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  1. The Destroyer

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Tested out kerbal parachutes. They're pretty fun, but they don't seem to deploy over water which is interesting.
  2. The Destroyer

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nah. But @DeltaVerb better git here
  3. The Destroyer

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    @Nerfclasher Well, now I'm more late! You better show up!
  4. The Destroyer

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nope @Nerfclasher, I'm late!
  5. The Destroyer

    [1.6] Astrogator v0.9.0

    I haven't played KSP in quite a long time, but this mod sounds fantastic. Easy to use and works (mostly) well it seems!
  6. The Destroyer

    Cannot see images

    I finally found the issue.... Microsoft security essentials? (win7). Apparently, with it on, it blocks imgur albums, but ONLY on this forum. Reddit, paradox, well, anything that isn't this forum it doesn't block. I wonder why. ...Or maybe not. Now they just work, even with it on.
  7. The Destroyer

    Cannot see images

    So... I've found a sort of work around- refresh the page so the album comes up blank, quickly pick it with the ublock element picker, and follow the link. And yes, I have tried with ublock off.
  8. The Destroyer

    [Less than optimal] Forum software

    Add to that that I cannot seem to view forum albums, and when I was submitting my SSTOs (which got on feb TOTM!) every time I added an image I had to exit the editor and start again in order to add new images.
  9. The Destroyer

    Cannot see images

    I can see the image you posted Vanamonde, and I can see my example picture - the picture is just pointing out the lack of well, an album, in This thread. For instance, I can see single images in on the AVP thread, but not the actual screenshot album. It appears to want to load a blank album, like in my OP image, but then it disappears, leaving nothing: (hang on just a moment, the insert image from URL button isn't working. I never have any luck with this editor) Here: I cannot right click it and open in new tab as there IS nothing to open in a new tab. Edit: checked on Ipad with Safari- same thing.
  10. The Destroyer

    Cannot see images

    So, I can see imgur albums (Like in this thread), but it seems whatever forum feature for albums or something doesn't appear. Tried in Internet Explorer, (not edge), Firefox, Chrome, all doesn't work. I believe it hasn't worked since the forum got its new snazzy look (I still dislike it but oh well) Example:
  11. The Destroyer

    KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    Yeah, I remember them saying something about not selling out. Not sure if that included just EA/those kinds of questions or a blanket term, though. I mean, all the dev team basically left so there's no-one to keep the promise I guess. Hopefully someone can find a source...
  12. The Destroyer

    When did you "get it" with KSP?

    I felt like I got it once I stopped using mechjeb in .17 and remembered how it did things, to make me a better pilot. Now I've done grand tours, and never touched MJ (but love KER) since .17
  13. The Destroyer

    Why don't you use [certain] mods?

    I don't use cheats because there's no fun in that. I try to stay away from overpowered mods and stick to realism. KSPI is pushing the boundry, it just makes things so much easier... I haven't used Mechjeb since 0.17 (it broke with the update, didn't transfer my ship to Duna correctly). Flying the ship is 1/3rd the game for me- I learned from mechjeb and now I'm a fine pilot. (though I have considered re-using it for laggy launches or just repetitive-ness)
  14. The Destroyer

    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Sudden destroyer! @munlander1 pls