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  1. Did you have Symmetry set to 2 before placing the first wall half, or are you trying to place 2 separate wall halves? The first way is correct.
  2. Won't work, the system is hard-coded to feed from top down and center out. It's impossible at the moment to feed a central engine from side mounted fuel tanks.
  3. I gave the PAM a spin today (literally). In order to stabilize the PAM and payload, I had to spin the vehicle at full rotation, other wise the PAM just flipped the payload end over end. The second and primary issue is when I fired the PAM from a non-thrusting vehicle, the PAM fell behind even though the PAM rocket was going. It went forward due to the decouplers impulse, but then the PAM fell behind the vehicle.
  4. For 2) you can simulate it by giving the booster engines 50% more thrust and burn, and not firing the center engine until the boosters are empty. That'll give you the effective thrust of 3 engines.
  5. Just tried to launch the mega Saturn with an extra 2nd stage tank on top of the first stage tanks to represent the extra long fuel tank on the 4X(u)'s Saturn MS-IC-25(S) first stage . It /just/ got off the pad. I was leaning hard on the controls to keep it straight, but it flew. At first I thought the extra weight would actually be worse then w/o the extra fuel but it turned out to be slightly better. I'll have some screen shots up soon. First run MECO about 40km. The second run, with a little more throttle down at times, went higher but slower. I did the math, gross t/o weight is 772.7, with a twr of 24.8n/k, or 2.53g
  6. method 1 Attach a pair of the Explosive Bolts to a base on sym=2 Attach the side walls to the bolts Attach the nose cone halves to the side walls use a strut on the nose halves to hold them together method 2 use a decoupler at the top of your payload attach the solid nose cone attach the walls to the side attach points on the nose cone use the strut on the nose cone halves look at the Titan IIIE I posted on the 1st page, you can see the strut on the nose halves.
  7. How about a big 2m stackable SRB? A longer radial decoupler then the stock one (that has standoff from main body)) 2m radial stack decoupler (could be an aero) 2m RCS 3m Skylab 'payload' 2m engine w 8 nozzles like Saturn 1 (diamond/square) or N-1 (circle)
  8. open the plf exp bolt folder, then open the part.cfg file with notepad change the ejectionforce value to 1 or 2
  9. Is that for 0.10? Because they still cause problems in 0.9.
  10. You problem is the underscore. See the sticky PSA#1 at the top of this sub-forum http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=1451.0 The game doesn't record anything after the underscore, so it sees 'fueltank' when it is loaded from the file.
  11. Used Sunday's 3m decoupler as the payload base. The explosive bolts are a little powerful, the push the bottom out so fast the top pivots down and wipes out the payload. I turned the ejection force down to 2 and it's better. I tried to do this with the double length solids and LFT like the Titan IV, but it kept breaking the stack in the middle.
  12. Success! After several stage 1-stage 2 transition failures, orbit was achieved. After 3/4 orbit however, Jebs patience ran out and he burned off towards the sun, perhaps hoping for a slingshot maneuver. Notes- I used my modified cfgs, and I upped the 1.75m radial clamp breaking force. Had to replace the single j-2 on the boosters since a thrust of 300 wouldn't cut it.
  13. Challenge Accepted! ETA- In progress, still working on a succesful stage 1-stage 2 transition
  14. Well, actually I've launched it with 12 ullage motors and 4 strakes just fine. Still has a 3.6:1 twr. How heavy is your upper stage? Mine runs 3.75 I'm going to try knocking the F1 thrust down a little though 4800thr/240brn; 2.75 twr; 75 seconds duration ETA- Whoa, that actually worked better. 1st stage burnout was at 31km. The lower thrust requires more throttle so it crowds the redline at first. back it off as soon as it's about to overheat and keep throttling down as the acceleration climbs. 2nd stage pushed me into a 60km orbit with a few seconds of fuel to spare. 2nd stage is still a bear to alter heading so I usually blow it off and fine tune with 3rd.
  15. Interesting, it wobble like all heck when it hits the launch pad for me, but it\'ll take off at 1/2 throttle. I\'ll get the cfgs up shortly ETA- looks like the stage 1 engine was set with BF= 200000 instead of 100000 like I thought, that might be why it was breaking. (ETA2- nope, I set it to 100000 and it lifted off fine, are you sure it isn\'t set to 10,000 instead?) According to my spreadsheet, the unit at liftoff weighs 163.75, and with a F1 cluster thrust of 6,000 has a twr of 3.66, granting 1.83g at 1/2 throttle. ETA- cfgs removed
  16. REMOVE ALL UNDERSCORES FROM ITEM NAMES http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=1451.0 PS- 10000 wasn't enough to prevent break ups
  17. Yeah, I just found the 'weakest link' I'm going to try breakingforce=10000
  18. Cool, I got the revised pack and I'll give them a spin.
  19. Your '2m' tanks are really 1.75m, if you redo these in the future could you rename the parts folders and components to reflect this? I also find it impossible to stack one of these tanks on another, it flashes green and then goes red.
  20. I posted a cfg edit for a 1.75m solid booster in Nova's SIDR thread on pg 13 and a new Titan based texture a couple posts later.
  21. Yeah, I never found the main stage after launching mine. I got the 2 booster stages back, and they fit into the rear of another rocket I had.
  22. http://news.blogs.cnn.com/2011/08/24/nasa-russian-report-problems-with-space-freighter/ Note the typo in the photo caption.
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