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  1. Neat library! Blast from the past suddenly getting a notification about an 8 year old story, damn.
  2. So I decided to see how well KSPI would peform in the enviroment of RSS/RO, warp drive results were a little... strange. Each time I arrived at a planet, I would get a near perfect orbit, instead of the expected large velocity difference from warping in-between planets. I went Earth>Pluto>Neptune>Mercury, all good orbits Is it due to the sheer size of RSS confusing things, or am I mis-remembering how the drive works? EDIT: Nevermind, was told about auto-circularize, that wasn't a thing before. Interesting.
  3. I like building large rockets. I took it to its natural conclusion...
  4. Well, I haven't been playing KSP much recently, so I made a blueprint instead. (RSS/RO/RP1)
  5. I'm surprised this mod hasn't received more attention - it's awesome! Thank you.
  6. KSP version: 1.8 Windows 64 bit What happens: Context menu "steals" info from other parts Mods / Addons: all stock Steps to replicate 1) Wiggle your mouse around the engine menu (or any menu with context details) 2) Right click part, view result. Result: Context menu is filled with a bunch from other parts Fixes/workarounds: Exit vab and re-enter Imgur album:
  7. It also depends on aerodynamics as well as TWR - a skinny lander can punch through the atmosphere and accelerate out quickly better than a fat rocket can. See here as well.
  8. First attempt at a KSP cinematic. In game lag was quite annoying, but sped up it looks alright.
  9. Wrote this up on reddit, and while its quite long I hope it's useful for anyone interested in RSS/RO.
  10. Yep, that was the cause. Didn't realize that.
  11. When I did that setup as well, I found the same thing. What I had to do was set the "deploy" direction of the other prop to inverted, then it worked properly. As far as I can tell, prop direction, clockwise/counter model, authority limiter, all doesn't matter. Only if its deployed, and if its inverted.
  12. Yeah, but it should. If having them deployed and changing the limiter actually changed how much lift it generated based on the pitch, then I would have a proper collective. Other users report it to work this way (including fourfa just above it seems), but something seems broke with mine.
  13. I've been able to make them work, but "authority limiter" seems to do nothing. If the blade is deployed, it will produce lift in one direction. If it is inverted, it will produce it in another. Set it to -150 or 150 though, no change in actual lift.