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  1. I've also had success using the lunar landing legs to hold the rocket up and away from the pad. Looks silly but it works.
  2. phew! I was worried I was going to be the old geezer at 36. ;D
  3. I tried looking for specs on how to do it with no luck. If you have a link to their version of DIY skins I can do it.
  4. Maybe re use some parts for the space station, like they were thinking about for the current ISS. Like the shuttle fuel tank, converted to crew quarters etc. String a few together and you get a lot of volume to work with.
  5. Major Tom was taken, and this was the first thing that popped in my head, inspired by the Kerbal rocket program.
  6. I like the instruments clustered to one side instead of blocking the view of the rocket in the middle. Looks cobbled together like a kerbal would, from spare parts.
  7. So are you using the 2m engines as booster, ditching them and the reverse decoupler shield then igniting the 3m engine?
  8. It heats up after you dump the boosters because that's where your winglets are. The winglets act as cooling fins. Maybe move them to the 3m fuel tank and see if this helps? Needs MOAR boosters!
  9. This. I have a design idea, but have to see the brick first. Would be awesome if it were a Monolith. ;D
  10. Wow, you got all 3 Kermans to be happy too! k:P
  11. Looks like a great way to house a lander and it's legs while launching. You really could have a service module and a lander module under the fairing.
  12. Check back in the other thread, I posted a cleaned up version for you without the nutritional labels and bar codes.
  13. Nice looking mod. I will DL when I get home. A few typos in the description though.. :
  14. I made a skin for Firefox users.. http://kerbalspaceprogram.com/forum/index.php?topic=1275.0
  15. Desktop Earth. Realtime weather displayed visually over one of NASA's earth images. Shows day and night, and can be customized to show city lights etc.
  16. I was thinking about this game yesterday. In my more than 25 years of computer gaming (Intellivision FTW! ;D ), I think this is one of the few games I've played that didn't require you to shoot anyone, blow something up etc to have fun. Simcity is the only other one that comes to mind, and that got boring real quick if you didn't introduce tornados or some disaster. I wish my kids were old enough to play (oldest is 5), this game would be a hoot for middle school and high school kids to learn about rockets, physics etc. My wife even thought it was a cool idea, and her idea of a fun game is Majjong. I laugh just thinking about the Kermans and all of the crazy launch attempts. Good job! I can't wait to see what further refinements will bring.
  17. So that you can use the 3m Sunday Punch tanks like the Shuttle does? I see Orbiters, Spaceplanes, etc, but when I try to mount a liquid fueld rocket to one of the giant fuel tanks it doesnt work. I have to mount the command capsule on the 3m tank. I was wondering if a couple existed that allowed me to make a 1m liquid fueld rocket draw fuel from the giant tank, and then be able to ditch it like the shuttle does.
  18. I'm sure SQUAD didn't just appear on scene and produce an awesome game on it's first try. What else have you guys produced that we can play? ;D
  19. Ok, No way to PM you this file... I made it at 512x308 but when saving to png it jumped in size. You should be able to scale it easily.
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