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  1. I don't need Anti-Virus Software I'm a Mac user, although I do find it ironic (almost funny) that anti-virus software sometimes contains viruses. If anything anti-virus software is: 50 % viruses 49.9 % There goes my computer memory and 0.1% consumer con job.
  2. You should really continue on with this mod and Make it compatible with 1.12+, Let me be the first to say that there really needed to be a dedicated mod for Stockalike ISRO Spacecraft and Launch Vehicle parts on Kerbal Space Program. Seriously I think this mod is definitely going to be really awesome when it is completed.
  3. I swear this is one of the most epic mods for Kerbal Space Program, and I do mean epic in the sense that this mod has the largest amount of stockalike parts based on realistic models. I cannot wait to see version 2.0.0, I have a feeling you should really do parts for a stockalike version of IRAS, Since you all ready have the parts to build the launch vehicle for it now all I need is the parts to build the spacecraft. If anything I love mods with copious amounts of parts that aim to make Kerbal Space Program more a hint more realistic it is what makes Kerbal Space Program so addictingly fun.
  4. I remember stumbling across some screenshots of it on DeviantArt in 2011, at the time I did not know what It was so I googled Kerbal Space Program and found out it was a game. So I downloaded it and I Have been a Kerbanaut ever since that point in time. I even remembered doodling a design for a spacecraft in one of my notebooks I used for French class in High School.
  5. I attempted to Build a small diameter launch vehicle similar to the Scout Launch Vehicle, (The Only Difference is that the second stage of mine is liquid fueled unlike the real Scout which was all solid fuel) I even attempted to launch it at an angle like in real life. I tried using Modular Launch Pads to emulate the launch setup, while I was rotating it my mind was like Ross from Friends If anybody is not aware of what the reference is it is basically "Pivot, Pivot, PIVAHT!!" I eventually gave up and my mind ended up saying to me "Okay I don't think it's gonna pivot anymore."
  6. I was being a bit of an idiot where I thought I could launch a Fuji Spacecraft with the orbital module on top and the return module at the bottom (Similar to Soyuz) let me just say I did that because I was feeling too lazy to separate the fairings, do a 180, dock and extract the orbital module stowed at the base of the second stage and proceed into orbit, If anything this arrangement with the added launch escape tower sticked on top of the orbital module proved to be extremely floppy to the point when I got to either BECO and separating the SRBs, the upper part of the spacecraft (Still in the payload fairing) bent to the point that the two modules split apart and blew off the second and first stages. Luckily I was able to separate and return and land the capsule with the crew away from the launch vehicle that was doomed to crash and blow up onto the surface of Kerbin. At least Jebediah and Valentina liked it Bill or was it Bob freaked out all the way back down. Upon landing I came to the conclusion that maybe in addition to the rocket fuel I needed to add something blue and rhombic shaped to the whole launch vehicle.
  7. Contrafibularity: Seriously if you do not know what I am talking about you really need to check out Blackadder. Smeg and or Smeghead: I know, two British Sitcom references in a row but seriously I have watched Red Dwarf copious times I began using smeg and or smeghead a lot, the latter word is absolutely hilarious when Kryten attempts to say it but he cannot.
  8. Noice, I too am a Redwall Fan, I thought about naming one of my Launch Vehicles the Mossflower, but that may be in development sometime down the road in sandbox mode. However I do have a Spacecraft called the "Wanderer" the back story is that it is engineered by Taran Kerman. (Basically that spacecraft is a giant reference to The Chronicles of Prydain.) The Launch vehicle also has fantasy derived nomenclature it is called the "Hylias" it is somewhat named after the Kingdom of Hyrule which is a tribute to my favorite Video Game series, The Legend of Zelda.
  9. Crab People, Taste like Crab, Talk like People, Crab People !!
  10. This looks really exciting I hope it will be compatible with normal KSP and not Just RO, RP-1, RP-0 or Real Solar System, what would really be interesting is if you added all of the Japanese Launch Vehicles, but what would really awesome is having it compatible with @Well's Mod for the Fuji spacecraft. I am serious that KSP needs more mods that feature realistic and/or stockalike parts that are very similar to realistic parts from actual spacecraft both manned and unmanned.
