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  1. "is ready", "releasing it next Tuesday"... well that's an oddly-worded way of saying "it'll be ready next Tuesday"! C u next tuesday so. Now that all the original talent have left and/or been terminated, it looks like Squad is reverting firmly back to their old Marketing Company™ roots.
  2. I see the problem, you probably saw the minimum requirement of 3GB RAM and thought your 4GB machine should be more than good enough. Unfortunately, you didn't take into account the nature of integrated GPUs like the Intel HD 6000. VRAM means video RAM, basically just memory reserved for graphics/video operations. When you have a discrete GPU like the one that slots into a desktop machine, or the ones found in higher-end MacBook Pros, they use dedicated VRAM on separate GDDR memory chips on/near the GPU board/chip itself, faster than and separate to the main RAM. When you have something like the Intel HD graphics 6000 1536MB, the 1536MB part refers to the 1.5GB of your main RAM that it's using as VRAM. So your 4GB of RAM, minus the 1.5GB that the Intel iGPU uses as video memory, equals 2.5GB, which leaves you 0.5GB under the minimum requirement. Considering that the OS itself also needs memory, you probably have less than 2GB left to play with, and that's probably the source of your crashing. As is the trade-off with such thin/light machines, MacBook Airs have everything and it's uncle soldered to the motherboard, so there's no way to change the CPU or RAM (shoulda went with the 8GB one). The game only needs 512MB of VRAM, so your best bet would be getting the iGPU to allocate less RAM as VRAM, but as far as I know there's no supported, official way to change this (though there may be unofficial ways to do it): Integrated GPUs use shared memory (from RAM) Discrete GPUs use dedicated memory
  3. I'd also like to see some basic KSP mods on the consoles, but getting the game in a playable state is probably a bigger priority. I've a feeling that the challenges surrounding mods on console have a lot more to do with "but then how would we sell DLC" than the "totes insurmountable security and technical challenges" that are often hinted at by the console manufacturers. They've peddled the same kind of lie about console-to-console cross-platform play several times until Psyonix (developer of Rocket League), proved that it was load of hogwash that had more to do with business/marketing policies than anything technical (the bean counters believe it would hurt sales if people could play with friends on other platforms... #4thesharholders). Not that unlikely as there is precedent for it, Bethesda already got permission from both companies to allow mods for Fallout 4 available on both consoles, so it's clearly not impossible. In typical Sony fashion, they were simply too inept to get it working (probably also why KSP for PS4 STILL isn't out in Europe over a month after the launch date), but it's been available to XBone players for a while now. Even if mods only worked on the console that supports it, that's no reason not to go for it. It'd be good for everyone including Sony, as the embarrassment of their competitors having features they don't, will help motivate them to stop letting down their customers.
  4. I don't own an XB1 so I can't comment on what options it has or hasn't, I just made the post so players have some options rather than none. While the restrictions on the remapping apps might be annoying, it's ultimately up the game developer to give players decent control layouts and options. Both MS and Sony have rich APIs to allow that and nobody stopped Flying Tiger from using them, so maybe ask them why they didn't.
  5. Why would it have to include other games, you know you can quickly toggle the custom mapping on/off in the quick menu, right? See the picture below if not. About the "R2 issue", I'm not sure what it is as I don't have the console version yet, but I'd bet it's to do with deadzones and input-handling. I've had occasional trigger input problems on the odd PS4 game, it seems to be related to the deadzones being a bit too small for the slight variations in build quality of the controllers. Taking the controller apart and re-seating the triggers worked for me, but your mileage may vary and setting the deadzone or allowing it to be user-configurable is ultimately up to the developer.
  6. Gotten used to? It just came out last week and isn't even out yet for half the world! I think the oddball control scheme and total lack of control options are a major drawback too and is why I'm holding off buying it, but I'm just trying to give people some options instead of none. Input is one of the most important aspects of a game and not being able to comfortably control it ruins the experience. Lacking the ability to even invert the look is just downright sloppy, especially given that they had plenty of time to waste on the hilariously pointless six-axis accelerometer gimmick. I just hope someone up the ladder realises that the complaints about the controls are not like the usual unwarranted noise and fix it before the reputation on consoles sticks. All they had to do was leave the existing bindings editor alone and adapt it to the console APIs, BOOM everyone is happy! Doing that might not be a cakewalk but it certainly isn't... rocket science (that gag will never get old).
  7. RAM is not going to be the weak link. As radonek advised, check the size of your KSP directory on disk and it's RAM usage will be less than that. Even with 75 mods it's probably not even near 8GB, let alone 16. I wouldn't bother upgrading the RAM, 16GB is huge and you'd be very unlikely to see any benefit from upgrading.
  8. Yeah man, pin away. Anything to help my fellow console peasants!
  9. Hi all, As a longtime KSP fan who was very disappointed with KSP's dodgy control scheme and lack of configurability on consoles, there's no doubt that Squad/Flying Tiger must know how fans feel about the control scheme by now, so I'll try to add something more constructive here. So as it turns out both consoles do allow some buttons to be remapped, and while it may not be a huge help with many of KSP's context-sensitive controls, it might still come in handy for some. PS4 - Dual Shock 4 (scroll down to Button Assignments) This tool is fairly basic and doesn't allow inverting axes, duplicate mappings to the same button/function, anything with the touchpad, or any other options besides basic "like-for-like" input swapping. Xbox One Standard Controller Xbox One Elite Controller This one seems a little better than the PS4 equivalent, but seems have a few artificial restrictions in place that mean you have to have the pricey Elite controller to get the most out of it.
