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  1. i just checked and now i got it thank's squad, peeps who have issues i suggest to comment on this post
  2. i've done that loads, i keep restarting it now and again but it does not even say i own it.
  3. i also sent support an Email but no reply.
  4. i got the game in late 2012 and only got a steam key given to me in june 2013 (anyone remember there were not enough so you'd have to wait months to get one?) i've restared steam 10+ times, cleared the cashe and checked on your site, nowhere it says i own the DLC not in steam or your site , if a mod would like to help please PM me as i cannot give out my Email.
  5. i got the game on the store in 2012 but i only got a steam key in may 2013 will i get a key for the DLC in the store page or another way? Or will it be before april 2013 steam only? my question is will i and many others in the same situation get a key or will we have to buy it?