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  1. That's the most damn fine apollo csm and lander I have ever seen!
  2. I like the idea of perma death, and no quicksave/load, but maybe on a hard setting?
  3. Ah HA! Many thanks! I checked a few of the other forums manually, but didn't check there. Obviously I wasn't using the right key words either. Thanks guys.
  4. Hate to make a whole post for such a simple question, but is the screenshot thread gone? Was it removed because of the bandwidth i'm sure it used a lot of? Search didn't bring up any results.
  5. Hahahah I love that it's still got all the space craft instrumentation on the dash! Jeb style!
  6. They do flex, although I've been retesting it, and with the detachable wings 18 m/s is causing the engine to explode. The initial tester had fixed wings and simply bounced from 18m/s. I think they need to be slid down a couple inches to make the claim still valid, to make up for the added flex.
  7. If he went on EVA I think the flight time starts at 0 for the EVA pilot
  8. The Soyutz! A Russian inspired safe* and reliable Munar lander and launch vehicle! http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/showthread.php/23956-The-Soyutz-a-Russian-inspired-safe%2A-and-reliable-Munar-lander-and-launch-vehicle
  9. Comrades, allow me to present to you the Soyutz! A safe* and reliable spacecraft for all the classy cosmonauts out there! Features: *Redundantly sturdy for the landing challenged! (Testing has shown the lander to sustain a 18+ m/s lithobraking manouver with no damage, and crew capsule has been shown to survive a 65+ m/s litho"break") *Redundantly fueled and nuclear-ly powered! *Landing retro rockets for firmly planting the lander on uneven terrain or a wobbly landing *Classy styling and tolerable part count for lower end computers! *Staged to create NO orbital debris!** *Mechjeb safe! (Testing showed Mechjeb capable of piloting craft from launch to touchdown with ease) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe3rxxdhsf7dfjh/The%20Soyutz.craft * Subject to pilot skill and ability to resist radiation sickness ** Subject to pilot techniques ***Mechjeb pictured for testing purposes only, .craft file does not contain Mechjeb and is a 100% Stock craft.
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