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  1. I put far, far too many aerobees on one rocket.
  2. I put rovers on several Moons, including Ganymede!
  3. I returned to my main RSS/RO/RP1 series, went to Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury!
  4. I recreated NASAs Dragonfly and ULAs SMART reuse system today...
  5. My latest video is something a bit different - a recreation of a real life mission! Check it out.
  6. It's here! My Recreation of NASAs Dragonfly mission, and ULAs SMART recovery system! Check it out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b_abyxgnJUk
  7. I finished editing EP17 of my series - not quite a true episode, more like a bonus to the season finale, as well as a preview of Season 2!
  8. Finished up my latest launch vehicle chart!
  9. RO is a community project, and if you make good configs with a bit of real-life data to back it up, I'm sure it'll get approved.
  10. Are you going to try to get them merged into Realism Overhaul itself when they're done?
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