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  1. Sorry I\'ve been gone so long, health challenges and such took precedence. I thought you guys would like to see the Kerbal Cup Trophy that is going out today to Lassi in Finland! (yes, I was too cheap to pay $15 for a plaque to go on the $5 trophy. Budget cuts and all that, ya know! )
  2. Very nice! The next Kerbal Cup will be after 0.9 is released, and will require the satellite be in Geosynchronous orbit.
  3. oh neat! I just had a friend from Finland visiting me here in Florida. He works in telecommunications.
  4. it's a bit late, so I'll make a featured news post in the morning. Herra, anything you'd like to add for posterity?
  5. After careful consideration of the supplied evidence, and validating that the submitted craft was of legitimate construction and able to achieve altitudes in excess of 150,000m, maneuver at said altitudes, and successfully deploy a satellite at said altitudes, the voyage ending with the safe return of the crew; and said entry resulting in an orbit of the satellite closest to the parameters set forth, the prize committee is pleased to award EDIT: Herra Tohtori the first Kerbal Cup! Congratulations! (Please PM me with your postal address, and I'll go pick up the $2 plastic trophy tomorrow!) (sorry about the name mix-up!)
  6. SEVEN HOURS remain in the Kerbal Cup Challenge! Will YOU be the one to claim Kearth's top prize in astronautics? A breathless world awaits!!! (oh wait, that's just Bill, Bob and Jeb after life support ran out. Never mind.) :-[ :-* ???
  7. Gentlemen, your achievements have been astounding. I have no doubt that this contest will come down to the wire, with multiple qualifying entries by the deadline three days from now. I'm going to start the permanent Kerbal Cup Challenge category today on KNN to document your efforts. All Youtube videos will link back to the original author's page. A proud Kerbal nation salutes you! :hailprobe:
  8. Johno, the deadline is August 3 8:01pm EDT (or, August 4, 00:01 UDT) You have plenty of time! Yeah, the orbital paramenters seem to be a little tight. I think we will just declare the closest person the winner for this round, and have the second Kerbal Cup challenge after 0.9 comes out. With the new parts and staging methods, it should be a lot easier.
  9. Yes, it needs to be free-floating in order to do its job.
  10. But winglets have drag. Of course, if you mean winglets on the SRBs, that's different, as they're getting jettisoned with them.
  11. I put SAS on the SRBs so I don't haul them past the time I need them.
  12. I'm thankful that Memebase finally just split all the brony stuff off onto its own page.
  13. Are you willing to wait two months for it to get there? ;D
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