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  1. Hey Stubbles, its been a while.  Look man, I know it may not be on "any" list you have currently, but I always used your launcher.  So many great modders have left that it would really be great if you could get your Aero pack back up and running.  Its way to damn good to not have and there isn't many good ones left functioning.

    Give it a think would you please bud.

    Thx from Oregon, Dren

  2. By flat I'm really just meaning that there's no texture to it. It's solid colors and panel lines. Adding some texture to it will help, imo.
  3. Is there a way to access the functionality within the configs? Such if I'm integrating the functionality into my own part and I don't want it to be tweakable. I'd like to be able to set the action group, altitude, etc all within the part config. Is that possible right now and if so, what are the available script functions we can use? Thanks.
  4. Hah! This is fantastic. I'd be nice if we had more launch centers around Kerbin, so you could transfer Kerbalnauts from one locale to another. I'd agree with the textures looking a bit flat (even for KSP) bit I'll assume they are just work in progress. Really great so far, I'll definitely snag this when it's ready.
  5. Right now I'm working out the retro pack and smart part integration. Smart parts are what is going to control the functionality of these things once they detach. The boosters will auto-detach when their fuel runs out, then auto-arm the chute charges. When they hit the right height the drogues will pop, then those detach at a certain height and pull out the main chutes which will then fully deploy at a set height. Then about 100m off the ground the gear open and 3-5m off the ground the retros fire. It all worked out great when I tested it with stock parts, so I'm just making my own art now and
  6. Finally got the chutes working correctly (thanks stupid_chris!) Granted, it doesn't work the exact way I wanted it to (as in real life) but KSP is a bit too limited to support that sort of functionality with major plugin/code support (bleh). This will work just fine for my needs. They'll also have drogue chutes that will deploy higher up in the atmosphere to slow their initial decent.
  7. Ooh neat stuff! What's the G-Forces like on the Kerbals when you hit this sucker? Looks like it would be close to the limit.
  8. NoMrBond - good to know! MOARdV - I should totally do that as an easter egg ;p Actually record my voice going "pew pew!" Dragon - Those are the landing retros, not the separation retros. There are other pods on the sides and front (facing the center tank) that will work when staging
  9. Bingo. I hate doing all of the config crap. The art is the easy part. For Energia, even if everything I have planned doesn't work or it unloads or whatever, I'm at least considering it an exercise in practice. If it doesn't work in the end, I'm not going to get upset by it. Here's some misc dev shots
  10. I second the TrackIR support. I use it all the time for Arma and flight sims. Would love that in KSP. Would give me more reason the use IVA's
  11. Started integrating the landing gear stuffs.Angle is a bit funky here, but the gear deploy 30º out on each side, so it's a 60º spread Top view, so you can see the width of the gear.
  12. I'm glad you have a sharealike license on these, dtobi. It's a great set of parts/functionality - I'll likely integrate the use of them into my Energia system.
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