I don't want to have the catalog always visible. When I don't need it.
  4. The experimental seems to be handling fairly well for still not being a full release yet. Only minor issue I've run into is the 'Mission control is Unknown target' mentioned on the last few pages.
  5. Can't say I've seen the blank selections under probes, but I am definitely noticing that Mission Control comes back as 'Unknown'. On an unrelated note, does anybody ever have a problem with opening the Flight Computer? Sometimes, when I click the button, it just refuses to open. EDIT: It just dawned on me that the Flight Computer probably has a career restriction just the same that Smart ASS does. Does anybody know if it's the same restrictions, or did Cilph change them up a bit?
  6. Getting the same bug as everybody else with the catalog not showing up in Sandbox.
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