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  1. Hi, we have 2020 year and ksp version 1.9 and still exist problem of not full GPU usage: There is any fix to get at least 25 fps?
  2. OK, There will be no multiplayer in ksp, we have to deal with it. For it will be in KS2: So, Finally i can close this thread EDIT i think i cant close this thread, moderator please do this.
  3. HI, there will be a Ray Tracking option like on the Trailer?
  4. @JPLRepo Any way to fix that on DMP and LMP kerbals are disappear after connect to the server?
  5. @UnanimousCoward @JPLRepo hi, UnanimousCoward was right, this bug (with little transparencies of parts) exist even with some fuel tanks, and worst thing: with scatterer causes the disappearance of water!!! all water this is critical bug (on 1.4.2, on 1.4.1 is bad, but not too bad)
  6. There is a little bug: - Icons doesnt change to yellow when relayed - if is direct signal, relayed signal is displayed too - relay from orbit of kerbin need to get signal from kerbin, not from minmus relay in this case *All relays is the same.
  7. Hi, i have the same question, it is possible to change memory limit to greater?
  8. With drill i have probem too ... (and about my previous question: key for disable all notifications is pause break)
  9. Yes, it is working perectly. I'm playing with a friends form about 2-3 years, and on the latest version too.
  10. Good mod, but doesn't recognise buton from Planet Shine there is any other option to hide?
  11. Hi, what was a key to disable all notification (from ships about low energy etc.)?
  12. Is there some config for this mod to delete duplicated stock part to get one size and just later resize?
  13. Why this mod is so slow updating? once per year? or more?
  14. ok, i was just drag and drop folder kerbalism from: https://github.com/ScienceFun/Kerbalism-Continued/tree/master/GameData Could you give me a released version?
  15. Hmm, In Kerbalism-Continued it does not work for me either (
  16. There is a little bug in ksp 1.3.1 - kerbalism parts doesn't shows on the part list (only on custom menu)
  17. Hi, there is a config to remove oryginal parts and leave one type of parts size?
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