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  1. Yes, that's the 1-2 stage separator. The other one goes between 2nd and 3rd. Of course you need to add an engine under each tank.
  2. Nice! The N-1 just launched. Do you have any recommendations for the 2nd and 3rd stage engines?
  3. can you name the using cm? 100cm/175cm/200cm? I realize previous rockets might have to be edited. But it's be easy to edit a few spaceship files to change that.
  4. I put the blast shield off to the side in the VAB and can't pick it back up. Is there something that can be done to increase the 'clickable' area?
  5. Nice! Did it make it into orbit, or did it blow up halfway there? ETA- reskinned the large liquid tank for a Titan look to go with the large solids
  6. I worked up a texture for Nova's long 2m fuel tank to resemble a Titan booster (see my post above). A couple pixels are off as I just used an old shareware program GraphicConverter and did it by eye.
  7. The actual Apollo SLA is much larger then the adapter put out so far. About twice as long as the CSM and as long as the 3rd stage fuel tank. Good work on the S-V by the way.
  8. I noticed that too. I've increased the mass of the multiple engine adapters to (# engine) slots and so far it seems to be working much better on my test shots.
  9. There's supposed to be a small or medium engine under the CSM, and you used the adapter instead of the decoupler to go from the CSM to the S3 tank.
  10. Made a 'TitanIIC' clone I cfg edited the long 1.75m tanks into a very large SRB (400n/60sec) [attached unless Nova asks me to remove it] Oh, the VL-SRBs are stackable... (but they overheat)
  11. Very nice. To finish it off I'm attaching a SundayPunch authorized cfg edit of the RCS module into a fuel tank. Insert this in place of the yellow tanks.
  12. Nova, while you are busy renaming the parts, would you consider swapping the stats between the 2m engines. If you look at the nozzles as modeled, the orginal 2m Bertha is the biggest and the new 2m is the smallest. Would you consider making the orginal Bertha the most powerful, and the new one the least, with the twin in the middle? PS- Thanks again for releasing your parts for us to use.
  13. I don't think that aero decoupler has enough ejection force, it wrecked my rocket twice. I used the new large 3m tank with 4 aero decouplers and 4 large SRBs. On decoupling the aero crashed into the tank and blew up the rocket. ETA- I tried dialing up the ejection to 25, but it still blew up the new large 3m tank. The original 3m tank doesn't blow up when the decouplers blow.
  14. Very interesting. I just went through my parts folder and edited in a attachment size for all the 2m and 3m parts and adapters.
  15. Oh, and Nova, you realize we now need 2m SRB to fit the 2m radial couplers! (You could add a nozzle and cfg edit the new 2m dual tank) ETA- need a 2m nose cone with a parachute, or a attachment point to add one too!
  16. 0.9x6 is out, and it's the last test version before the full release.
  17. I can't stop myself Since taking the first shot, I replaced the upper 3m tank with a 2m stage consisting of 1 double length 2m tank and the new twin bell motor. I set the center engine to burn at the same time as the outriggers, but you can't use 100% throttle or you break parts! The outriggers and the two 3m tanks all burn out at the same time at 50% power, about 100k up!
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