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  1. Shame it isn't for Near Future Exploration - I'm trying to build a Sentinel satellite, and it is being a real pain to get pretty when all my favorite probe cores are too small!
  2. So I'm trying to build a space station using some of the NFT hex-truss parts, but the awkwardness of trying to launch it into space with the trusses attached means that I want to send it up in stages - the current module I'm working on, then have a shipment of truss parts shipped in. Problem is, NFT's hex trusses have different states to them (ie, you press a button to switch modes when in the editor to allow it to contain fuel, electricity, etc, with a corresponding model change) and I have no idea whatsoever if KIS is okay with that. I've tried to do a model change on the runway as a test, just to see if things might work the way I'd expect, and the attachments all work fine, but I don't have a clue how to set the object to another appearance or anything like that. Taking them from the inventory shows every object state overlain at once, so some really wacky looking models, but placing it down just gets you the default solid ones, with no tanks inside. Anyone got any info? I want to get this station part up, but it ain't going to be easy if I can't break it down a little EDIT: Seems I've figured it out. If you drag the part directly from the left bar into the inventory, you'll get the regular, solid version. But if you drag the part to the editor pane, attach it to the ship, set the part type you want (in my case, support) and then drag that to the inventory, you can load the modified version of the parts into the inventory. When you take them out to attach during the flight (or in my case, when testing on the runway) you'll have all the appearances there at once as with the solid one, but when you actually attach it you'll get the one you selected. Dunno how well this works in the long term, though.
  3. Quick question, but does anyone know a pretty looking way to attach the parts with this to the trusses from Near Future Construction? I'm having a bit of trouble getting a good scale going - I'm using a radial outrigger, slapping two small truss pieces on the side of that, then the 2.5m square-to-circle converter to that, then the 2.5m to the hex truss adaptor. It looks kinda odd to say the least
  4. Got a problem here - the buildings don't appear for placement on the Kerbal Konstructs manager, nor do the ones from the Tundra's Space Center mod. I can place and manipulate all the base game materials fine, but the moment I try to use another mod to try and get some extra buildings it just doesn't work. Even made my own group like it mentions on the Spacedock page, but that didn't do anything either. EDIT: Correction, works now. Seems something was fibbing somewhere about my Kerbal Konstruct installation being up-to-date. Deleted it and reinstalled from the Github and everything now works fine.
  5. Just wondering to make sure this is working correctly and that something hasn't gone terribly wrong with my install, but, uh, what does this do, exactly? I've gathered that it is meant to expand KSC, but how?
  6. Just curious, but why is OPT "Main" listed under the supported mods? I thought that was folded into this one? Should I download that too if I want the full OPT experience, or is all the content inside it already present in here? In any case, I've been at work designing my own space plane, pretty much the first I've ever built other than a regular, jet-powered stock airliner type deal. I'm way, way better at building rockets than I am building shuttles or planes or anything like that, but it seems I'm onto something here as this thing can fly surprisingly well. I think I just need better wings, but I can't find anything that fits in OPT so I might have to just try and throw something together and hope for the best. I do have some weird issue where it keeps spawning half underground, though. I've had to set up the launch clamps to stop the wheels from being under the runway.
