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  1. Ugh, I know. I've seen some pretty bad things, i made sure to at least start on a good footing. Bought a Blue Yeti mic and such
  2. More 'bad' because I never know what to level up or anything, and being blind i'll probably miss a lot. I do plan on a secondary series after the fact though for pvp of various flavors with different covenants, and i'll go find everything useful beforehand. Unrelated but I do plan on doing some Hearthstone stuff too after Naxxramas comes out.
  3. Good to hear positive comments, I'm pretty bad at the game it IS a blind playthrough i might add. very vague ideas where to go, a few times ive had a friend suggest a direction to go.
  4. I was going to mention myself on From's official forums but theyre a bit...garbage at the moment. No sepeeration of anything really so; here's another person playing games on camera (super original idea isn't it?) Its mostly Dark Souls II at the moment but naturally there'll be new stuff added over time.
  5. Then I could go work for the national weather service or an airport potentially
  6. Current plan was to either do mechanical or some such, maybe finish veterinary school while im in or maybe find something besices mechanical that i would enjoy more and just stay in for a longer period. Something like UAV or the aforementioned space/nasa crossover would probably do well.
  7. To be fair, I never said I wanted to be an astronaut. I just said to work at NASA, even if its just a radar operator All good ideas and opinions though, mechanics was on my radar but I like to explore my options and talk things out.
  8. Neat, good to know. Maybe I'll get to examine an alien species or virus UNREALISTIC EXPECTATIONS, HO.
  9. This thread has been more helpful than the handful of emails I sent to NASA themselves I do plan to get a degree in something relevant, I'm sitting on a biology one since i was planning to be a veterinarian [and i still could be really]. Thanks for the code numbers Chad! I'll go look those up right now and thanks to everyone so far.
  10. I'm considering going in to the Airforce due to a myriad of reasons, none of which need to be listed right now, and got to thinking; might anyone know of some good MoS' to enlist as that MIGHT lead in to something at NASA? I'm not sure how much overlap there is but I figured there might be some people lurking around here that might know better than I.
  11. The idea I think behind it is additional challenge with an appropriate reward. As of now you can land anywhere and get the same results as anywhere else, whereas if there were these points you could land and visit them and get rewarded for the extra effort of landing [or driving to] this exact spot.
  12. I had a dream the other day where i was in low Munar orbit and I did some sort of experiment, i think it was a crew report, and the result that came back was typical but it said afterwards that the kerbals had noticed something interesting on the surface. After this there was a marker placed on the surface where there was some extra science to be had for doing some EVA sampling or something similar I imagine. So i was wondering if anyone else might think this is a good/neat idea or if im just having the dreams of a crazy person.
  13. So watching a few previews for 0.22 I've noticed that the launch pad samples result in 'scorch marks and a conspicuous green substnce' and then theres the goo containers for the tier 1 science part, full of a strange green goo...good to know the kerbals are still doing science, even in death right? At least thats how I thought of this, anyone else notice it or am I just nuts?
  14. This is an older model, my newest version has a little rover attached to the side to zip kerbals around after landing, and a SR docking port on the bottom to add extra fuel for those long missions.
  15. Thank you! And yes it was...I had just started posting more and then bam. Kinda forgot to keep posting after that
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