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  1. Hey, the Asclepius thread has some activity, but there's no love for Kronkus! So, I thought I'd share some custom DMagic Orbital Science defs I wrote for the bodies in this pack (nothing for Spud). Truthfully, I don't even know if Kronkus still works in 1.7, though I believe it does. If you want to include this in the main mod, Mr. Chumley, that's fine by me! No credit is necessary, although I'd appreciate some. DOWNLOAD
  2. Probably not, since the Atmospheric Analysis section had a syntax error that caused at least that part to not load. I just fixed it, though! Now the download is updated.
  3. Well, I ended up deciding to use PlayYourWay, but still, I may want to come back to this later- either in another 1.7 playthrough or after this mod is updated- and after Kopernicus stops causing problems with Breaking Ground. If you or someone else picks this mod up again, I recommend working on making it easier to configure for zero-contract or few-contracts playthroughs, since PlayYourWay doesn't look to be updating any time soon. And, I'm sure plenty of other people are like me, and want to worry about funds but without being constrained by progression contracts.
  4. Sorry to hear you're quitting modding, but it makes sense! For now though, I have a question for anyone with an answer- What values do you think might be best for a low-contract career mode? I'm planning on disabling almost all contract packs, except for some anomaly survey, scansat, ARM/Sentinel and DMagic packs, since I felt the progression system was too gamey.
  5. Oh, I've also got a bug report- there seems to be a compatibility issue with Sigma Binary. Whether I'm using OPM or not, the Eeloo-Alu barycenter is present at Duna and takes priority over Duna itself on the map. Without OPM, this doesn't change, and Alu still orbits Eeloo without any barycenter. I... also can't seem to fix this by manually deleting the Eeloo-Alu barycenter from the configs- somehow, despite the barycenter appearing nowhere in the code anymore, it stays anyway(even on new files or without the cache for Alu), meaning that since tab-switching bodies freezes the map if I select Eeloo-Alu, I'll be forced to not use Sigma Binary.
  6. Hey, uh, I'm not really sure where else to post this- or even if these actually work correctly, as I haven't quite tested them yet, but since I lost these for a while I thought it'd be a good idea to release them. Since I always play with DMagic, I wrote some science defs for every body in this pack- and added in some extra defs for stock experiments that were missing from the included science logs. LINK!
  7. Hmm... Okay, well, I see that. I suppose they're situational, then. That makes more sense of it. If you CAN lift a huge rocket, you can actually get less mass for more cost and some power concerns. That makes more sense to me, then, thank you. Still, I think the volume requirements could be toned down at least a little. It might be more realistic, but this IS Kerbal Space Program.
  8. Okay, I've... got to be frank here. I don't see the upshot of using these. I-I mean, they seem really cool (har dee har), but when I have to make my rockets 4 or 5 times bigger and more expensive to get the same result as a much smaller liquid fuel configuration that costs less... I REALLY don't get it. Am I missing something here? I really don't want to hate this, but they seem awful, even in a vacuum. I can get roughly 4000 dV with a huge nuclear hydrogen configuration, but I can also get a tiny bit less with a single FL-T800 and a stock Nerv for way less volume and cost. Sure, you can always add more fuel tanks to it, but that works for any kind of rocket. At some point the volume has to be so huge that we run into aerodynamic problems and my spacecraft being about half a kilometer long.
  9. Yeah, it's installed. I'll check how CTT looks when installed alone later.
  10. Ey, you might still be out on your trip, but I'll bring this to your attention: The Orbital Assembly node, which I think is from one of the NearFuture mods, and the Ultra High Energy Physics node from the USI Alcubierre Drive mod depend on hidden Community Tech Tree nodes with no parts in them, and their dependencies haven't been re-sorted. Unlocking the Orbital Assembly parts will not be very important for what I want to do, and the warp drive is more of a victory trophy anyway. I'm not sure if your mod includes a way to fix this, but I do know it doesn't CAUSE the issue, since this was already present when I didn't have a complete install of Community Tech Tree before. Also, I think this is a problem with CTT or NearFuture, but the Advanced Nuclear Propulsion and Very Heavy Rocketry nodes overlap. They're still usable, though.
  11. Thank you, HarvesteR. Thanks for making such an incredible, unique game. Without KSP I wouldn't know half the things I do about space travel, and I might've been much less interested in it, were it not for this game. What started as a humble little free indie game about little green men exploding in some hairbrained attempt to get into space, skyrocketed (hehehehe) into the best, and one of the only, non-simulation simulators to ever be created. Kerbal Space Program isn't just about simulation, and it's not just about education, blowing up tiny green people, or sending them into space. It's about fun, first and foremost. And that's something unique in the realm of realistic space sims. I, Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Valentina wish you luck in your future endeavors. Fly safe!
  12. Okay, so I just posted a thread about rockets firing in the VAB. And I didn't think that Collision FX could possibly be responsible considering it has little to do with engines specifically, but apparently it was. So this whole thread was rendered pointless before it even got any replies. And now I'm not sure what to do with it. I guess it can serve as help for people encountering this issue- I just removed Collision FX. I didn't notice that the thread title said 1.0.x rather than 1.1.x. This was all on a new install, so I didn't think to check for updates- thought Collision FX was already up to date, or that it would work with 1.1. A mod should probably delete this thread.
  13. I had the DMagic wedges installed. Are they bugged or something?
  14. I don't know what my debug menu FPS meter is doing in the VAB- it reads 33.3 normally but when I stuck 6 of full octo cores onto a small rocket the game slowed down quite a bit, but the FPS display remained the same. Edit: I can copy the non-capsule part of that small, 17-part rocket many times to get it up to 182 parts and still have a very manageable FPS without any US parts on it, for what that's worth.
  15. Well, my framerate didn't quite 'tank'- it was more like a 10ish FPS drop, and that was with two full octo cores on a small 2.5m orbiter, plus a small rover in a pod. I think it was just the polycount, my computer isn't the best in the world.