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  1. Thanks everyone for the kind welcome. Now, getting used to the forum again. (I miss the old one)
  2. But seriously, took a several month long hiatus from this forum and the game in general. Looks like since the release of 1.1 the addons have been updated, looks good, I will now look for any new mods. Any people that joined from 2011-2012 left?
  3. But due to the MAGNETIC WAVEFRONT STREAM the plasma sphere may suffer a quantum neutron cascade, which would be catastrophic inside the nuclear reactor. I suggest we put an asymmetrical tetryon actuator to stop the photonic baryon field from de-stabilizing the proton stream generator.
  4. Elite: Dangerous. Too much of it. Currently on my way to the core of the galaxy (expected to take a week or two of travel).
  5. The Space Shuttle (as an aircraft rather than a spacecraft, so Saturn V doesn't really count since it doesn't "fly") has the largest detachable fuel tank of all "aircraft"! This might be obvious to you but I find it rather amusing.
  6. Will this thread ever reach 1 Sagan replies?
  7. This is the internet, It's not like there is a lack of bad people here...
  8. Posted a video about planetary landing! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DiO8cvQPwtc
  9. Ok, i'm trapped in this forum, I don't know what to do as almost every page gives me a redirect loop, only the stats page is stable.


    Send help.

    1. Parv Kerman

      Parv Kerman

      try to restart it man!!!

      go to another browser

  10. Ahhh, the great forum purge, also called "Great Derp" or "Great derp of 2013" or simply "The forum purge". Basically the forum deleted all content created between October 2012 and April 2013, including accounts, that's why you see many people with a April 2013 forum join date. It was horrible, we were without forums for a few days, many lost tens, hundreds and some even thousands of posts, same for the rep (I lost it all). One of the worst forum catastrophes to date.
  11. [quote name='TheCanadianVendingMachine']Does anyone have the DCS Huey?[/QUOTE] *raises hand* Me!, Me!
  12. <-- Another DCS'er here. I have almost all the modules, (only left are the 3 prop planes and FC3). The A-10 is a study sim, you've got to read and do tutorials, etc. I only bought A-10 a few months ago, still can't use it properly weapons-wise, but you'll do it eventually, it's only a matter of practice and time, remember that we're dealing with an almost perfect copy of the aircraft here, it won't be easy.
  13. Wanna hear a fact that will leave you without sleep for days? WARNING BELOW THIS POINT THERE ARE SCARY THINGS There is a skeleton inside you!
  14. So, here's the game: I'm gonna post an image, with very few details, then you can take the image (right click, save as), and edit it so you add a minor detail, not too many details so that the next person can add to it. How to play: 1. Take previous poster's image and edit it (Paint, photoshop, whatever), Add a small detail, small enough for the next person to add to it. 1.5. DO NOT ERASE SOMETHING IN THE PREVIOUS IMAGE. 2. Upload it (imgur is a good choice). 3. If you're going to restart the game because the previous image is too complex to add new details, draw something really simple (few lines) and restart the game! I start!
  15. I might use cheats to fly a plane in that atmosphere, brb, working on it.
  16. I did a video covering the startup sequence.
  17. Do you guys want another plane? Or do you have any further comments/suggestions?
  18. Hello everyone, welcome to my thread. I've made a replica of the awesome Dassault Mirage 2000. Have some pics: NOTE: .CRAFT FILE DOWNLOAD HAS BEEN UPDATEDD TO MAKE REFUELLING PROBE LOOK BETTER. If you want a download, here it is: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gefb24rliwqdzu4/Mirage%202000.craft?dl=0 Action groups: 1: Toggle airbrakes. Thanks for reading, and don't forget to leave a rep or two! Have a fun time with this plane!
  19. There where several of them, so I don't think it's THE aftershock. Unless it's another completely independent earthquake.
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