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  1. A couple of months back I installed a series of beautification mods. Annoyingly, I forgot what cloud mod I used and scoured the forums trying to find it again. Anyone have any ideas?
  2. I'm not sure if this is a bug or if I've installed it wrong but for some reason I'm not getting any smoke plumes. The engine exhaust is there (and looks great) but the smoke is non existent. The engine is not the root part and I get smokescreen smoke if I remove realplume from gamedata. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks I played around with using a docking port hidden in the craft as a bomb sight with lead indicator but getting to it in flight was a pain.
  4. Kestrel Medium Bomber Time to start taking down some ground targets. Designed to drop supplies on distance outposts, the Kestrel was an ideal candidate for long range bombing missions. Equip with a huge amount of fuel, a searchlight mounted inside the bomb bay and a devastating bomb load; The craft take seek, locate and destroy targets anywhere on Kerbin. As well as an internal bomb capacity of twelve 500lb, the lower wing can also hold several hellfire missiles and two 20mm cannons. Although lacking the high speed performance of a turbo jet engines, the Wheesleys provide an unmatched fuel ef
  5. I THINK this is the right place to post it, if not sorry :/ Can I request a name change from Wolfblood to Kam? I made this profile three years ago and have since changed my nickname.
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