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  1. I can agree with you on that - this project started well before the war, it's a shame what's going on right now. Glad you enjoyed the series! Heh, finally someone recognized it. Haven't actually seen the show, just always been a fan of how SBY looks.
  2. The Christmas tree does make a little easter egg appearance in the video I wanted something more serious and unique to be the surprise than the existing tree though. This video took months to make - TRAPPIST-1 will come, but not for awhile. Possibly even in KSP2, or next year.
  3. Thanks for the mention, it's an honor
  4. After months of work, the biggest mission I've ever built and longest cinematic I've ever made is here - a Crewed mission to Pluto!
  5. After months of planning, filming, and editing, it's finally here - Project Andoria! Embark on the largest cinematic video I've ever made.
  6. A new kind of video - mix between documentary and cinematic!
  7. Decided to try out a new kind of format, bit of a documentary / cinematic mix, I hope you enjoy.
  8. You do a trans-munar injection burn like usual (except it's early) but don't quite reach the Mun. You make a full orbit around, decouple the transfer stage, and complete the rest of the burn to the moon at periapsis.
  9. Darn. Canada is so close, yet just far enough from this offer. Exciting prize though, best of luck to the winner! EDIT: Hang on, the bolded part on this forum post only mentions the USA, but the KSP website includes Canada. Interesting! Could someone clarify this? The bolded part says USA only, then Eligibility includes Canada. So can Canada participate or not? One last thing: Challenge mentions no music you don't personally own - so, no music from KSP itself?
  10. Ooh, very cool! Nice to see RSS visuals getting some love again.
  11. Ahh. Sounds tricky - I hope that goes well for you in the future though! Just having a recall button sounds practical enough, but just to be clear what I'm seeking is the old Camera tools behavior: Set a zoom, do a flyby, leave the flyby, and it stays at the zoom level it was set until you change it - no having to manually recall the zoom level each time you re-enter the camera.
  12. Hey there, how's it going? Really enjoying the mod. I went back to old CameraTools for a bit (for the working maintain velocity camera, and remembering zoom), but missed the new features of this one. I was wondering if you might be able to do a release that remembers the zoom last entered? Typically I'll set up a stationary camera shot with a specific zoom, test it out, then film it after - bit annoying to constantly reset the zoom to what I had. Thanks for the continued development.
  13. Something very different, and very big. Merry Christmas to all!
  14. Bit different from my usual rocketry scale - mass optimized mission to the Moon in RSS/RO!
  15. Nowadays its super simple! You can install all of RSS/RO/RP1 in virtually one click through CKAN, with the express install. Check out the installation guide: https://github.com/KSP-RO/RP-0/wiki/RO-&-RP-1-Installation-for-1.10.1
  16. Thank you for the mention! Glad everyone enjoyed it.
  17. Has it really been over a month since the last episode? wow. EP23 is here - time for several more rover launches, and touring the Jupiter system!
  18. I'm not usually a fan of stock parts in RSS, but wow. This mission was incredible! Very nice editing/camera work to make watching it enjoyable as well.
  19. Hmm, that design definitely looks familiar! Having rear-facing thruster pods instead of forward-facing ones makes all the difference though. Glad it's still working quite well in its reverse engineered variant.
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