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  1. ...all the more reason to make existing planets more interesting versus adding more desolate wasteland planets. The absolute BEST case scenario for having a new planet is "I've been there," but the absolute BEST case for a planet that actually HAS something worth exploring is "I've seen the waterfalls of laythe, the geysers Eeloo; I've seen the darkest caverns of Moho and the wide canyons of Duna." The point is this: simply adding another rock to plant a flag on will result in just that. A rock with a flag on it. But if we take the rocks we already have and make them hold secrets ready to be discovered, you make the game exponentially more meaningful. I mean, and I'm being serious here, with all this talk of "a new gas giant," what are you going to get out of it? You put a satellite in orbit, you take pictures, but you cant ever land on it. Go to Jool and take a picture. Now swap the texture to something else and do the same. You've now experienced Jool 2: The Jooling. At least by adding features to the planets we've already got, we get to add MEAT to our potatoes. And I, for one, think that makes for a far better meal.
  2. Orbital decay?

    There was a bug a few versions ago that actually resulted in precisely this, and it wasn't NEARLY as fun as you think it would be. It was a pain, it was a headache, and if you had multiple flights/stations, forget it. Pack up and go home, because Timewarp's gonna kill ALL your Kerbals. Now if you want to mod it in, by all means go for it, but I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever support this in stock. EVER. Sorry.
  3. Multiplayer in version 1.4

    "I"m ANGRY!" "Why?" "I dunno...felt like it."
  4. We shall henceforth name this discovery, "The First Law of Ethen: a service bay at rest shall float, in operation shall sink."
  5. KSP Crashes on Startup

    My immediate thought is one of your mods didn't install correctly and that there's nothing wrong with the base game. How many are you running (quite a few I'm assuming since CKAN is involved)? IF it's feasible, either redownload the entire collection to a new and separate directory (just to make sure there's no "file contamination") and try running again, or *shudder* install your mods one at a time until you find the offender. And I don't know if this ever got fixed, because I don't use CKAN myself, but I remember there being a problem where CKAN would download mods that were both compatible and not compatible with version XYZ of KSP so that could be the problem as well.
  6. Couple things you could do: 1) Send relays. Make sure you understand the difference between a direct and a relay antennae. If you're having trouble bridging the gap, you need to bounce your signal across a relay. Some antennae are also combinable, meaning their signal strength grows if you use more than one on the same craft. Right clicking inside the vehicle editor will tell you this information. 2) You should have at least 3 satellites with Kerbin-capable communications in orbit. This is so that even when Kerbin is below the horizon of your target planet, the signal can be bounced around the planet, and thus, communication remains intact. My standard practice is to have 3 relays in geosync orbit (if possible) evenly spaced around the planet and in cases where geosync isn't possible I usually have 3 low-orbit relays and 1 high-orbit relay. 3) Upgrade your tracking station. If you're playing career (and it looks like you are) the tracking station is only capable of so much. It's entirely possible that your current one is never going to be able to perform what you need it to. Good luck!
  7. What's your most daring rescue?

    long long long time ago: Tried leaving the Mun. Didn't have the juice to make orbit, exited the lander and boosted my sub-orbital path as much as possible while still leaving some EVA fuel for moving. Trajectory=ballistic. Managed to get a rendezvous using my command pod in orbit (luckily it was directly overhead my kerbal at the time). Command pod swooped down, Kerbal got in. Command pod burned for orbit. Lander lithobraked with extreme prejudice. Command pod successfully returned to Kerbin. Something, something, any landing you can walk away from.
  8. I's KSP... More than half of this game's reputation comes from things failing in spectacular ways. There's even an entire thread dedicated to "you will not go to space today." Yes, Challenger and Soyuz 1 were massive tragedies, but I highly (I'll say again: HIGHLY) doubt Squad was poking fun at those specific instances...
  9. Jumper Cables

    Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind!
  10. Just saying, OP got what they wanted and has since moved on. That's all that my point was.
  11. The last post in this thread was made almost 3 years ago...
  12. Multiplayer in version 1.4

    DMP is a great proof-of-concept. We've seen that KSP multiplayer CAN work and it can work reasonably good. However, IF multiplayer were to come to KSP, I would want it to be in an expansion or maybe even just a standalone game that is built specifically for multiplayer, because let's face it, KSP as it is now does not handle multiplayer very well at all. Even DMP has more moments where it doesn't work versus moments where it does. And considering Squad just restructured the entire game's code to better fit the language localization...I don't think they're wanting to rebuild the game...again... Best hope for multiplayer is honestly either paid dlc with dedicated multiplayer development and support or, dare I say it, "Kerbal Space Program 2: The Kerbaling" directed by M. Knight Shamaliens. -------- And to anyone that thinks the core problem of KSP multiplayer is "but timewarp tho," DMP solved that issue a loooooong time ago. Each player has their own "universe" and if you want to enter someone else's, you merely "sync" up to them. Then as long as neither of you time warp, you remain together. Friends and I have built entire space colonies together like this. The problem is the game not knowing where you are physically in relation to everything else, and thus you get the jumpy physics that can do some...real bad things....
  13. More Nuclear Engines?

    To keep part count down. Sometimes it's not about making our ships inside the game more efficient as it is making our computers that run the game more efficient XD Agreed.
  14. What is your favorite planet in KSP?

    Kerbin is so far my favorite: 1) Has a Space Center 2) I spend most of my time inside Kerbin's SOI 3) The only other planet I've sent Kerbals to is Duna so far. But I've been eyeing Laythe lately. If I can get there (and if I can get back) maybe that will become my favorite "off-world" location. I hear the view there is spectacular.