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  1. Greenfire32

    KSP vs Simple Rockets ?

    If I remember correctly, KSP started out as exactly this. So it's funny that KSP starts as this kind of game, evolves into what we know today, and then inspires someone else to make a game based on KSP that is essentially KSP version 0.000001.
  2. Greenfire32

    Starting in KSP :D

    You don't need to know it, but it will help. However, KSP is very good at making physics intuitive so even if you don't get it now, you will in time.
  3. Greenfire32

    Ending 32-Bit Support with Update 1.5

    I remember when 32-bit was all we had and then 64-bit was introduced, but it was unstable and not recommended. How times change.
  4. Greenfire32

    Kerbin time or Earth time ?

    it takes some getting used to, but Kerbin time. I like my days to start with a sunrise and end with a sunset.
  5. Greenfire32

    Did you try the demo first or buy the game?

    Needs a third option for "I've been playing KSP for so long there was no demo."
  6. I honestly can't tell if this is supposed to be a joke or not. I have excrementsty internet with excrementsty limits and I'm charged by how much data I use ($.20/gb) so I know how "more internet usage=higher internet bill," but we're not talking about his internet bill, we're talking about how he's supposedly re-purchased the same game every time an update comes out. That's like buying a new car every time you need to fill the gas tank up. It makes zero sense and is completely unnecessary. Updating KSP doesn't cost anything. It IS free. You buy the game and updates are free. This is not a discussion on internet data usage, this is a discussion on how you don't need to continue re-buying the game over and again.
  7. If you bought from Steam: 1: Play the game, it'll update. Steam KSP supports automatic updates. If you bought from KSP Store: 1: Log in to the store (you should have an account if you bought from KSP store). 2: Click "my account" 3: Click "download" 4: Choose your version. The KSP launcher doesn't really support patches and updates even though it says it does, so if you bought KSP through the original store, you have to redownload the entire game in order to update. You don't have to repurchase it though, that would be madness.
  8. You don't have to buy every version of the game...once you make the initial purchase, updates are free...
  9. I'm gonna skip right over the "how" and just ask "why?"
  10. oh neat. I had no idea.
  11. No practical use and tethered space-walks are far safer because you don't risk drifting off into the black (or worse, into the blue...). That said, it would be cool if they could miniaturize the MMU and add it to the spacesuit as kind of a "oh crap, your tether snapped and you're drifting away! Use a rescue burst!" kind of thing.
  12. Greenfire32


    In the future, use a more aggressive angle for your ascent. You don't need an orbit of 200km at the Mun. At lot of that fuel spent gaining altitude would be better spent raising velocity. More sideways, less up and down. As for what you can do right now: if you can, reload the save. You should be on the surface before liftoff. If you can't reload the save, get out and push. You probably wont have enough time to get a nice orbit, but if you can get Pe above 12km, you'll survive (I believe anything lower and you risk striking one of the Mun's more prominent mountains). So get them to 12km on Pe and then send a rescue crew to pick them up. Don't leave your capsule behind unless there's absolutely nothing you can do to get it to a safe altitude. You'll need it to refuel your EVA packs.
  13. Greenfire32

    excrements got real!

    KSP is getting closer and closer to what it was always originally intended to be. I suggest in the future you either look into mods like mechjeb or start saving your KSP versions so you can play whatever version you want.
  14. Greenfire32

    More realistic KSC

    It's not that I don't support this idea, it's just that I think the end goal could be better achieved with stock cities and city lights rather than more NPCs and building interactivity at the KSC. The crux of your argument is essentially, "KSP needs to feel more alive," and I agree with that. However, that said, I would also rather they focus on getting the game running more smoothly first, because frankly, there are bugs that just shouldn't be there anymore.
  15. Greenfire32

    Kerbin circumference vs how far my plane traveled

    It's probably because KSP is a spaceflight simulation game and, as such, is using your starting point in space rather than your starting point on Kerbin. Since you're traveling east, the planet is rotating with you. Since you're moving pretty slow compared to the planet's rotation, you are still out-pacing it, but it's also making up some of that ground you've covered. The result is that you've traveled more distance than you think, because the planet is spinning with you. It's similar to taking 4 steps forward and 1 step back. Still a net positive gain on distance, but not at 100%. The opposite would be true too. If you were to travel west and have the planet rotate underneath you, you would travel the entire circumference in less distance than the circumference is (think Kessler run in 12 parsecs). This is all because KSP is tracking your movement in space and not your movement on the surface. Change the starting reference, and you'll probably get different numbers.