  7. So, uh, this just happened: [ This wasn't here yesterday, so it's pretty clear it is something that happened today which massively narrows things down. Quick list of what I've done: 1. I read through the most recent pages of the thread for Feline Utility Rovers, found out the mod was working on the latest version and installed it. That came with a .dll for the gamedata folder, no idea what it does. 2. Then I did the same with OPT Legacy and Reconfig, installing the two at the same time. 3. Then I installed [x] Science Continued's latest version through CKAN. 4. Then I did the same with KSP Interstellar Extended. It came with a ton of dependencies (including TweakScale, though I already had that in) and I replaced all the existing versions with the ones from there, which was probably a bad idea in hindsight as it prevents me from being able to do a proper roll back to the last, safe and working form of the game = uh oh, spaghettio if I can't sort this out. 5. Loaded the game, got the error above. Exited the game thinking it might've been TweakScale giving a false positive, so... 6. ...I downloaded the latest version of TweakScale, deleted the old one, reloaded the game and got the error again. Checked the KSP.log file, and it is jampacked full of things like this: [LOG 09:59:48.833] [TweakScale] WARNING: **FATAL** Found a showstopper problem on rcsblock-orbital-3way-1 (RX-15T Tridirectional RCS Block). [LOG 09:59:48.833] [TweakScale] ERROR: **FATAL** Part rcsblock-orbital-3way-1 (RX-15T Tridirectional RCS Block) has a fatal problem due having duplicated properties - see issue [#34]( ). [LOG 09:59:48.833] [TweakScale] WARNING: **FATAL** Found a showstopper problem on rcsblock-orbital-4way-1 (RX-45 Advanced RCS Block). [LOG 09:59:48.833] [TweakScale] ERROR: **FATAL** Part rcsblock-orbital-4way-1 (RX-45 Advanced RCS Block) has a fatal problem due having duplicated properties - see issue [#34]( ). [LOG 09:59:48.833] [TweakScale] WARNING: **FATAL** Found a showstopper problem on rcsblock-orbital-5way-1 (RX-55 Advanced RCS Block). [LOG 09:59:48.833] [TweakScale] ERROR: **FATAL** Part rcsblock-orbital-5way-1 (RX-55 Advanced RCS Block) has a fatal problem due having duplicated properties - see issue [#34]( ). My log file counts in at a "hefty" 6.32MB, so too big for pastebin, so I can't upload it there - any suggestions would be welcome - but any help at all is warmly, warmly welcomed. For now I'm going to work backwards through that list, starting with KSP:IE and seeing if removing those mods (I *might* have an archive of KSP:IE from the past before this happened, not sure,) solves the problem, but if it doesn't then I have absolutely no idea where to go next. So yeah, SOS. EDIT: Alright, progress. Tore out KSP:IE and the game refused to load, getting stuck on another mod that depended on the community resource pack. Put that part back in and the game loaded fine - nine small errors that remove tweakscale from certain parts, but nothing fatal. Game is functional. I'm gonna go through the KSP:IE folders one by one, see if I can't find what seems to be triggering it. EDITx2: Problem is in the "PhotonSail" folder. EDITx3: Scratch that - problem is in UnKerballedStart. Photonsails are fine
  8. I've got this bug as well, with Bob on Minmus, but here's the kicker: name = KerbalEVA isEnabled = True JetpackDeployed = False lampOn = False isHelmetEnabled = True isNeckRingEnabled = False lastBoundStep = 1.71533203 _flags = 1 useGlobalPhysicMaterial = True stagingEnabled = True state = Idle (Grounded) It says he has a helmet enabled in the save file
  9. This doesn't seem to work for me anymore on the latest version of KSP. I can move items from one inventory to another (so a ship that I made on an earlier version works fine), but I can't seem to move items into an inventory from within the VAB or SPH editors. Dragging from the sidebar shows the icon and that works fine, but when I drop it over the slot, nothing happens. Tried it on other designs, same thing. Quick edit: Also tested with crates and pilot seats - nothing. EDITx2: It says "Carriable items cannot be stored in seat's inventory," to be more precise. EDITx3: Double checked CKAN and found out my version was actually out of date. I've updated KIS and now it works fine.
  10. Dusted off my account after years, just for this one post I don't suppose you'd mind giving some info on how you did that, maybe even the ship file? I'm trying to build a VTOL of my own after some...accidents...with a helicopter, but I'm not entirely sure where to start, and I can't tell what engines those are either.
  11. Rozer has been my favorite character throughout this entire thing. Though I do occasionally pronounce his name as Razer when I am tired.
  12. I really, really want the UKSR to land on the moon, even if it's after the Kermericans. In my personal opinion, while they weren't the first to the Moon in reality, they still won the space race by sheer number of firsts. First satellite, first living thing, first man, first object to impact the moon... Looking forward to your next update.
  13. Personally, I'm fond of AIES Aerospace, since it gives a lot of good probe parts that let you recreate things like the Ranger and Luna probes. Good for the unmanned side of the space program.
  14. Back when I played CN a long time ago, I was part of the New Pacific Order. Then Armageddon came. As a memorial to my many comrades disintegrated in digital nuclear hellfire, I use the NPO flag on other worlds. I'll probably kerbalify it eventually, but till then, there you go.
  15. I can land on the moon, sure. In one piece, though? That's out of my league When I tried landing I forgot completely about horizontal velocity. Amazingly, my crew in their cabin survived, along with some bits of the craft. Things like the communications block and a few batteries. I like to think that they jury rigged a radio and sent a distress message back home