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  1. Finished up my latest launch vehicle chart!
  2. RO is a community project, and if you make good configs with a bit of real-life data to back it up, I'm sure it'll get approved.
  3. Are you going to try to get them merged into Realism Overhaul itself when they're done?
  4. They're Snap-10As from Near future electrical. You probably need the latest RP-1 to get the configs for them. Also, there will indeed be more! Not for awhile though, maybe several months.
  5. After several months of planning, building, and editing, I present my best work yet (and longest!) - a mission to Mars.
  6. I finally finished my best and longest video yet, a mission to Mars in 1960 as part of my career!
  7. After several months of planning, building, and editing, I present my best work yet (and longest!) - a mission to Mars.
  8. I sent another rover to land on Mercury, and I have something big upcoming for the finale of Season 1!
  9. Hydrolox stages don't have to be balloon - Centaur might be a balloon, but Saturn stages like S-II and S-IVB weren't. Balloon tanks are pressurized, but not the kind of pressure to feed an engine. Yes, they were supposed to be pressure fed engines. (I'm not familiar with ROs configs so I don't know what the name of pressure-fed tank is) I also noticed your RP-1 configs being cost * 1.2. The first and second stage are about 1.6 million funds each by default, so 3.9 million funds for Sea dragon engines in RP1 - since each fund in RP1 is 1,000 US 1965 dollars, that would put the cos
  10. Nice! I should note though that you set the tank type to "Balloon" which is not a high pressure tank for the pressure-fed engines.
  11. A grand tour would be pretty fun. I've already planned landers to every planet in the system for my Terminal Velocity series, all at once would be... something. My CPU is an i5-4460, so hardly a small supercomputer!
  12. I had plans for this for awhile, but seeing Carnasa start doing it motivated me to continue! Our plans are a bit different though: Carnasa will send a full 3,000t Sat V to Saturns orbit and maybe flyby moons,, while I use its propellant tanks in order to land on two of the Moons. EDIT to your edit: - The FPS when launching was terrible, 1 fps, maybe less. It's sped up a *lot*. - Random probe, probably an ion engine testbed I was working on.
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