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  1. Sure, the continents marked are more country sized but that's relative to the Earth. Relative to Kerbin, these continents are quite large and take up a bit of land and some of the continents might be political boundaries rather than geographical boundaries.
  2. What if they all just sat in the same room and refused to do anything? BERTY couldn't pull a trick to kill them because then there would be no Kerbals to conduct the mission. Unless Rozer remains trapped in his room and he gets out and does everything on his own with BERTY...
  3. I call dibs on the theory there hasn't been any orders from KSC since at least Eve, just check ups and mission status reports etc.
  4. In relation to his post about only having 11 threads, I just went on your profile and searched for the word "started" using ctrl + F and counted all the times it came up saying you started a thread. You've started 22. Stop. please. Accept defeat
  5. Ignoring all previous posts and probable answers because I'm far too lazy to read them all, I just tell MechJeb to do a burn then go off and do something else while it burns for however long it takes and MechJeb is accurate to 0.1m/s with maneuver nodes so I don't have to worry about burning to much
  6. I use Razer's game booster, it can boost your FPS noticeably but I also have a fan that clips to my desk that I point at my laptop's CPU when I have a game on considering my CPU gets to 80 Celsius on a good day
  7. I aren't creative enough to honour Bob in any way except a song RIP 'n' stuff
  8. Maybe he lost interest in piloting and would rather watch other pilots experience rapid unscheduled disassembly
  9. Haven't read many of the posts because 23 pages but I've flown 2 ships so far with the new ASAS and it has been the first time I've fully piloted a craft without Mechjeb since 0.17 and the new ASAS works beautifully, it held my ships in place and stayed where I told it too I haven't had a single problem with it and I haven't done a manual launch in months
  10. The same thing we do every update, Pinky... Try to take over the world
  11. The town I live in (also wont say the name) is the only place 3 miles from the place that William Wordsworth got married in
  12. Neptune or Uranus. The 2 ignored planets in the Solar system. Never forget <3
  13. Our moon... why? Look out of your window at night. The biggest thing in our sky, so many miles away. But we've been there. Us plucky little humans took it upon ourselves to build the most powerful machine known to mankind and put people up there. We are still there there are objects humans have touched and made, sat on the surface of the Moon because we dared to push the bar as high as possible. The Moon is the peak of human ingenuity and curiosity and no matter how many times I look, I will always get the chills knowing people have been there.
  14. My science knowledge is limited so I'll just leave my message as simple as possible Spacey Wacey Radiation can mess you up, that's why NASA is starting to have second thoughts on a manned mission to Mars
  15. Permission to use the Laythe picture as my desktop background?
  16. Looks cool, might get it once it's a bit more stable, I'm lazy when it comes to re-installing mods ;P Post above though, that perspective makes Bop look like a pebble or something XD
  17. What can destroy a galaxy I wonder?
  18. Considering most if not all of those folk are in the KSP Media Team, I'd think that'd be a good qualification
  19. It seems an ISS module has sneaked itself into the pack
  20. Nothing I'm disappointed for, not fussed about resources. Excited for the KSC overhaul though
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