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  1. Make sure the folder in your GameData folder is the TundraExploration folder and not Tundra-ExplorationV1.1.1 or something like that. I know personally I've done that probably twice this week.
  2. I've been playing around with the Beta version and I don't know if i'm crazy or not but does the decoupler not actually Decouple? I love the animation but I was very surprised when my smart parts shut off my booster engines and the animation played but i kept going with two boosters attached magically to my center core.
  3. So after playing kerbal on crappy laptops since before 0.20, before I was even out of freshman year of high school, I have finally been able to pull the trigger and build my first desktop pc. I'm insanely excited for mainly the improvement in kerbal but also for games like arma and other such games. Now its just a waiting game for my parts to come in. Here are the stats I already have a cheap keyboard, monitor and mouse but plan on upgrading all that in the future. Any input is greatly appreciated.
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