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  1. This is what I do, I have a folder for just stock parts, and a folder for all addon parts. The main parts folder only has copies in it that can be cleared out if needed.
  2. 1minute, 5 seconds on a single tank of gas and a pair of E1000s. Hit 3.5km/s at burnout
  3. posted with Sunday's Permission, attached is a CFG edit of the RCS module to make it a simple fuel tank with 300 fuel units. Copy the RCS folder and rename it C&S Module, replace the cfg with the attached cfg. This lets you build a Apollo style module without needed an extra fuel tank under the RCS.
  4. Can you turn the short 2m fuel tank into a shrouded coupler to hide second stage engines? or cargo (satellite)
  5. Since SRBs are self contained, does it matter if the burn count is reduced to 1, and the fuel count used to indicate duration? It doesn't seem to make sense that you have a burn of X, and a fuel count of Y, for a duration of Y/X, when X can be reduced to 1 and fuel then equals duration.
  6. My mistake sorry about that. I accidentally copied the zip and a folder into the parts polder.
  7. I hate to say it, but I think your last pack broke the load screen it's been chugging away for 5 minutes and the spaceport isn't coming up.
  8. Dude, do you ever sleep? ;P (hey, wait, why does the 2m short tank have less gas then the stock LFT?)
  9. Checking out the 0.7 pack now. Can you make a 2-3m detaching coupler that that has the attachment points in the center, with space above and below, so you you can have something hidden above, and below it? some of the bigger rockets are hard to control and you could hide a RCS module in the bottom of the cone and the 2m rocket in the top.
  10. What you need to do is to cfg edit the RCS module to be a fuel tank.
  11. I made a cfg edit, but now I can't drag it into the area for building the rocket. If 'draop' off the mouse when I try to pull it from the equipment pane. Any ideas what I messed up?
  12. Sunday Punch's quad 3m motor and decoupler is the weak point if trying for a full up Saturn build with two 3m stages. I only got it to work by deleting the quad motor and going with three 3m tanks on the 5x1 plate and stock LFRs. With two 2m tanks+motor on top of that, followed by a long 1m tank+motor, plus a small tank and small motor for orbiter decent. It's wobbley as all heck and I added the RCS module just above the 2m stage, and the 2m SAS ring. Added pic This version blows up on the pad, remove the quad motor and shroud from the middle of the 3m stage and it works. I also cfg edited the RCS module to be a fuel tank for the CSM rocket
  13. Great, love the new parts. Could you make the non-detaching size adapters allow fuel flow through them? Can you make a 2m detachable coupling and a straight walled 2m detachable coupling that is also a shroud that covers up the item above it, could be used to hide the satellite or a rocket motor. Thanks!
  14. Sunday- is there anyway to get the 5x1 plate to be recognized by the symmetry device? If the 4x setting would hit the 4 outside spots, it'll be alot easier then doing each one individually. Same with the 3x1 linear couplers. Thanks ETA- any way to make the 5x1 plate and the 4 engine decoupler shroud stronger? With a full Saturn build using a 2m intermediate stage it's almost impossible to take off because either the decoupler or the plate fail.
  15. The 1-2 adapter shows up in the Propulsion pane and not under Structure/Aero where it should, is that something you can change in the next release?
  16. If you put a motor above the 2-3m cone will it just blow off the 2-3m cone when it fires?
  17. So I tried out the DecoShuttle posted up, and holy heck, it burns for 2m30s. So I said, lets see if we can get the Satellite up with them, and if possible only SRBs. My first try used a single medium SRB plus 2 Shuttles and it got up there but I couldn't make the insertion before the time ran out. Tried a couple different variations, but I was successful with this, though I had to use a medium LFR to do it once the SRBs burned out. As you can see I let it run for almost 2 hours and it's in a 319.8-322.1 altitude orbit
  18. Sorry, I literally had it running right before I read your thread.
  19. single stage to gone hit 1700k in 21 minutes burnout was at 132km @ T+3m:02s
  20. Actually it's more the fault of the MedLFR, your tank burned twice as long as a stock tank w the Med LFR, but the MLFR went 46km on a stock tank. It's just insanely efficient. Your tank is twice the Dia of the stock tank so it should have 4x the fuel not counting the increase in height as well (less a small amount) Just for yucks I put 5 of them on top of Sunday's 3m quad LFR and it hit 55km at burnout T+2:15 and coasted another 100km in the next minute.
  21. Holy hell, how much fuel did you pack into the 2m fuel tank? I put one of Sunday's medium LFRs under it with a CC on top and it hit 132km at burnout 3:02 later. In the next 90 seconds it hit 478km, and it broke 1000K at 10:40.
  22. Satellite orbits between 62.5 and 59km altitude W 2305 apogee velocity I used my posted heavy lift Saturn, but I added a mini tank and small LFR for the crew return, and replaced the 1x3 cone with a 2m fuel tank feeding the first stage stock LFRs
  23. Here's the results at T+1h31m I'll do it again with a descent stage for the crew.
  24. knock one LFT out of each stack and you can skip the SRBs. chute Cap decoup sas 2 LFT LFR sas decoupler tricoupler 2LFR +LFT each
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