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  1. is there an updated ETA for release or we still just in "sometime 2022"
  2. I mean, everyone and their mother already knows that of course there's gonna be another Elder Scrolls so I don't really think that counts as an "announcement." That's basically like saying Nintendo is working on the next Mario game...
  3. Honestly I like the Bethesda approach: Don't even announce the game until it's only a few months from release. Keeps the hype from reaching critical levels and always resulting in a disappointing experience. Having Fallout 4 get announced and released in the same year was an amazing breath of fresh air. We don't need to talk about Fallout 76, though. That's hot hot garbage.
  4. I've only had it happen to me twice and I've been playing for years and years. Congrats. Welcome to Club Castle.
  5. That's the aforementioned "player investment" I referenced in my original post.
  6. The good news is that it's mostly because of the COVID-19 difficulties and not because of bad development practices. So we can at least take comfort in that.
  7. You can build fully reusable rockets currently in KSP, it's just a matter of player investment, so I would say the same functionality will be present in KSP2 since nothing is being removed.
  8. All of the current planets will remain. KSP2 isn't removing anything, just adding to it.
  9. Idk about you, but I'm way more accurate with a mouse than I am with my shaky shaky hands in VR when it comes to ultra fine tune placement.
  10. If I remember right, G2A has a bunch of stolen keys for multiple games. I wouldn't buy anything from them.
  11. All hail the unholy Wackjob, creator of nightmares, destroyer of CPUs, for his return was foretold and his return has come to pass. Fear not! For those who embrace the darkness, salvation awaits.
  12. The best snack is a recently eaten one. The worst snack is a recently eaten one.
  13. It could be released any time between April 1, 2020, and March 31, 2021. Given the fact that that's the window we're working with here, I would say the "best case scenario" isn't in play. In my experience, things are usually delayed to the date as far out as they can be when no specific window is given. So...I'm not saying March 31, 2021...but be prepared for March 31, 2021...
  14. No. You will not get KSP 2 free, nor should you. It's not an update, it's the next game in the franchise. /thread
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