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  1. Watching Sunspots from below 8) Look out for the tiny '-' before the height.
  2. Went checking Sunspots from the underside 8) 188km/s @ 63km from the sun and yes i cheated with the fuel, so its unofficial. Strangest thing is im still getting more speed going away from the sun. I smell some bug there. Edit: no bug, its just me 'entering' the sun, looks like the sun has some physical dimensions, just no surface to crash into. 214km/s @ -14000km inside the sun.
  3. anything allowed? then note my 7473 p(enta?) meters. In 1:17 min
  4. ok, is the point to match lightspeed as close as possible or go as fast as i can? If the latter, my record is 100000000000000000 m/s. Thats 3.336×10^8 c ! You can get more if you really want, but there is no real point (cant say exacly depends upon the rounding errors in the gameengine).
  5. die geschwindigkeit variiert im orbit, je nachdem wo du grade bist, die höchste geschwindigkeit hast du am Perigee (am niedrigsten punkt) und bist am langsamsten am Apogee (dem höchsten punkt). Im orbit bist du dann wenn du A) nicht wieder auf dem planten aufschlägst, oder du langsamer als Fluchtgeschwindigkeit (englisch: escape velocity) bist. Ein Orbit muss nicht kreisrund sein. In der praxis ist ein kreisrunder orbit eh nicht machbar, er ist immer ihrgenwie elipsenförmig. Wenn du einmal in einem stabielen orbit bist musst du nix mehr machen um dort zu bleiben. Eigendlich ist ein orbit nur ein unendliches 'fallen', allerdings mit soviel nach vorne gerichteter geschwindigkeit das du den planten nicht triffst ;D Klingt erschreckend, ist aber so!
  6. hmm da war jemand schneller als ich ;D grade nen kleinen roman getippt, aber mein vorposter hat das ihrgenwie besser aufn punkt gebracht.
  7. jepp, its definetly cpu capped, i play at 1280x768 windowed, my gpu doesnt even go out of standby mode, but the core KSP runs on is at 100%.
  8. tryed to launch this baby, but no joy :'( I dont think theres a computer out there that can handle it, my i7 @ 3,7 Gz was unable to get more than 0.2 fps. I think its to much for the game engine to handle, seeing how my thrustgauge and g-meter were acting up funny.
  9. Here come two more totally useless rockets. They both are distant relatives to 'The Brick' The Angelwing Mk1 Build not to do anything.. simply for the show ;P Flys...sort of anyway.. its center of mass is off because of the 3 x 3 block, SAS is the only thing keeping it strait (works quite well here for a change). Next The Angelwing Micro Again nothing build for any real missions, its just the striped down normal version. Can fly strait up an down. Deaktivating SAS is a nogo. Anything else is suizide. Both ships need Sunday Punches parts, Futuretechs fueltanks (just for longer optical fun) and EXCELSIOR engines. DISCLAIMER This ships arent really good for anything and use lots of 'dubious' parts. If thats not your style stay away
  10. Here is one of the most inefficient SSTO Rockets ever. It is really possible to get into something that locks like an orbit, but steering it is very hard. It flys like it locks...well like a brick 8) I present The Brick Uses only Sunday Punchs and stock parts. No moded engines! May sometimes crash into the support tower...
  11. trying? well its performace with stock engines is quite poor but it will get to orbit (if you get the steering right, it flys as it looks)
  12. it you really want warpspeed, there is a way, but be warned this game is no friend of insanly high speeds. Try lowering the mass of your upper stage (your 'warpship') in the cfgs. This way you get insane acceleration out of standart engines and because this breaking up behavior seems to be linked to the thrustvalue in the cfg (and not the actual G-forces) your ship will stay in one (mostly theres still some strange wobbling). This way even FTL is possible.
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