  10. I know how to do it, but I'm not gonna drop $40 that Sony reserves the "right" to steal at any time, by banning the account and refusing to refund it's purchases (that's their SOP to those who use secondary accounts to avoid their regional shenanigans). Even so, I'm not exactly in a hurry to play it anymore given the "picked out of a hat at random" control scheme.
  11. I'd hope for that too if it weren't for the lack of acknowldgement from Squad regarding the quality of the console version's controls, along with no official word that there are any plans to fix them. As you said it won't make up for the failed release, but that little discount I mentioned would go a long way in showing that they care about it at all.
  12. Nah, some platforms can get it right. Steam and Xbox seem to be handling KSP's simultaneous worldwide releases just fine. That line of thinking can be used to justify literally anything. "Microtransactions are standard operating practice. Get used to it..." "Garbage PC ports are standard operating practice. Get used to it..." Logic that can justify everything, can justify nothing.
  13. False dichotomy. The options aren't between awful controls or no game at all. Having a configurable control layout is also an option. There's also a huge difference between "not perfect", "the controls are terrible with no way to change them". The former is nearly impossible to achieve, the latter is fairly straightforward. What are you, a bad argument generator? Wanting to be treated equally to others has nothing to do with entitlement, it's the exact opposite of entitlement, genius. And there's the old "you can't criticize anything you don't have a PhD in" non-argument. Sorry but you've never written a line of code in your life, afraid you can't have an opinion on anything to do with software development.
  14. Excuse the bluntness but you are wrong. It's easier to build off existing code than to wipe everything clean and start again. Part of the reason to use an game engine (like Unity) at all, is to abstract away the differences between the platforms, making it easier to port code/features cross-platform. Rebuilding a new system that is worse than the old, makes no sense when the old system can just be re-used and applied to the new platform.
  15. After looking forward to the PS4 version for literally years, I can't believe how disappointing and utterly botched the release seems to be. 1: I'm in the EU, my American friends are playing the game since yesterday. Why can't I play it too? When can I play it? I have my suspicions about what happened and know it may be out of both Squad's and Flying Tiger's hands, but if that's the case, you need to throw Sony under the bus and state that explicitly. Staying hush-hush about who's responsible for marginalizing an entire continent as second-class citizens isn't good PR, it's the kind of behaviour that people expect from companies like EA. Some things are out of your control, simply telling the fan-base what happened is not one of those things. I think a small discount to European PS4 customers (when it eventually does release here) is in order, as a show of good faith. 2: Where are all the control options? Everyone knew the control scheme needed special attention if the game was to work on consoles. It's easy to understand that designing such a complex control scheme on a limited input device is hard to get right, but with this in mind, it's also glaringly obvious that the only control scheme that can work for everyone is a user-configurable one. That means custom bindings and some decent options for tweaking the controls. Fortunately this is already there and only needs adapting to different platforms, unfortunately neither Squad nor Flying Tiger want to go with the obvious no-brainer that works for everyone. The game doesn't even allow inverting the vertical camera control for god's sake! How does anyone work in the games industry and not know that some people are "invertees" who will never be able to comfortably enjoy a game that doesn't allow this incredibly basic feature? Rather than leave it there and adapt it to the console's input APIs, Flying Tiger instead opted to remove it from the existing code entirely, while wasting everyone's time with pointless gimmicks like the accelerometer controlled mouse cursor. "I wish I could control this cursor by tilting a gamepad" - said nobody ever. And did nobody at Flying Tiger get the memo that both the Xbox One and PS4 allow full keyboard/mouse support? Sure, the game must work with a controller to be on consoles, but why does that mean they had to go and remove the already existing/supported KB/M input? The platforms support it, the bindings are already designed and chosen, why remove the only thing that gives players an alternative to the clumsy gamepad layout? None of these control issues are a "console thing" as plenty of "PCMR" types would love to paint this as... this is squarely a KSP thing. Several console games support custom button bindings, several of them support keyboard and mouse, several of those are on built on the same Unity engine, all of them support inverted camera controls. There's no real excuse here, the companies involved simply didn't care enough about the game to do the most basic, important part of it any justice. 3: When can console players expect to be able to enjoy this game with reasonable controls? Are they forever doomed to be stuck with the biggest turkey of a control scheme ever, while nobody at Squad or Flying Tiger will even talk about it (ironically for fear of bad PR)? Is there any plans to do what was obviously the right move from the beginning (just leave the existing controls the hell alone and add to them to properly support controllers)? Myself and a few friends really want to play this on PS4, but can't justify throwing money down the toilet until we can be guaranteed that we can actually control the damn thing comfortably. C'mon guys, these are amateur-hour, rookie mistakes anyone could see coming a mile away. Making those mistakes is bad enough, but don't be that company who sneers at what the fanbase wants, never even acknowledging any controversy.