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  1. This is a thread where Kerbal players can try to draw Jebediah Kerman performing some space related task using Microsoft Paint or a mac equivalent. The twist is, you must keep your eyes closed the entire time. Do not edit. Post the results for everyone else to laugh at and then try for themselves. I will start: If you have to make any edits at all to help us see what it's supposed to be, use a DIFFERENT COLOR THAN THE BASE to show something you've drawn with your eyes open. Then tell us what it's supposed to be. The results should be amusing. Here's Jebediah trying to build a model rocket:
  2. Granted, but it explosively detonates in your hand. I wish I had infinite money and could spend it whenever I wanted on whatever I wanted.
  3. No it's a government hoax to make us forget that they faked the moon landings. inb4 people think I'm serious.
  4. Hm... I don't know..... according to Star Wars, there's asteroids EVERYWHERE in a belt.
  5. Granted... It's laced with cyanide. I wish I could have a free trip to the moon and return after landing with absolutely no chance for failure and a nominal flight ensuing.
  6. 10/10 yeah I remember you. Was wondering where you went after you quit KSP for a while!
  7. I don't know what you consider a demigod. The user below me takes careful effort in making sure he never kills a Kerbal.
  8. Stop... You're making me miss the old stock parts! They looked so much nicer.
  9. That's because it is. Downloading ANY of his mirrors will result in the "Easylife Virus" being installed on your computer. If you accidentally downloaded the shady mirrors, it's not hard to delete the easylife virus, but the point is, just don't touch this guy's uploads. If he was trying to honestly share previous versions with us, he would have used drop box or mediafire. You can tell just by his hosting site that it's suspicious and should not be trusted.
  10. Hi. Could you host your downloads from a place that DOESN'T put bulkware, crap, spam and malware on your computer? Thanks. This thread should be locked or deleted. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THOSE FILES.
  11. Looks more like a red pikachu raising his right arm.
  12. Because anyone could say anything. If you can truly make a mun landing, answer yes and post a screen shot. That's not too hard.
  13. I have a suspicious feeling that the OP is just trolling...
  14. How many people here can land on the Mun successfully AND return to Kerbin in one piece with a living Kerbal? If you can't, don't be shy and lie. There is nothing wrong with learning!
  15. You should have seen it before all these noobs came. The average IQ of the community was about 10 points higher lol
  16. Falcon 9 cannot get a small lander to the Moon, though. Falcon 9 is a purely Earth Orbital craft.
  17. Someone referred readers to this thread so I hope this won't be considered a necro. Sounds pretty technical... "tidally locked? [x]" lolol
  18. http://www.twitch.tv/vincentmcconnell Gonna do a Mun Mission probably. I'm trying this out for pretty much the first time right now... --EDITED-- LIVE STREAM OVER. IT WAS LAGGING TOO MUCH. PLEASE LOCK THEAD.
  19. How do you know from experience that Duna's atmo starts at 17 kilometers when it doesn't?
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