  11. Last time I stopped in Huntsville, I was driving back to Iowa from Gulf Shores (this was before I moved to North Carolina) all I remember is that I was under the weather at the time, but I managed to soldier on and pick up a copy of Jim Lovell's book at the gift shop. As for the Kennedy Space Center, I was there when nothing was scheduled for launch. Thankfully Cape Canaveral is less than a nine hour drive from where I live in North Carolina so I have thought about returning to the Cape for a SpaceX or a SLS launch.
  12. How did I miss this, this is some quality mod development, especially the Long March 5 it looks absolutely tremendous. I am wondering if you are planning if you are going to do the parts for the remaining Long March launch vehicles, Shenzhou, Tiangong and China's various unmanned spacecraft for later versions of the mod. If so that would be awesome, lastly I hope that you make this mod compatible with B9 Part Switch.
  13. This is absolutely tremendous, I would not of guessed someone would create stockalike parts for the Japanese Launch Vehicles (Even if it is just the H-II at the moment). If anything I think this mod should be continued by adding the rest of the Japanese Launch Vehicles, Spacecraft (Both Proposed but Never launched and Actually launched) and the modules for the Japanese sections of the International Space Station.
  14. Why is it that all I can think of is this classic scene from The Simpsons? Also huge shoutout to Buzz Aldrin and James Taylor for guest starring on one of the most noteworthy episodes.
  15. You are talking to the wrong person, although the idea of it seems rather like something out of an episode of Mr. Bean. I mean he did tie an armchair to the roof of his Mini and drive it back to his flat while seated in the armchair. Or even in a different episode dress and brush his teeth in said Mini while commuting to a dental exam that he was running late for because he insisted on oversleeping. What ever the case consider me in the Hast thou goest mad category.
  16. These new missions are so exciting, especially the Venus Lander, everything looks awesome except for that camera protruding outwards hopefully it has been engineered so that some of the instrumentation does not analyze the lens cap by mistake. No joke the Soviets in real life sent one of their Venera Landers to Venus and they deployed the camera only to find out that the lens cap had landed underneath the spacecraft below a critical instrument, so instead of testing the properties of the surface of Venus they were testing the properties of the lens cap. Hopefully you have been able to one up The Ivans and teach them in the art of situational awareness.
  17. I stumbled across some ad spam for Toilet Stall partitions. On my Facebook typically I just X out of them because they are often irrelevant but this one I Xed it out because it was really crappy. But or should I say Butt it was also irrelevant.
  18. I was brainstorming acronyms, and I came up with a rather hilarious one involving a drone similar to what is on Mars at the moment. Presenting the: Transplanetary Unmanned Research Drone. Who knows maybe the head engineer happened to be on the toilet, or is Shelly from South Park.
  19. This keeps getting better and better. I swear anytime I see someone do missions using RSS/RO or RP-0 and post it onto the KSP forums with such exciting Screenshots and/or Backstory that is just as exciting Is an automatic Follow, It is basically catnip to me.
  20. Before moving to North Carolina, back in Iowa, I was a Historical Musicology student.
  21. Typical North Carolina heat and humidity, but what really caught me off guard was were I used to live in Iowa was hit by a fierce derecho. (a widespread long lasting windstorm with heavy straight line winds) I remember after the storm had past that in one particular location in Iowa the winds topped out at 100 MPH (160.93 km/h). In fact the winds were so strong that it blew some of the roof off my High School alma mater, creating holes in the roof that could be seen from the interior. Thankfully a majority of the building survived and will likely be repaired, but it just makes you think how vicious living in the Midwest can be at times.
  22. I usually use the AC to cool my room and the ceiling fan provides cooling when the AC isn't active, Also I try to keep my ceiling fan on most of the time to get of any residual stuffiness, which usually in North Carolina/Southeast in General there's a day in late April to early May where the temperature is Nearly 80℉ (26℃) outside but the humidity makes it more like 86℉ (30℃) where just having the ceiling fan on is not enough to cool you down completely.
  23. Jeb1969

    Peppa Pig

    Wilbur's British cousin nuff' said, it's kind of a load of swill nowadays because of all the YouTube clickbait associated with it.
  24. There was a major power failure in my neighborhood so the kitchen appliances were down, I decided instead on dining at a Greek restaurant. I ordered saganaki for an appetizer (pan fried cheese) which at the restaurant they bring it out in a small frying pan and before they place it on the table they pour brandy on it and Flambé it before putting it out with lemon juice, It got me thinking Kerbal Cooking must involve a lot of flambéing, when they are not heating up stuff in the microwave.
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