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  1. it's not gonna do anything to the original...because you'll still able to play it...
  2. lol OP wrecked himself. Next time check yourself.
  3. Try running KSP in borderless window mode. I have three monitors and this works perfectly for me. 1) create a shortcut of the KSP.exe, not the launcher 2) right click the shortcut and go to "properties" 3) in the "target" field there should already be some text, just add a space and then add "-popupwindow" without the quotes, then apply the changes and close the properties window. 4) run KSP using this new shortcut. It should open in borderless window. Alternatively, if you have to run KSP with the launcher, there is an option in the launcher settings to run KSP in borderless window mode.
  4. I would assume that the planets won't change too much in terms of makeup. I think we're getting a graphical overhaul, but that's about it. However, I have no idea if the same will apply to extrakerbolar systems. Since interstellar travel is going to be a thing, it's entirely possible that the devs will choose to keep the planets we're already familiar with the same but make the new ones more realistic in size.
  5. Something I haven't seen much info on: does KSP2 come packaged with all the content that's in both DLCs for KSP1? Because I've become accustomed to having certain parts from both and it would be a "2 steps forward, 1 step back" kind of scenario if KSP2 didn't come with everything KSP1 has to offer plus new stuff exclusive to KSP2. As of right now, I'm operating under the assumption that KSP2 is the entirety of KSP1 with all the fancy new colonization, interstellar stuff, and maybe a graphical and mechanical overhaul added in.
  6. Holy...crap.. Guys... I'm. ALL. IN. Seriously. YES.
  7. I think it would be helpful to have have a gravity assist indicator similar to the maneuver mode planner. My problem with gravity assists is that because I'm a visual learner, if I can't SEE them, I don't KNOW that i'm using them. Obviously over the years, I've learned that if I do X thing, Y happens and as such I can apply that to gravity assists, but it would still be nice to just KNOW that I'm using them.
  8. This is why for pretty much all the reasons you've listed, I have two KSP directories. One is modded and on the last stable version that supports said mods and one is vanilla so I can see all the new stock goodies. This method solves most of your problems, however it doesn't solve the issues of having to build your own game from time to time.
  9. In the long ago days, parts used to be ordered from smallest to largest. Somewhere along the way since then, that has seemingly been abandoned for a "toy box" style of order--meaning there is no order. I would greatly appreciate going back to the old system of small to large.
  10. It's a Firefly class cargo ship favored by smugglers for it's immense ability to hide contraband behind its many access panels. Oh...wait...I don't know what that is...hmmm
  11. this would be great for offworld bases. Probably won't happen anytime soon (if at all) in stock, but perhaps in a mod?
  12. oh...oh no... I believe you can go into a config file somewhere and just literally delete them from existence (i think asteroids are handled in a similar manner as crafts), but someone smarter than me will have to tell you how to do that. In the meantime, turn off/terminate ALL yesterday lol. You gotta stop spawning in new objects. You could also try to stop tracking each object manually, but that would take...lots of time...
  13. This is probably the most badass phrase I've ever heard on here.
  14. If you want uninterrupted communication with Kerbin for unmanned flights, you'll need at least 3 relay satellites in orbit of Minmus to maintain a line no matter where you are on the planet. If you want acceptable communication with Kerbin, you'll only need 2 relay satellites in orbit. You will experience some downtime, but it will be minimal. You don't need comm sats in Kerbin orbit, because Kerbin has many ground stations on its surface that will bounce the signal to the KSC for you. Kerbin basically comes with a free comm network as a default. Geosynchronous orbit is the preferred method because it makes maintaining a comm network easier, but it's not necessary. And If I remember right (and I might not), I'm not sure that Minmus geosync orbit is even possible because the altitude required is outside the sphere of influence (a game limitation). Or maybe that's the moon?...I forget which...