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  1. Thanks for the astounding amounts of info guys! I will test out a lot of it myself, and try to get a better grasp at what it exactly takes. So far after the initial post, I've managed to put a C-Class asteroid into orbit around Kerbin, using a vessel with around 10.000 delta-v, in the form of 2 Nuclear engines. I did forget about using the atmosphere as aerobreaking, and I've not put it in a highly inclined (polar) orbit, and I need to bring it down into an equatorial orbit, which will take a few more missions (my current spacecraft can put 500+ delta-v into the 130+ ton heavy rock). I am using stage-recovery mod too, so the missions are not thaaat expensive in the end, but I probably still loose a bit more cash than what I'll actually gain from it. Oh well, I am paid with a learning experience. Launching one bigger mission is probably a better way, than having to launch 4 medium sized ones. (Even had to do a salvage mission, to add parachutes to the first mission, and de-orbit it, to gain the value back of the nuclear engines. Ion engines is probably not something I'm gonna play around with, as my patience isn't thaaat big. Nuclear only just makes the cut
  2. 14.67% is the highest I've found too. Did a few orbital surveys of the moon, and just landed a rover on the "hottest" spot, which was the twin-crater for me.
  3. Hey guys, so I am looking for some tips on how to efficiently rendezvous with asteroids in interplanetary space, as I've heard that it would be more fuel efficient in the end, when dealing with bigger asteroids (starting of with C-Class and then going bigger). I want it to be fuel efficient too, as I am planning on mining them in my career mode. Rendezvous with them, when they are in Kerbin's sphere of influence, I've got pretty much nailed down, as all that need is some "basic" rendezvous. I did do a few quick searches, but they didn't help me out much, so sorry if there if there is a topic with it (link then maybe?) All tips help, as it is always good to refresh some old knowledge too (been playing it for almost 4 years I think)
  4. Yup, the picture confirms my thought. The decoupler will always stick to the stage, that the arrow is pointing away from. If you want it to release both stages, then you need the Separators
  5. Sounds like you need a Stack Seperator, not a Stack Decoupler. Decouplers will always stick to one of the stages, appointed by the arrow on it
  6. I've noticed a bug. I sent a probe into a solar orbit, but had a stage that would still fall down to kerbin (it was still in kerbin orbit). I followed it and it was traveling around 3000 m/s when it hit the 25 km height, but it still burned up (yes I had heatshielding), and the report said that it was travelling at 8850 m/s when it hit the atmosphere.. I guess it took the relative velocity of my active vessel or something, but this was quite annoying, as it would've survived otherwise, not wasting 30k+ funds :/
  7. Thanks for the idea. Will go try that right now! - - - Updated - - - Hahahaha, thanks a lot man! It actually fixed it rather smoothly! Glad I avoided the whole "editing the craft files"! Cheers!
  8. Found out that quicksaving after the deployment was not possible. Hmm, so this is probably what I will try to do. I just had a look in the files, and there is nothing "very obvious" about what need to be changed, so it will probably take some time to find and fix.
  9. Is your rocket propelled by leprechauns and space-farts in your fantasy?
  10. Very nice visualization of it! It just needs a bit more "fast" runs, but that'll hopefully come! Or else I have to hop on the train again!
  11. Ahh cool thx. Will take a look at that! And it actually is 3 wheels. One of them is just shy and hidden!
  12. So, here is another entry actually! The first one was kinda a combination of a small aircraft while doing it as fast as possible. This time I focused more on efficiency. It is still a mere 3.1 ton, but have a few changes. Larger wings that are also angled a bit up, and another intake that I drained of fuel (to minimize the weight, but could be even less after seeing the amount I used. So I landed in about 13:16 (The 1 m/s speed is because I landed up a hill, and forgot to put on the brakes and it rolled backwards. I was confused and did it 10 seconds later. But more importantly the final fuel consumption ended up with 67,66. By strategy was: Slower accent to 22.000 +- meters, at around 1/3 thrust to minimize the huge amount of fuel needed for ascent. Flying at a pretty stable height of 21.500 - 23.000 meters, with a speed of around 1340 m/s +-. That combined kept the fuel efficiency at around 0.06 to 0.09 units per second! And at last I cut the thrust quite a bit before landing to save fuel descending through the atmosphere again! PS. What do you guys use to share the craft files? Anything easy?
  13. Thanks, glad it counted haha! I fiddled a bit around with "disabling" steering on the wheels to find out what worked best, but couldn't figure out how to make only the back-wheels brake. Also, just did a run with a different plane today. Used around 84 fuel units, but will try a few more times to improve it
  14. I didn't wanna quicksave right after, as I wouldn't be able to go back before. But I can of course just try making a custom quick save. Will try that. And the last thing yeah, that is what I thought too, and I have no idea either, what exactly to do :/ Hmm, a shame really :/