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  1. Nice! Now design a engineering hull and 2 engine pylons to make it look like the NCC-1701
  2. Problem is the game has issues with that much weight. The 2m tanks have odd fuel numbers also, ranging from 186.67 to 216.77 units/kg. The 1m tanks all have 224 units/kg, or 12% more then the stock tank.
  3. These parts are so heavy I doubt I\'ll use them much.
  4. The big 2m SRB appears to have the wrong texture filename in the cfg. Should be F2 not F1.
  5. I used it under a triple stack of LFRs to attach a 3m tank and motor. Needed to be heavily braced w struts though. Could you make a version that works as a decoupler?
  6. could you show a picture of the part itself?
  7. yes, sorry for the confusion.
  8. I found them. Anyway, I'm playing with numbers and have some alternate numbers if y'all want to try them out: Payload fuel tank- mass 4.5/ fuel 900 Main Tank- mass 9/ fuel 1800 Main engine- mass 2.5/ thrust 250/ fuelconsumption 10 Booster- mass 2/thrust 125/fuelconsumption 4/fuel 360 (terms edited for clarity) Lift off w main engine at 50% plus boosters. At booster cut off (around [email protected]/s) throttle up to 100% and tip over to 45*. Keep an eye on vertical velocity and keep tipping over to keep it at a manageable level. Reasons for changes- Main fuel tank is about the same size as 6 normal fuel tanks, and really should be about 3000 capacity. Payload Tank is visually bigger also. The engine and booster numbers are to get an appropriate TWR with the heavier components.
  9. They already have these SSMEs. They already paid for them. Ares would have to buy new engines.
  10. The only way I've been able to attach the boosters is to use CaptSlug's explosive bolts from his payload fairing parts set.
  11. Yes. ok, what you need to do is spin the spacecraft before firing the PAM. Give it 5 seconds or let it build up maximum rotational speeds. The spin will stabilize the payload while the PAM is firing. Otherwise the payload will just flip end over end. What's odd is that when I fire the PAM with no main engine trust, the spacecraft will pass the payload while the PAM is still going. :-\
  12. I can't get the side boosters to attach to the main tank.
  13. Check out CaptSlug's Assorted Hardware thread, and the Payload Fairing Set with 1.75, 2m and 3m bulkhead's and fairings. The SIDRs lunar lander will fit in the 3m bulkhead. I use a second descent fuel tank as a spacer to allow the Lander to easily attach to the bulkhead.
  14. Use the long decoupler posted by Sunday to attach the panels, the top decoupler is the LES escape tower blast shield, and use struts to brace the payload to the base. You need the SIDR parachute that allows top attaching. For a PAM, just put it between the blast deflector and the payload, and activate it on deployment. Depending on how much fuel you have, you can set up the staging to cut loose the payload before or after the final stage. My design uses the final stage simply as crew return and doesn't need it for payload deployment, even from escape velocity.
  15. The RCS module counts as a crew capsule, and when any crew capsule is destroyed the crew die. It's a known bug and will be fixed in the future.
  16. Just had a weird issue. suddenly the stage 1-2 connector won't attach to the stage 2 engine in either 0.9 or 0.10
  17. right click with a 2 button mouse, or control + click. The mac should have Archive Utility built in, just double click on the .zip file If it's a .rar, you need to download something like UnRarX which will open (and join if necessary) .rar files
  18. context click on the KSP icon and select show package contents you can make alias of the 'parts', 'spacecraft' and 'screenshots' folders and move them to the parent folder so the individual folders will be easier to access.
  19. Would you mind terribly adding a NS or SIDR tag to the parts names? You have duplicated some names from the other Lunar lander model
  20. Brace the payload with struts. Like this, just add struts from the payload down. The decoupler is the LES blast cone. The new cargo shells by Capt Slug make it even easier.
  21. How much momentum is imparted by decouplers when a section is detached? If the decoupler is rated 25 and the item detached weighs 1.5, how fast will it be going and how can I calculate that? Thanks
  22. The 1m-1.75m adapter is from NovaSilisko's SIDR parts thread. The original post showed the small orange fuel tank from Sunday Punch's Wobbly Rockets parts. You should also grab the medium or small LFR from that pack. I posted a cfg edit of Sunday's RCS module so it's a fuel tank in reply # 5 in this thread.
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