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  1. Yep, that was the cause. Didn't realize that.
  2. When I did that setup as well, I found the same thing. What I had to do was set the "deploy" direction of the other prop to inverted, then it worked properly. As far as I can tell, prop direction, clockwise/counter model, authority limiter, all doesn't matter. Only if its deployed, and if its inverted.
  3. Yeah, but it should. If having them deployed and changing the limiter actually changed how much lift it generated based on the pitch, then I would have a proper collective. Other users report it to work this way (including fourfa just above it seems), but something seems broke with mine.
  4. I've been able to make them work, but "authority limiter" seems to do nothing. If the blade is deployed, it will produce lift in one direction. If it is inverted, it will produce it in another. Set it to -150 or 150 though, no change in actual lift.
  5. Is anyone else having issues with the helicopter blades? In order to make them lift I have to use them "inverted", which visually looks wrong, I've tried rotating it many times in VAB but haven't had any success. The "authority limiter" which should be a brilliant way to manage collective, via changing the angle of the blade, *visually* does something but has absolutely zero effect on the actual thrust. I am using mods, but I don't believe any would have this sort of effect. Have also been having some issues with bi or quadcopters, often one side apparently picks up lift before the other, flipping the vessel quickly over, despite being mirror'd.
  6. It doesn't seem to like SSTU, it says something about the LH2 Boiloff system, I think somethings conflicting. Noticed no performance impact, except when I opened the log to find a bunch of nullrefs mentioning it. I don't have a full log for you yet, but I'll post it when I do.
  7. Something seems wrong with costs of missions, maybe an issue with SSTU or something? In another instance, the "Zeta 1" costs 93k funds to launch, but KSTS claims a mere 53k. I believe its because the base cost of SSTUs procedural tanks is 0 funds.
  8. Hmm. I'm worried I screwed something up with installation - or is there a reason there's no data on the solar panels in the VAB/SPH? No "extra info", unable to right click the part icon in the list, so I have no idea how much electricity it produces. I take it it's some kind of special custom solar panel code, because Kerbalism doesn't recognize it either. The cluster NERV is also invisible (mount is fine), as is the radial tank. Maybe because of restock?
  9. Is there any way to manually do it now, or do I just have to wait a few weeks for it (or un-install strategia?)
  10. Hmm, interesting. I do have the game set to 24 hr days, but in-flight it's 6 hours - caused quite the panic when my returning Mun mission had 6 instead of 24hrs of oxygen left...
  11. Is there a way to use the Earth 24 hr clock instead of Kerbin 6 hr clock for LS calculations? I'm so used to the 24-hour clock in planning missions, 6 hr is annoying to switch over to for memorization.
  12. Oh hey that's a little blast from the past. I know I had some issues with trying to share my vessels with others, several more mods were required that I didn't think were, and there was an issue with one of the craft (all worked beautifully for me), that a user couldn't get working. I don't have my modpack at the time to re-test my vessels, so I don't know about the x200. How'd you find it anyway? Figured with the issues the crafts had the post would be lost to time.
  13. Technically it was yesterday, but I got my Eve 1 kerbal, sea level to orbit prototype working, and it weighs a mere 15 tons!