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  1. Yeah, the K's annoy us sometimes. When you've been playing the game for months and months, you'll get over the K syndrome and then it just becomes sickening. Welcome to the Forums.
  2. Something tells me that's the photo I posted. Wait. Nevermind. It can't be. I was very careful to have them in the right seating arrangement. lol. But I did send those three to the Mun once.
  3. It's really confusing... I'm trying to find the "unread topics" thing that allows me to see if anyone has replied to threads on which I commented. For senior members, does the forum have the new layout?
  4. I don't know. I felt like I wanted to start fresh with a new profile anyway. I've done it on youtube before. Sometimes I just get tired of the same profile.
  5. Omega, what you're depicting in the third diagram is completely impossible.
  6. I think it would be a little more convenient if we simply had a megathread for spacecraft sharing. So everyone may now post rockets here. Please try to list the following information: Delta-V of each stage Stage Masses Engine Cut off times Rocket purpose. Here, everyone can share creations and download quickly without scanning through thousands of new updates!
  7. There is still a lot of stuff to add. Like scientific experiments and planting flags. Also, the MMU controls are very -- well -- not ready... I'd say.
  8. Easy. Calculate the rendezvous phase angles and use math to get there. Kosmo-Not has been teaching me all kinds of useful stuff outside of the forums that is really nice to be able to apply to KSP.
  9. I used to be VincentMcConnell on these forums but I just decided to go ahead and register a new name. I got sick of the old one. So hi everyone, from my new, bottle rocketeer account. lol.