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  1. Greenfire32

    More realistic KSC

    It's not that I don't support this idea, it's just that I think the end goal could be better achieved with stock cities and city lights rather than more NPCs and building interactivity at the KSC. The crux of your argument is essentially, "KSP needs to feel more alive," and I agree with that. However, that said, I would also rather they focus on getting the game running more smoothly first, because frankly, there are bugs that just shouldn't be there anymore.
  2. Greenfire32

    Kerbin circumference vs how far my plane traveled

    It's probably because KSP is a spaceflight simulation game and, as such, is using your starting point in space rather than your starting point on Kerbin. Since you're traveling east, the planet is rotating with you. Since you're moving pretty slow compared to the planet's rotation, you are still out-pacing it, but it's also making up some of that ground you've covered. The result is that you've traveled more distance than you think, because the planet is spinning with you. It's similar to taking 4 steps forward and 1 step back. Still a net positive gain on distance, but not at 100%. The opposite would be true too. If you were to travel west and have the planet rotate underneath you, you would travel the entire circumference in less distance than the circumference is (think Kessler run in 12 parsecs). This is all because KSP is tracking your movement in space and not your movement on the surface. Change the starting reference, and you'll probably get different numbers.
  3. Greenfire32

    Water launching area

    Are there dedicated water-parts in stock? If not, I see no reason why KSC needs a harbor. Watercraft in a spaceflight simulation game are extras by the community that, while fun to see and share, are not actually part of the game. That would be like if the Gundam phase hadn't died out a couple years back and someone suggests that there needs to be a Gundam launching pad. It's cool...but it's also not an actual part of the game. Now if Squad adds actual support for watercraft, then and only then do they also need to add an avenue from which to pursue that kind of gameplay. But until that day? Nah.
  4. Greenfire32

    What should I name my rocket?

    First mission to Eve? Robotic? I feel that "Adam" is appropriate here.
  5. Greenfire32

    RPG-like Kerbal Progression

    I share a similar sentiment. I've posted this before, but I'll post it here again: "My dream KSP game is somewhat of a mix between what we have now and Civ V playstyle where you can create different "units" to do the mundane stuff for you. Just imagine starting a KSP game as it is now and doing all these things yourself, and then unlocking the ability to tell other "Kerbal Krews" to continue doing the mining or the refining or the science on a particular planetary base so that you (the player) can remain at the forefront of discovery..."
  6. Greenfire32

    What is your most facepalm-worthy moment regarding KSP?

    Back in the early days I was pretty well known for realizing I have no solar panels after reaching orbit. *sigh* *revert to assembly*
  7. Greenfire32

    Backpacks for Kerbals!

    I am a firm believer that KIS/KAS should be stock, so I'm gonna say we should just go that route if we're going to start suggesting backpacks for Kerbals.
  8. Adding another rock to visit isn't going to solve the problem of "there's nothing to do on all these rocks." Adding more planets is a temporary band-aid to the issue and doesn't actually solve anything. If we want more substance in KSP, we need to start asking for more substance. More planets is not more substance. As it is currently, KSP is a mile wide and an inch deep. Adding more planets just makes it 2 miles wide.
  9. Greenfire32

    Where Is Multiplayer?

    You can divide up tasks. One player can send out communication satellites while the other person sends rovers. You can cooperate tasks. One player bad at landers? One player bad at interplantary stages? Build to your strengths, dock and go together. You can have "international" space stations where multiple players come together to dock and refuel. You can do your own thing and periodically check in on other players. There's lots of things you can do in multiplayer. KSP is a sandbox game and that doesn't change once you add multiple players. We already have to "make our own fun," I don't see how multiplayer negates that.
  10. Greenfire32

    How to prevent collisions?

    ^ This. 10chars
  11. Greenfire32

    What did you do in KSP today?

    You mean today Jebadiah took an extended vacation on Eve with little to no hope of returning back to "work."
  12. Greenfire32

    Like button not working

    It only works if you SMASH THAT LIKE BUTTON! or if you PUNCH THE LIKE BUTTON IN THE FACE...LIIIIKE A BOOOSSS! If you just click it, it doesn't think you're being serious. ---- Try clearing your cache and see if that helps. I was having some issues with the forum the other day as well though, so it could be on their end as well.
  13. This is the dream, man. This is the dream.
  14. A lot of mods add their own witty sayings. That said, you should still be getting the stock Squad sayings. Of course, I haven't played 1.4 yet, so it's entirely possible that that was taken out altogether without me knowing about it.
  15. Greenfire32

    Docking - I just don't get it

    That sounds like a bug to me. Docking ports shouldn't be behaving like that.