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  1. only thing is wait a min... do we age slower on earth or space or faster on earth or space THAT MEANS..... epic FTL drive unmanned test YES!
  2. okay it sounds epic even if it was from the 80's
  3. aw man so epic whats the music anyway that made me float up to mars.
  4. REASONS FOR NO NUCLEAR ROCKET ENGINES: rember these things THE END OF WW2 nuclear bomb COLD WAR russia threatened us with nukes. REASONS FOR IT:about a tiny one or a big one will blow up
  5. Epic fail my duna lander in the SPH so i failed my flight to duna though I got pictures of my failures spining fliping crashing fails.[ATTACH=CONFIG]34817[/ATTACH] i don't wanna post all of them theres alot
  6. SOOO EPIC now i can make air bases on duna
  7. ILL SAY: thats one step for NASA one epic turn for the epic humans *writes wolfe was here and calls houston that we got life* then I scream in the mic and run back to the space ship. (though this has what i say and do )
  8. I want pretty much want: 2.training building with kerbals we can name and train (like water training .etc) in carrer and even in sandbox mode 3.a rover/robot testing area 4.new rover/robot parts Thats pretty much what I want.