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  1. based on the speed indicator, I'd say you found a bug.
  2. I think Matt Lowne just did a video on realistic shuttles in KSP not too long ago. It might not be strictly speaking a "tutorial," but his videos usually have some kind of break down on the crafts in them. You could probably get a good idea of what to do just by watching that.
  3. Sure, Unity is partly responsible for KSP's performance limits, but it is not the cause for KSP's performance woes. When KSP was originally built, it was done so by one guy in his spare time who didn't really know what he was doing at the time. This meant there would be optimizations that would be missed, bugs that wouldn't be fixed, and all around just bad code. Despite all that, KSP proved to be still good enough for people to fall in love with it. As KSP grew and more people got involved, rather than try to scratch what they had and start again, they tried patching bad code with slightly less bad code. Then KSP grew to the point where it was no longer feasible to start over. Too many players, too much time invested. KSP was effectively coded into a corner. It was never going to get better performance-wise. Too much duct tape and bandages to start over. None of that is the fault of the game engine. That's all on the development of the game. (Note that I'm not bashing the devs, I'm just saying that in the beginning KSP was built by inexperienced developers). Now with KSP2, not only are we starting fresh from the ground up, but we also have an official Dev team who knows what pitfalls to avoid and how to optimize straight out the gate. Given this, KSP2 should be miles better than KSP1 despite running on the same engine. So I guess if you want to boycott KSP2 because it'll still be on Unity, that's your choice, but honestly I think you're throwing away a perfectly good successor for terrible reasons. You do you, bro.
  4. Major deal breakers for me include microtransactions (which they said aren't going to be in KSP2) and an always-online requirement. Everything else is basically a case-by-case issue that would be handled at its time. But those two things are hard pass for me.
  5. There's no conspiracy. It's literally just a sequel game releasing a decade after the original. I'm a veteran player who gets all DLC for KSP1 for free. The gravy train has to stop some time.
  6. As of right now, I'm unsure. If I'm right and KSP2 is basically just KSP1+all the new stuff, then I likely won't continue playing KSP1, because functionally I'll already have both in one game. But if I'm wrong and KSP2 is a totally different game with different mechanics and what not, then I'll likely play both for their respective experiences.
  7. I'd like a "Virtual Reality Simulations" building where I can test fly my crafts ON the planets/in space so that I don't have to waste my time building and then flying to Laythe only to find out that my plane is garbage in the different gravity/atmosphere density. You could even tie it into science progression. Can't simulate Laythe characteristics if you don't know what they are. Send a probe with all the science devices to Laythe, collect the data, transmit back to KSC and BAM! Now we know how high the atmosphere is, what the gravity is like and more. Laythe is now able to be simulated.
  8. Funnily enough, the entirety of human history can be boiled down to who can throw rocks the farthest.
  9. it's not gonna do anything to the original...because you'll still able to play it...
  10. lol OP wrecked himself. Next time check yourself.
  11. Try running KSP in borderless window mode. I have three monitors and this works perfectly for me. 1) create a shortcut of the KSP.exe, not the launcher 2) right click the shortcut and go to "properties" 3) in the "target" field there should already be some text, just add a space and then add "-popupwindow" without the quotes, then apply the changes and close the properties window. 4) run KSP using this new shortcut. It should open in borderless window. Alternatively, if you have to run KSP with the launcher, there is an option in the launcher settings to run KSP in borderless window mode.
  12. I would assume that the planets won't change too much in terms of makeup. I think we're getting a graphical overhaul, but that's about it. However, I have no idea if the same will apply to extrakerbolar systems. Since interstellar travel is going to be a thing, it's entirely possible that the devs will choose to keep the planets we're already familiar with the same but make the new ones more realistic in size.