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  1. I've always been a massive Ace Combat fan, and I decided to create some custom aircraft based off the player aircraft from Ace Combat 5 and Zero. All decals and textures were created/modified by me, with credit to blackheart612, Blackfalcon501(found on emblemsbf.com), and the general Ace Combat community for providing references. F-14D Wardog Custom A series of F-14Ds modified for a certain squadron. Its frame is modular, allowing for a decent amount of customization options between pilots. The comms equipment have also been upgraded to allow better inter-squadron communication.
  2. Thanks for the pointer. I had almost given up on B9 after this issue.
  3. So, I somehow broke the lift mechanics for my B9 Aerospace Wings. I'm a mod addict, unfortunately, and I might have installed some incompatible mods without realizing it. Next thing I know, some of the planes I had previously made suddenly don't have any lift. Here's an ADFX-01 Morgan replica that I had made previously as an example. Makes it handle like a rocket. I uninstalled the mods to get it to a previously working state and even did a complete reinstall of KSP to make sure the physics went back to vanilla. Even so, it still gets this issue. And weirdly, for some aircraft, it still works
  4. Lovin\' the models Chickenplucker, Keep on churnin\' them models out! ;D Now that you\'ve conquered the land and the air, Howzabout some amphibious vehicle action?
  5. *sigh* your behemoth aircraft make mine look like model rockets.... ADF-01 Falken: Based off two signature aircraft of the Ace Combat series, The ADF-01 is a medium fighter with an armament of 4 air-to-air missles. Also comes with a Sunbeam Laser System, designed to take out whatever its missles cannot. Requires Tiberdyne SLS Launch Stand to launch vertically. F-13 Merlin: A multirole fighter, it has the ability to switch between ground and air attacks at the flip of a switch, unlike its smaller cousin. Comes with 2 SAAMs, 4 LASMs, 2 PGBs, and two Devastator Railguns. Requires Tiberdyn
  6. Well, this is the closest I can get to what even resembles a piston-engined fighter. The turbojets kind of ruin the effect, but they\'re the only way I can get any stabilized power on this. If anything, it might represent the P-36 Hawk, which is technically WWII Era, I suppose. Otherwise, I have no idea what it resembles. Any other suggestions?
  7. Recently, researchers have rediscovered the wreckage of the Blue Monarch, a fearless ace of the Great War. Historians brought the collected peices to Cannonball Industries with a request to refurbish it. We did so, but upon finding that the power was below 'Kerbal Standards', our engineers used the basic Kerbal motto: USE MORE ENGINES!!!. We installed 6 new engines on it to upgrade its speed, but this also greatly reduced the range due to the lack of fuel. Nevertheless, the museum accepted the prize with little difficulty.
  8. Ahh, I remember making something like that a while back... hehehe... them good ol\' days....
  9. One of the craziest concepts to even leave to drawing board, the C-120 'Cuckoo' is unlike any other spaceplane that has come out of Cannonball Industries(albiet being one of the only ones). Inspired by the C-119 created by Damonjay and CarolRawley, the C-120 was created when engineers attempting to reverse-engineer the Boxcar mixed up blueprints and created this monstrosity instead. The result was a large, delta wing aircraft with less than standard speed and as much manuverability as a london bus. Nevertheless, the gliding properties have proven substantial, the range exceptional, and stabili
  10. Yes indeed, I always enjoyed really novel and crazy designs, and so after much deliberation, I\'ve selected this The Su-47 Berkut(NATO codename 'Firkin') was an experimental supersonic jet fighter developed by Sukhoi Aviation Corporation. A distinguishing feature of the aircraft was its forward-swept wing[2] that gave the aircraft excellent agility and maneuverability. While serial production of the type never materialized, the sole aircraft produced served as a technology demonstrator prototype for a number of advanced techhnologies later used in the 4.5 generation fighter SU-35BM and curren
  11. Um...I know it\'s not my place, but I\'ve taken the liberty in creating a Silisko Edition version of the C-119, so this should help solve the problem (Note: Still requires modmixing with C7) Note: I added some struts to minimize wiggling, but the craft is still prone to falling apart to some degree
  12. Being an optimistic fan of Star Wars, I thought 'Heck, why not 8)?'and I developed this little craft here based off the iconic T-65 X-Wing from the original trilogy. If you have any ideas or your own Star Wars craft, post them here. ABOUT THE CRAFT: No, I am not posting the craft file :\'(, since it requires specific parts to make from the Silisko Edition as well as the C-7 Flight Pack and the Probodyne Kit, and Nova really doesn\'t like it when you mix parts with his packs. Additionally, it will require you to download an entirely new KSP sub-version if you don\'t want to lose your data, whi
  13. The Boxcar class has impressive gliding properties, I would recommend it for this challenge http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=2516.0;topicseen Of course, it does take about 10 hours to complete...
  14. I don\'t mean to sound like a complete idiot or anything, but...what do the solar panels actually do?
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