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  1. Splendid

    DarkMultiPlayer [KSP 1.7.0]

    DMP window is blank, no idea how to fix, help
  2. Splendid

    [1.1.x] Space Shuttle Engines (2016-07-03)

    This mod crashes my game with the error "unable to load 2d texture"
  3. Splendid

    KMP v0.1.5.1 [0.23] [alpha] [inactive]

    If anyone would like to coop, you can join my server at splendid.servebeer.com:2076 And can anyone tell me how to add the server to the kerbal multiplayer unofficial server list?
  4. Splendid

    KMP v0.1.5.1 [0.23] [alpha] [inactive]

    Do you have any idea how to add your own server to that list?
  5. splendid.servebeer.com Just started that one up if anyone wants to join, I'm testing stuff around.
  6. Splendid

    Was Minmus named after this moon?

    It's named after my cockroach, Muniminimuminimumusiyus.
  7. Splendid

    Damion Plays KSP!

    Goo-ee... I can't tell if you were joking or not.
  8. Splendid

    Need help getting on the mun

    When in mun orbit, burn retrograde till you get a spherical orbit around it. I suggest you land your craft and try again just because of fuel.
  9. My Computer > Properties Hit the advanced tab Hit the Environment Variables button Highlight path, Find your java path and hit edit, replace it with your java path. Question to OP: It appears I cannot connect to my own server after editing everything correctly, does it use your own IP? As I didn\'t see any variable to change it.
  10. Splendid

    [PLUGIN,PARTS] [WIP]: Nuclear reactor

    Let the guy do whatever he wants.
  11. That goes for the plugin folder, I believe.
  12. Splendid

    Evil-doer's Lair Competition.

    That is classified information I\'m afraid [me=Splendid]covers the object[/me]
  13. Splendid

    Minecraft Boredom

    Haha, yea. When the red team captures it, the blue lines shall become red.