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  1. I\'m not saying this is a good thing or a bad thing, but one double length 1.75m tank and two 1.75m SRBs put my upper stage and lander in Munar orbit with fuel to spare. I kicked off both the 1.75m core stage and the 1m upper stage with fuel remaining. Two of the mini tanks and the orbital maneuvering unit gave me plenty of fuel for descent and the Kerbin return.
  2. Titan IV flies again! I dropped the second large tank in the center stack. It went to the Mun with a nearly full second tank and it was pretty hard to maneuver. So I replaced that with a smaller tank and a big RCS tank.
  3. notice how the engine is off center, funny enough it didn\'t effect trajectory that much.
  4. It does. Not for fuel, just to center a large fuel tank under a triple stack.
  5. I lifted a rocket weighing 772.7 in v.10. Each of the four boosters\' first stage alone weighed 141.5. The numbers were too big for v.11 and .12, so I cut the component weight and thrust in half.
  6. Could you flip the 1m and 1.75m trips over as a reverse decoupler? I want to be able to center a large fuel tank under a triple stack of smaller rockets Thanks
  7. I gave your capsule a shot. My lunar lander tipped over and busted the parachute on the Mun but the capsule and rocket booster was intact. It lifted off the Mun, and made a successful powered landing on Kerbal.
  8. Yes I did. It may be pulling from the short tank folder (disk cache?) since they are named the same. I\'ve renamed it \'long tank\' and will see if it changes. ETA- new folder, changed the name, still messed up. This is on a iMac.
  9. I beg to differ, this isn\'t a shading issue. See attached. It looks right in the VAB, but when you take it to the launch site, it changes.
  10. Found a problem, the wrong png is in the 1m S100L tank folder. It has the medium tank, not a long tank texture.
  11. Quoting a previous post of mine. These modified CFG numbers don\'t work with v12, but cutting them all in half does. Also cut the gymbal down to a maximum of 2 degrees if you turn that on with these engines.
  12. Could you do up a 1.75m SRB based on the double length tank? Keep the flat top and just a minimal nozzle please?
  13. Attached is a spreadsheet of modified values I was using if you want to look at it. The left half is just stock values, the right half is my cfg edits.
  14. Ignore him! > I love the 1.75m stuff.
  15. Could you make the 1m-2m cone adapter into a lightweight coupler instead of a fuel tank? There\'s no way to use the 2m SAS if it\'s going to cut off the fuel in the adapter.
  16. 17 minute video of a rocket that goes to 121,000\' in 92 seconds.
  17. The C-130 peformed 50 landings on the USS Forrestal. 29 touch and goes, and 21 full stop. Only minor modifications to the langing gear were needed. The aircraft can make full stop landings on both the angled and axial decks. More cargo can be landed on the axial deck. skip up to 2:00 if attention impaired.
  18. article Booster and middle stages both soft land under thrust after delivering a cargo pod to orbit. The pod then soft lands under thrust after completing its mission.
  19. It happens on start up. I get the same error.
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