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  1. I think what he means is ontop the instrument unit, not underneath.

    Anyway currently there is nothing to really put on the top, unless you download the kerpollo then you will get the lunar module stuff and the shrouds.

    Well we covered all that on the first couple pages. NovaPunch 1.75m decoupler and make up your own 1m command module.

  2. Gemini-Titan Two successfully landed on the Mun and safely returned the three brave crewkerbs. Some winglets were added as improvised landing gear (fuel tank modified to allow surfattach). Throttle control was temporarily lost on the Mun liftoff resulting in a K-orbital Ap of 32M before executing reentry.

  3. Yes, RCS-only craft would be more close to an original. But I\'m just not familiar with RCS (and especially with RCS landers) so in the beginning I\'ve decided to use the LFE instead. Maybe someone can rewrite CFGs to turn LFE into multi-directional RCS thruster and tune it? I\'d remodel the parts and release RCS-enabled version with that CFG (of course with acknowledgement to CFG writer).

    Why not landed? :) The craft has enough fuel to return home on its own.


    As for top attachment, you may easily do it yourself. Go to /Parts/gemParachute folder, open part.cfg file with Notepad and change a couple of lines. Add

    node_stack_top = 0.0, 0.42, 0.0, 0.0, 1.0, 0.0, 0

    to node definitions section and change attachRules to

    attachRules = 1,0,1,0,0

    I\'ll include these lines into the next release.

    I didn\'t know how much fuel was in the tank. I\'ll give it a shot now that I have a test run under my belt. Thanks for the attach node info, sometimes when I try to add that myself I can\'t figure out the y dimension.

  4. Here\'s some new numbers for the Saturn cfgs. I forgot the SIU so it\'s not on here, and there\'s 4 fins, not 3, used as landing legs.

    You need to lean hard on the controls for stage 1, expect it to pitch and yaw a lot (Gymboled main engine reduced to 1.5*). That\'s even with cranked up numbers on the SIU. Once it burns out stages 2 and 3 are much easier to control, easily stabilized by the SAS. Stage 2 should burn out before Kerbin orbit insertion, but stage 3 completes the insertion and then gets you to the Mun.

    The CS Fuel tank is a modified Yawmaster RCS unit changed into a fuel tank.

    One of the fins got knocked off on landing so I changed it to 4 fins now, but yay for strong SAS force.

  5. I think the gaining speed isn\'t accurate. It\'s registering total speed compared to Kerbin, not airspeed.

    Speed will go up, then down a bit, then continue to go up while gaining altitude at 10m/s. Flight time is limited solely by how tired your finger gets holding 's'

  6. Definitely some magic in the SAS module. If you hold nose up against the SAS force, the Vanguard gains speed and altitude. If you up the crash res of the SAS it\'ll speed up and take off after sliding on the ground.

    If you put it into a 90* nose up position, it describes giant \'U\'s in the air as it gains and loses speed and altitude, but never stalls.

  7. As a pilot, you should note the differences between air speed and angular velocity.

    Maybe you should have tried it out before posting. The V will climb, then slowdown, then start to accelerate and climb again.

    I just had a flight last for an hour using only the vanguard fuel, and MECO at 2200m. After establishing a glide I climbed to 5300meters. I actually took 38 screenshots documenting my flight. I crossed over KSC twice before landing after almost an hour in the air. On the way out to sea I climbed to 9088meters before turning around. I took it down to 165m before climbing back up to 4150m and then turned around for landing.

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