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  1. Yup that's the guy I was speaking of. Hey johnsonwax any chance you could do the same for Lack Lusters dishes or just give me a basic line of code and I could adjust the distances my self to keep it easier on you?
  2. There was a couple of guys that did do the update for it check a few of the last pages on AIES thread and if its not there PM me and Ill send you mine.
  3. Wow!!!!! Very nice I had given up hope for this mod.
  4. Although B-9 is my favorite mod it does cause my game to crash but I feel that's because I make huge SSTOs that I wouldn't attempt normally. So on .22 I have quite a few mods and have had no crashes but no B-9
  5. There was a mod in development towards the end of .20 that was getting close but Squad changed the way they add planets in .21 that from what I understood shut down that dream. But Squad is planning on adding both in the future.
  6. Somebody informed me today that this is using Surfer 11 if that's true will there be a way of exporting the files to it so I can mess around with them in there. Im sure if so you havnt thought about it as its a very expensive program and there wont be a high demand for it.
  7. Ok so I downloaded the cargo bay mod updated it to .22 (pretty proud of myself for doing it since I havnt done any type of coding since 3rd grade and Im 32) got it working great. My question is how would I go about making the cargo bays to be able to open and close using the action groups in the space plane hanger like the bays for B-9. Do I need to edit the part or is that plugin based would I need firesplitter to do that. And Id like to add this is just for my own use to help me build without the bay doors getting in the way.
  8. So forgive me if it has being asked before but will this help balance a vtol aircraft if the vertical lift engines are not balanced right? Well Ill download and try it anyway.
  9. No you don't have to at all. It just enhances your options on what to build with.
  10. We know you don't use mechjeb regex lol.
  11. I love the new one. The custom window editor is great as well as the auto docking. It just takes all the tediousness out of it but also teaches you how to do it. Id give it another shot if I were you.