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  1. Hello everyone. For the past month I've been working with some other RO content creators to create a RSS/RO Community edition of the classic Build, Fly, Dream. I'm now opening up submissions to anyone who plays RSS/RO and/or RP1 and wants to submit a short clip! Details here:
  2. I'm having an issue with the "Maintain vel" setting on the stationary camera - all it seems to do is make the flyby go backwards, instead of starting at the initial velocity of the craft (assuming that's what it's supposed to do)
  3. Oh yes, these new pathing camera tools sound very exciting! Thank you HatBat and DocNappers.
  4. Hi. My favorite tool in CameraTools has been the pathing tool - but one disadvantage is that by default, it's pretty jerky between path nodes by default. Which is why I always set the "interpolation rate" to minimum so that I could get an almost smooth path. That slider seems to be missing here though. The new modes look promising, but I wasn't able to get as smooth motion as I could with minimum interpolation rate before.
  5. Thank you, that's what I try for! I'm glad you liked the flyby montage though. I wanted to make a relatively "boring" (no landing, no orbiting) flight profile interesting! EP21 is out! More rover launches, crew sent to Venus, and we finally visit Saturn.
  6. I sent a rover towards mercury, crew towards Venus, and orbited Saturn in the latest Terminal Velocity! https://youtu.be/M5yPqeH1fYE
  7. Landed on Vesta and began using nuclear propulsion!
  8. I put far, far too many aerobees on one rocket.
  9. I put rovers on several Moons, including Ganymede!
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