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  1. I was brainstorming acronyms, and I came up with a rather hilarious one involving a drone similar to what is on Mars at the moment. Presenting the: Transplanetary Unmanned Research Drone. Who knows maybe the head engineer happened to be on the toilet, or is Shelly from South Park.
  2. This keeps getting better and better. I swear anytime I see someone do missions using RSS/RO or RP-0 and post it onto the KSP forums with such exciting Screenshots and/or Backstory that is just as exciting Is an automatic Follow, It is basically catnip to me.
  3. Before moving to North Carolina, back in Iowa, I was a Historical Musicology student.
  4. Typical North Carolina heat and humidity, but what really caught me off guard was were I used to live in Iowa was hit by a fierce derecho. (a widespread long lasting windstorm with heavy straight line winds) I remember after the storm had past that in one particular location in Iowa the winds topped out at 100 MPH (160.93 km/h). In fact the winds were so strong that it blew some of the roof off my High School alma mater, creating holes in the roof that could be seen from the interior. Thankfully a majority of the building survived and will likely be repaired, but it just makes you think how vi
  5. I usually use the AC to cool my room and the ceiling fan provides cooling when the AC isn't active, Also I try to keep my ceiling fan on most of the time to get of any residual stuffiness, which usually in North Carolina/Southeast in General there's a day in late April to early May where the temperature is Nearly 80℉ (26℃) outside but the humidity makes it more like 86℉ (30℃) where just having the ceiling fan on is not enough to cool you down completely.
  6. Jeb1969

    Peppa Pig

    Wilbur's British cousin nuff' said, it's kind of a load of swill nowadays because of all the YouTube clickbait associated with it.
  7. There was a major power failure in my neighborhood so the kitchen appliances were down, I decided instead on dining at a Greek restaurant. I ordered saganaki for an appetizer (pan fried cheese) which at the restaurant they bring it out in a small frying pan and before they place it on the table they pour brandy on it and Flambé it before putting it out with lemon juice, It got me thinking Kerbal Cooking must involve a lot of flambéing, when they are not heating up stuff in the microwave.
  8. Trying to get to sleep with music on is always a challenge, but I have found that Enya is a proven winner in my book, also the same music works equally well when I am stressed. Next to Paint the Sky with stars I think this is Enya's most dream-like "space themed" song.
  9. Excuse my french, but: Je ne sais pas, je suppose tout est possible à Paris. (I don't know, I guess anything is possible in Paris) To be Honest I don't remember all I remember was it felt that way in the Café I was in. I just sort of filtered out everybody around me and It became quite relaxing.
  10. "Well that's just your opinion man."- The Dude "I swear when NASA decided on launching apes into space they should of contacted Peter Gabriel because they were going to shock the monkey."- Jeb1969 "What are we going to do with them Mr. Flibble ....we can't possibly do that! Who'd clear up the mess?"- Arnold Rimmer "I'm gonna eat you little fishy"- Cat (Red Dwarf)
  11. Being a music enthusiast I give the music of Mozart high regards. This piece for example is my favorite; when I first listened to it I almost envisioned myself riding horseback through the English Countryside, It is also worth noting that this work was parodied by the late great Flanders and Swann which if you haven't listened to it, it is quite hilarious, especially at the ending.
  12. Mushrooms, probably because they are rather smelly the smell is similar to that of livestock droppings in my opinion. Egg Salad/Hard Boiled Eggs/Deviled Eggs because it tastes like someone farted in my mouth, also I had a bad experience where I was at summer camp and the cooks in the mess hall combined it with spam which made it not only really smelly but really salty, basically it was a smelly salty mush.'
  13. I remember hearing this from YouTube celebrity Ross Scott in a classic episode of Freeman's Mind "Coffee, coffee coffee, Coffee! It's not as strong as methamphetamine, but it lets you keep your teeth." As for coffee in general, I freaking like coffee my favorite styles of coffee are Normal, Cappuccino, Greek and Café au Lait (which reminds me of a relaxed Sunday afternoon in Paris in a café on Boulevard Saint-Germain in the Latin Quarter which I enjoyed while on vacation to Paris.)
  14. Today marks the 67th Birthday of Neil Peart probably one of the best drummers in all of Progressive Rock/Hard Rock, also did I mention he can also do Jazz? No offense to any fans of Led Zeppelin, In your face John Bonham.
  15. I really like broccoli, especially when it is roasted in the oven with Olive oil, red pepper flakes, garlic and either Balsamic or Sherry vinegar. Although I also like eating it raw in a salad or on its own. But my favorite way I have enjoyed it prepared was in a small Korean joint back when I was living in Iowa, what they did was I think either they stir-fried it or they marinated it with soy sauce, possibly rice wine, sesame oil, sesame seeds, red pepper flakes, garlic and tofu, which they served cold. Of course coming from Ohio originally I really like tomatoes, especially in the Insal
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