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  1. I see in the picture above it still says "Crash Tolerance 20m/s" so does that mean if you get some air at 100m/s when you land the wheels will break? I'm not sure how this correlates to Impact Tolerance or is that only calculated off vertical speed?
  2. Is there somewhere in the ksp.log that says how much memory was saved? like below? .... [LOG 16:38:23.977] ActiveTextureManagement: Name: Squad/Strategies/Icons/UnpaidResearchProgram [LOG 16:38:23.977] ActiveTextureManagement: Format: DXT5 [LOG 16:38:23.977] ActiveTextureManagement: MipMaps: 5 [LOG 16:38:23.977] ActiveTextureManagement: Size: 25x25 [LOG 16:38:23.977] ActiveTextureManagement: Readable: False [LOG 16:38:23.977] ActiveTextureManagement: Memory Saved : 0B [LOG 16:38:23.977] ActiveTextureManagement: Memory Saved : 0kB [LOG 16:38:23.977] ActiveTextureManagement: Memory Saved : 0MB ....
  3. I'm trying to add custom sounds to a part, (DYJ's Gatling GAU19) where do you make/write/create the "custom part module" for sounds? Is it in the DLL ?
  4. I made some sounds files (both wav and ogg) but can't seem to work out how to edit the cfg to use them. Does anyone know the format it has to be configured in the cfg and folders to make the sounds work with 0.21.1 I've tried copying the cfg sound formats from firespitter and romfarers various parts with no luck the link to zipped sounds files http://www./?58u5rdgypzep6b3
  5. wow that's crazy that you lost over 3500m/s speed, that is some serious drag, poor Mr Kermin musta had his face squished on the windshield
  6. It will be interesting to see the speed that is needed to achieve this!
  7. I found if you make your lander a bit wider at the base and not too tall it helps to keep it stable as well when you touch down even if you have a little horizontal speed
  8. I'm submitting this just to get on the leaderboard, been trying for hours with no real luck
  9. Is it possible to get a stationery orbit of Kerbin? I want to put a satellite in stationery orbit above the KSC, what orbit distance and hence speed do i need? I would try and work it out but don't know how fast Kerbin spins and my brain maths is mediocre
  10. yeah i guess i thought the front control surfaces would go up to pull the nose up but instead they go down to push the nose up, same result just looks weird
  11. Thanks dishycourier these are great!
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